Verizon Droid DNA

Well, well, what have we here? The always-reliable @evleaks has come up with what looks to be a marketing shot of the Verizon HTC Droid DNA -- and it looks right in line with the physical model of the Droid DNA (aka the HTC DLX) we first showed you a week or so ago. The pieces are starting to fall into place, and we're now seeing some official branding for the "Droid DNA" name as well. The Droid DNA tag also happens to be the same name we first brought you in the form of a Verizon MAP listing.

Still no word on when we'll see this 5-incher, but the fellows at evleaks are pointing toward early December.

Source: @evleaks


Reader comments

New render of Verizon Droid DNA in line with previous leaks


Way too disappointed that HTC and/or Verizon did not update the Incredible 2 to ICS to consider this. If I didn't have a Verizon Work phone, I would move to a N4 carrier.

Regardless of my personal feelings, I am sure this will be a beast of a phone. But lack of updates really stink.

So long as this phone can easily unlock the bootloader this will be my next phone.
I'm still using the original DINC running CM10 flawlessly. I think HTC makes great hardware, I just want to control the software.

If you are using the crappy HTC Dev Unlock, then forget it for me. The great devs that build awesome custom roms are wanting s-off for HTC phones. The days of relatively easy root and crackable bootloaders are slowly going the way of the dinosaurs.

You guys know the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 rules all android devices. All Verizon will do is mess up this device with it's crappy infested bloatware before anyone gets a chance to touch this device. Only great thing about this is that you know NEXT YEAR'S EVO for Sprint will be much better than this Htc DNA on Verizon..

1. Bloatware which should be able to be disabled via the Applications menu, a feature that's been around since 4.0 over a year ago. Someone's a little slow on the uptake. You keep pushing this "bloatware" thing as if its an issue, when most people don't care, or those that do know how to disable/get rid of the offending apps. What a joke.
2. A top-of-the-line phone that will come out sometime in the middle of next year will be better than a top-of-the-line phone being released in the next month or two? Say it aint so! This is utter madness! Preposterous I say! /sarcasm (as if it needed explaining)

Can we please stop having news about HTC devices. Just about every single one ends up being bitch fest about batteries and SD cards. Or some fluff boy brings up devices that have nothing to do with damn topic. On that note I'm curious if this will end up being a variant on another carrier and what the performance will be like.

I would say no since it is a droid branded device, but the Charge did end up on some others under different names.

Please verizon hurry up with this phone or the Galaxy Note 2, I cannot stand sprint anymore.
Only reason I haven't switched is because I hate Motorola phones & iphone, and VZ doesn't have an HTC one X equivalent. I love the EVO LTE but 3G in phoenix is useless.