A few days ago we saw the G2 testing ROM leak, which brought to light a rather interesting new find, widget support in an updated version of Google Voice. Well, many of us were looking for a link, sadly it didn't appear to be just that easy, but that has all changed. Links seem to be flooding the web of locations to download this updated Google Voice onto your device today. If you want to test out the new version, you can download it directly right here. Reports are that it is working great with the exception of the phone dialer button on Sense ROMs, due to the difference in integration, and this coming from a leak, not being an official update. Be sure to check it out, and jump in the forums and let us know what you think! Thanks to 0mie and everyone else who sent this in.


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New Google Voice with widget support surfaces


So hoping that the new Google voice would have louder voicemail volume when messages are left, I decided to download and install the new one. Sadly the volume is the same on my captivate. Why doesn't AT&T give us android users visual voicemail? I could care less for the transcripts as they are usually way off. Anyone have any input?

I saw that as a feature I could add for $10 a month on my at&t app I just got. But I have google voice that does it for free on my N1.

Works fine on my INC. I installed from the SD card. I am not sure which button is referenced as not working but they all seem to work fine for me.

I installed this on my DroidX it was giving me crazy lag so I uninstalled it for now. I use this all day every day so I can't be waiting around for it do pull up :( I'm not sure what would be causing the issues though.

Too bad that Battery Life app doesn't work on 2.2. It just sits there and says "Loading". It worked fine on 2.1, then when I got my 2.2 OTA it doesn't work. Uninstalled Battery Life, sad.

Oh, and this Google Voice widget looks sweet, so why isn't Google pushing this to the market? C'mon.

I just reinstalled it and it does now work. But I swear, after I got 2.2 OTA it didn't work. So I uninstalled and reinstalled and it didn't work! So that's why I gave up on it. Don't know why it works now. Maybe the developer saw my negative comment in the market.

Well it does work on my Foryo N1, but I can't see the point of having two (count em) widgets taking up desktop space when a single icon and your notifications server the same purpose.

Unless there is something else hidden in there, I just don't get it.

It also has the much lamented Direct number assignments for each contact you call with GV, rather than the old version which used a single common number which you could put in your A-List, Fav-5, etc and thereby get free calling even when using a local plan.

Now you have to add each of those direct numbers to your list.
(Someone is sure to cry crocodile tears over the the cell carriers getting ripped off here, but it won't be me).

So for me, I'm just using the single Icon, and ignoring the widgets.

---------- oh, and Jared, the link to the forums in the story fails (its forum singular nor forums plural). But we know how to get there.

It takes FOREVER for new texts to come in with this new version. I'm going back to the current official version in the market.

I did. I even did a test. I installed the new version and sent myself a text from my BlackBerry... it took over 5 minutes to come in. Then, I uninstalled the new version and reinstalled the market version and repeated the test... the market version got the text before it showed up in the google voice notifier I have installed on Chrome (it took about 5 seconds). Then I REinstalled the new version and got the same results as before.

Am i wrong, or didn't Google Voice already have widget support. Well, I guess it's not technically a "Widget", it's a "Shortcut", but I use the Toggle Google Voice shortcut all the time.

Can you tell us what exactly the four buttons on the bottom widget do?

@icebike... there are still ways you can get Google Voice to go through your Fav-5, etc even with the newer Google Voice apps. And, from what I understand, even the old Google Voice apps have started to get the varying access numbers rather than one singular now. They just don't have the added bonus of these numbers being cached on your phone, so your phone has to go out to their server for the number every time.

Left to right:
- Opens the GV Application
- Compose new message
- Modify call settings (always use GV, Prompt, never, only for international)
- Enable do not disturb mode (does not ring your phone while enabled)

I realize that I'm a little late on this subject, but does anybody know if Google is working on a feature in the contacts to allow some contacts to dial out using Google Voice automatically without having to ask whether to use Google Voice or the traditional carrier?