Nexus 4 headset

Headphones with line mic, charger and microUSB cable now available separately

Google has launched three new accessories for the Nexus 4 through the Google Play devices store. Well -- of the three, only one is really new -- the wired headset with line mic -- but it doesn't hurt that the official charger and microUSB cable are now available alongside it.  The charger and cable are exactly like what you'll find boxed up with your Nexus 4, while the headset is a new addition, consisting of earphones and a flattened cable containing a mic for calls.

A quick breakdown of pricing in the U.S., U.K and eurozone --

The Nexus 4 bumper is also still available, priced $19.99, £15.99 or €19.99

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New Nexus 4 accessories debut on Google Play


Those headphones look nice. I've wanted to try some flat wired earbuds, i wonder if they're any good.

I don't have a Nexus4 yet, but I'm thinking about it. Any chance there will be a 32GB version?

probaly a zero chance, it would of come out by now, there will most likely be a new nexus in ocotber anyway which is 6 months away, theres probaly a 5% chance that they will announce a 32gb version at their i/o in may but most likely they will announce a new nexus 7, and leave it at that. my advice is either bite the bullet and buy the 16 or buy the htc one, at this stage android versions dont really mean that much, the HTC one comes with android 4.1.2 and your not missing anything over a nexus with 4.2.2

It was more of a cost thing for me. I'm on T-Mo and the unlocked price of the Nexus is a huge selling point, I just get nervous about storage.

The storage worried me too, but I went the route of cloud services and just got the 8GB for a trial. Spotify for music, Dropbox stores my pictures and documents. I leave my games for the tablet but I can still store a few on the phone. I think the concept behind the Nexus 4 is to be a wireless, cloud based device.

curious is you guys are going to be doing a review of these. I am a headphone junkie, and i have been looking for a flat cable ear bud style with inline Mic for a while now....but i am always worried about the sound quality. these fit my budget,my style, my needs, i just hope they sound good enough.
would love to hear your thoughts on them.
Shoot, send em' to me and I will review the #&%$ out of them. with comparisons to about 10 different kinds.

Put me down for a smart cover AND another charger for my Nexus 10 IF Google/Samsung will produce them for sale.

Great info! Now, the Android Central Podcast is bound to do a review of these headphones. A comparison to the Apple Earpods would be most welcome.

What a turn of event, i've been looking in getting a pair of wired earbuds that are priced reasonable and office good quality...sound/built. Review plzz :)

I bought them. I'll be a guinea pig and let you guys know how they are. I was looking for a cheap pair when mine gave out recently. I'm hoping they are the same LG branded quad beats I have seen on ebay that from what I've read come with the international version of the optimus G. Those ship from Korea.

check your google wallet account transactions. i've ordered them twice and it keeps getting canceled saying i "exceed the user limit" which is BS. i've called google and they can't figure out why i keep getting my orders canceled. waiting on a response on when i can order them as i really want them. cheap, nexus, great for the office and not all flamboyant like red beats by dre headphones.

I'm having the same problem. First order was canceled with the "User Item Limit Exceeded" message and I thought I only ordered one. Tried again, made sure that only one was selected and got the same message a second time. However, I just received two confirmation emails from Google Play saying that my orders are complete and I won't be charged until they ship? WTF Google?

In the same boat as the above posters. Ordering from Calgary, Alberta, Canada with no luck. I've tried 4 times with different quantities in the basket. All orders had confirmation emails from Google Play, but Google Wallet shows all 4 transactions as cancelled due to "User Item Limit Exceeded".

I've purchased 3 - Nexus 4's under my Google Play account so I should be able to at least order 3 sets of earphones. Calling Google Play support resulted in a "we'll have an answer for you in 24-48 hours".

Anyone else have any luck ordering yet?

Question: What makes any of these "Nexus 4" accessories? Won't they work with darn near any phone?

ofcourse they will, but people are still stuck in 2003 when every phone make had a different charger, i have seen people "forget their blackberry charger" and people in the offfice say sorry i dont have a blackberry, i only have a samsung charger?? am like omg people they're the same charger... the looks they give you as well. I recon Google proably had alot of people ring up saying they want to buy another charger and thought sod it, 23.99 for a charger we mise well sell them.

Because it's made for the Nexus 4…

Won't Apple EarPods work with any phone? But they're treated as iPhone accessories. Same reasoning.

Do the headphones have play/pause/skip controls? I've got tons of headphones that don't, but if these have 'em I'm all over it.

Yay!!! More stuff not available in my country!! (New Zealand)
Can get a Nexus 4 via one of our carriers but 0 accessories.
Hopefully some of these will hit eBay without too much of the price raping..

Flat ribbon earbuds by HTC, < $8 on Amzn IIRC. Of course, you won't be able to use Play credit for any of these. Pfffft!

Does nobody know if the headset even comes with a variety of rubber tips for different ear sizes? You can get that with $5 earbuds. And Google doesn't bother saying on the Play store.

Once again, Google's effort to sell something is half-baked. :P

Got them and am sending them back the very same day. They sound like the cheapest, listening-through-a-beer-can headphones you could possibly find.
Google Play support was great though. I'll have to pay a re-stocking charge but aside from the cool flat wires these are terrible!
..and yes, they come with different sized ear buds.

I got them last week and am very satisfied. The sound is great for the price. And I like the look of them as well. There's several reviews posted on YouTube.