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Galaxy S4 LTE-A coming in 'rose gold white,' 'rose gold black' and 'deep black'

Even as we look towards the possibility of a Galaxy S5 unveiling before the end of the month, it's clear Samsung's not done with the Samsung Galaxy S4 just yet. The company has just unveiled three new flavors of GS4 for its home market of South Korea, specifically the LTE-Advanced model with support for super-fast data speeds. The new colors — rose gold white, rose gold black and deep black — all sport Galaxy Note 3-style stitched leather-effect back covers. The look might not appeal to everyone, but in our opinion the matte and soft-touch finish of Samsung's faux-leather backs are a big improvement on the glossy, fingerprinty battery door of old.

If the "gold" models look familiar, it's because this color scheme has already appeared on the Galaxy Note 3 in some countries. Similarly, the "deep black" version is a dead ringer for the "black edition" GS4 that's headed for Russia.

With a successor to the Galaxy S4 near on the horizon, it's unclear whether Samsung will be pushing these new color options out globally. But between these new Galaxy S4 designs and its new "Pro" series tablets, Samsung seems committed to this new visual style for the present.

Source: Newswire Korea, Flickr; via: Engadget


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New Galaxy S4 colors coming to Korea with leather-effect back


Sigh, thats cool n all but the timing of stuff like this upsets me a bit. The note 3 was released close to 5 months ago and the S4 is just now getting a slew of leather backs weeks before the s5? Is it me, or is the S line the flagship for half a year and the Note line the flagship for the other half?

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Hope i can pick up a back separately to breath some new life into my s4!

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Good to know they are moving towards better build quality, they should roll these out soon in other countries as well.

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