Samsung has just put out a fresh ad for the Galaxy Note 2 targeting enterprise users. In the span of a minute, it does a great job of showing how the Note 2 can be used to take notes, watch video, multitask, and transfer files over NFC. Despite being about work, it still has the same sense of humor as Samsung's previous TV spots, and I'm tempted to agree with the top-voted YouTube commenter for the ad: "Apple is going to have to get more creative with their marketing. Samsung is killing it."

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New Samsung Galaxy Note 2 ad targets business


I've had a lot of smart phones over the years and this has got to be my best phone ever, hands down. I paid Verizon's full price and making full use of its multi-tasking capabilities. I love the split window feature and writing notes/being creative with the stylus is my favorite feature, along with the speed!

my hole family hates the iphones and apple because overpriced tablets/phones etc. samsung shows what smartphones can iphone was the best 4yrs ago now no one cares appls ios cant nexus from last yr is still better then any iphone and im running from 4.1 sw i hope apple keeps on dropping ppl are starting to see how apple is boring

Without question the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is the ultimate productivity/all purpose device ever made since the beginning of android. Clearly an ICONIC DEVICE just like the Htc Evo 4g was back in 2010. Samsung hit the nail on the head with the multi Window feature, Pop up video player, pop up browser, and with all the pen features. Snote as well as all the camera features nothing on the market comes anywhere close to this device. I can only imagine what the Galaxy Note 3 will be like. I can tell you today as of this post the Galaxy Note 3 will be a day one purchase for me Samsung deserves that.

I got a S3 because I thought the Note was too large, but in retrospect I'm starting to think I'll get a Note 3 when it's released. Samsung appears to be ahead of everyone these days.

hmm.. nice AD. well to be honest note 2 has to be the gadget of the year.. its like carryin a small tablet from which u can call, feature riched, huge size, pretty awesome samsung add on.. but for me the killer blow will be the s-pen functions n multi screen. the only thing it lacks is screen resolution. And again gadget of the year. cheers..

jus on a personal "note" wanna say one thing.. untill last year.. that is till galaxy s2, Samsung was labeled as a copy cat of apple n few other things.. but the way i see it, now companies will have to copy them in order to maintain pace wid them.

It's funny to me how the professional reviewers, tech blogs, and others (many on this site included) all laughed at this device when it was first announced back in September 2011. I still picture J.K. Shin when he first pulled the original Note out of his suit jacket pocket and people thought there is no way people would buy and use a device that big.

Here we are a year later with the second generation device being even better than the first, and Samsung is laughing all the way to the bank. I have owned both versions and I can tell you there is no way any other mere smartphone will take its place. Without at least a 5.5 in screen, wacom technology, and the expansive features offered on this device, I just can't see myself being satisfied with another device.

When the Galaxy Note 3 comes out, like Richard, I will have mine on the first day.

I can relate :) I used to be one of the detractors. It also didn't help that I have Samsung as a company (I got burned by three different products before, the worst of which was an external HDD that died and took a lot of important files with it). But I absolutely LOVED my original Note. I'm in Note 2 and I have to admit that Samsung did a whole lot of things right. The multi window thing didn't just turn out to be a gimmick. I use it all the time. The only caveats I had with the feature were that very limited apps were usable and that third party KBs don't play well with it. I was able to remedy the former (rooted, using XPosed framework - now I can usee ALL apps in multi window), and the former I can actually live with. Besides, I can easily switch input methods anyway. I just don't want to because Swiftkey is sooo good. Good thing it'll be the standard KB in the 4.1.2 update, from what I remember. I'm still at 4.1.1.

As a Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy Note 10.1 owner, I agree with the statement above. No other smartphone can come close to this right now. MAN.... Galaxy Note 3?? I just came up for breath ($$$), I may need a 2nd Job to feed my habit.