LG Spectrum 2

It was only a couple of weeks ago that we found photos and a service manual leak for the rumored LG Spectrum 2 on Verizon. Now some renders have popped up for the second version of one of LG's flagship phones in the United States.

The Spectrum 2 will be packing a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 4.7-inch IPS display, 16GB of storage, 1GB RAM, Android 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich), and a 8MP rear-facing camera.

Source: TechnoBuffalo

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Unibrow says:

ICS buttons!!!!! nice

col_krismiss says:

This looks.like the original with Ics, nfc, and an s4. And I still don't have Ics on my spectrum =(

JeffDenver says:

The Spectrum was already an awesome phone. It doesn't need anything other than NFC and an S4 (maybe a slightly better camera). The Spectrum's display kicks the ass of everything else out right now. Hardware-wise, the original spectrum is great.

And if you are buying LG-anything, you should already know it is not going to be supported. This is LG. Their ads should all end with "LG: you're on your own now".

liteon163 says:

I dumped my LG Spectrum for a Samsung Galaxy SIII. Glad I did. I was getting only 12-14 hours of (LTE on) stand-by on the Spectrum. STAND-BY! Doing nothing on my phone and it would go dead that quickly. Inexcusable! The SGS3 can go over two days under the same conditions. The S4 chipset soundly beats the crap out of the S3 chipset.

There were other issues, too, but they were all related to how LG chose to configure this phone's software. The hardware was adequate at best. I hope you Spectrum owners get the performance you deserve once ICS hits...

Linebarrel86 says:

Basically the 4X HD.

Don't buy this expecting it to get Jelly Bean.

rkirmeier says:

Does any really like those square corners? I have a S3 and must say the someone finally got the form factor/shape perfect! Fits in my pocket like a dream...

cguella says:

I have to agree the square corners do nothing for me.

vlad_d says:

Ugly phone indeed. I held an S3 the other day and it felt/looked great!

Synycalwon says:

I was going to post the same thing earlier. Those corners are crazy sharp! At least it looks like the back isn't the glossy finger print magnet like most of their other phones. Overall though, I have yet to see an LG phone that looks attractive (subjective I know). :(

parpart33 says:

Did anyone buy the original Spectrum? If so, why???

JeffDenver says:

A friend of mine bought it on my recommendation. At the time it was cheaper than the Rezound and slightly bigger, and he wanted a larger display.

I was one of the people that poo-pooed the Spectrum when it first came out, but having used it, I was wrong. It really is a great phone. Even though the specs are comparable to the Rezound, it feels slightly faster using it, and the display just kills everything else out since, including the One X and galaxy S3.

Only complaint is the low internal storage (though it has an SD slot, so...), and frankly, the Camera is mediocre. Better than the Nexus camera, but not nearly as good as the Rezound.

But the main reason I originally recommended against it is because LG has a reputation for shitty support. And they have not disappointed...if you buy LG, you need to accept that you are on your own the day after purchase.

nitestorm says:

I bought it cuz at that time, it had the largest display screen and I think the screen is better than the Gnex and Rzd. Plus I got it free from wirefly. Even its HD screen is still better than the Gs3. However, it sucks to still have the gingerbread. Although I rooted it and using go launcher to make it less laggy.

col_krismiss says:

I did. It was 1 cent on Amazon. I compared it to the rezound in store and like the look and feel better on the spectrum. I got tired of sense and prefer the ui on the spectrum, and the screen looks way better in a side by side comparison, cause the colors are more realistic. Its thin and light and LGs Ics interface actually looks amazing and I can't wait to try it

JeffDenver says:

Yeah, that surprised me too...it feels very snappy compared to the Rezound. Everything seems faster. That has changed with ICS on the Rezound of course...but I expect that once the Spectrum gets ICS too, it will re-gain the lead in that area.

I don't think the colors are more accurate. But the display is definitely brighter, and the blacks are deeper, and it does this without screwing up the colors like AMOLED displays do. I am jealous of the display on that thing.

Suntan says:

Such... ...sharp... ...corners...


sunlifexxx says:

If you're planning on getting one of these, please please be careful and not poker I have on those corners. Keep away from small children.

Pascalwb says:

But remember no more LG. Don't expect update to JB.

col_krismiss says:

In case AC doesn't post the story, according to an LG employee, the original spectrum is about to get Ics. He said the update is ready, they are just waiting on Verizon to push it out