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The latest beta of the Swype keyboard is out, and available to download from the Swype Beta website.

The popular third-party keyboard from Nuance Communications packs a number of new updates.

  • Dictionary backup & sync: Users’ personal dictionaries and word additions can be synced across mobile devices.
  • Three new tablet keyboard layouts: The original, a small and moveable one, and a split keyboard.
  • New themes.
  • Enhancements to the Chinese keyboard, and a new flick keyboard for the Japanese language. Language prediction has been updated for foreign languages, too.

And the last one is my favorite.

According to the official press release, the new keyboard could even update you with all those crazy things the kids are saying these days. Swype users can opt-in to receive new words so they can be up to date with “the newest ‘hotwords’, like ‘Gangnam Style’.”

That’s right, the K-pop revolution is taking over, and your keyboard is next.

Update: According to the Swype forums, the beta is broken on the Galaxy Nexus, with 4.1.2. Several users are complaining that upon selecting the Swype keyboard, it automatically closes and is replaced with the stock Android keyboard. (Thanks Jon!)

Source: Nuance Communications


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Swype Beta 1.3 released, brings dictionary backup, 'hotwords' and more


It also made the keypress vibration so weak that I can barely feel it on my GS3 and ate lots of my custom words I had saved.

Same thing happened to my HTC amaze. I can hear a little vibration sound, but I can't feel it. Time for another update nuance. I have gone back to the standard Swype keyboard

Same thing with my HTC One S seems a lot of users on the forums are complaining about the keypress vibration feature being missing.

I have a a vzw lte Galaxy Nexus, after JellyBean 4.1.1 it doesn't work anymore anywhere but still shows up under downloaded. I went to update, and my emails aren't there to log in, and now all my emails are not valid when i try to sign up again to get the update.

Yeah, I noticed that too. I signed up for Swype Connect... that's supposed to sync my Swype dictionary between devices; so I'm hoping that keeps my dictionary and backs it up when a new version comes out. Not a huge deal for me though. I can live with rebuilding it.

Seriously, people..."Gangnam Style" was never funny, cute or even mildly entertaining. Next meme/viral video, please!

I have about 20 of those 400+ million views. Elevator part = Hilarious, that guy up there needs to get a sense of humor.

Edit: His name is grouch, so I'll give him a pass.

All that says to me is more than 483 million people were duped and 4 million of those are either also fans of Letterman or brain dead (not that there's much difference).

Too bad the stupid ass installer program thinks I've already got the 1.3 beta installed even though I'm clearly on

EDIT: OK a reboot somehow caused the thing to actually present an update notification bar window like how Amazon does it. Strange, but OK. It worked fine but wiped the personal dictionary.

I didn't think of rebooting. Since it wouldn't download the latest beta version (i had the previous beta installed), I went in and uninstalled everything. Reinstalled swype installer and whammo. Latest Swype. I'll have to try the reboot thingy next time.

Hey! How about checking out the 8 it ships with. :D

It's part of 1.3.x ... new themes. Reading is fundamental ... mmkay. ;)

How about we get back to the option of choosing between Speed, Accuracy or a balance of the two. I want that option back!
(I wrote this before my update completed, so if it IS back, sorry!)

+1 I can't feel a thing. I would say "who cares," but it's important because sometimes my thumb will come off the screen slightly, starting a new word when I didn't want to. The haptic feedback tells me that I started a new word, letting me realize that I need to back up and start over.

That being said, the last beta release was seriously buggy. It used to play horribly with cut/copy/paste, but it seems to be working fine now. Kudos to Nuance for fixing that. Hopefully they can fix the haptic feedback issue so that things go back to normal.

I wish there was a way to select Google's voice dictation instead of the crap from Nuance. I love the near-realtime dictation from Google, and it sucks to have to change the keyboard from Swype to the default Android keyboard every time I want to use it! But since Nuance bought Swype, I don't see that happening any time soon.

I think they need to work on their photoshop skills. They have a GNex with TouchWiz messaging app/status bar.

Swype makes money from carriers and manufacturer's. They are Swype's customers, we are not.

The versions of Swype that are not in beta are the versions that come pre-installed on phones. It will always be in beta for those of us who do not use the version that comes pre-installed on our phones.

Bigger space bar please. I don't know why but when I choose to type with thumbs, my right thumb just cant hit this small space bar. I don't have this problem with GO or Swiftkey, and I need a keyboard that *I* can do both swype and thumb typing well.

GO keyboard does good with thumb typing but their trace is so so. Swype is very good at trace, but so so with thumb for me.

I'm not knocking the software, it's very good, for some reason I can't get along with that spacebar though.


I am experiencing the problem with the Swype latest beta and the Galaxy Nexus (VZW) running 4.1.1 incompatibility. It appears is related to having apps enabled in the accessibility settings, most of us have Light Flow enabled and once disabled Swype works as intended.

With the latest update I definitely see improvements in the word detection and much easy swype functionality. The previous version would sometimes stutter in Jelly Bean but this one definitely feels solid.

You can get it to work without having to disable LightFlow - you just need to go into Settings and find & disable the Android Keyboard, then force quit it as well. Reboot your phone and you should be able to go into the language settings and select Swype as your default keyboard without needing to change anything in LightFlow.