A new Galaxy Nexus commercial has popped up on the official Google Nexus YouTube channel. The commercial, titled 'Calling All', shows off Ice Cream Sandwich as well as some of the key Android features already available. The point is to see them altogether in one phone, the Galaxy Nexus.

The features shown off are:

  • Face Unlock
  • Android Beam
  • Camera with Panorama Mode
  • Google+ with Hangouts
  • Voice Typing

The commercial is very nicely done. It highlights the technical features while playing to the mainstream crowd. It's also a bright and happy commercial in contrast to dark world of the Verizon Droid commercials. As much as we love those intense Droid ads, they tend to intimidate sometimes so it's nice to see something different for a flagship device. It should be noted that Verizon had nothing to do with this one as this was all Google in their effort to promote the phone in general. Still no release date for US customers but UK residents were able to nab one today if they were lucky.

Source: YouTube

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JSKershaw says:

I want one so bad!!!! Release it already!

ReaganDee says:

Lake Austin in Austin, TX was one of the panorama shots in the commercial ... REPRESENT!!!!!

bustafone says:

Google has officially sold out!

I'm off the Nexus' bandwagon.

How so? By releasing a commercial for a consumer product that is actually geared toward consumers? Or did I miss something...?

bustafone says:

They sold out by letting Verizon put their bloatware in ICS and their stupid logo on the back of the phone. It goes against everything the Nexus line is all about.

blz2 says:


blz2 says:

..."against everything the Nexus line is all about." The Nexus line is about Google making money. It's not about anything else.

bold1193 says:

hey stupid! there isnt any bloatware, there are only two verizon apps on there: myverizon and verizon backup. nt only are those two hardly considered bloatware but people actually like those two apps! do you have any idea what bloatware is, its 10x more vzw apps and alot of other crap that carriers shove in there, there is none here!!

bustafone says:

How many "Apps" was Verizon allowed to put i the iPhone 4?

Keep insulting ppl on a forum while hiding behind a computer from your mom's basement.

bold1193 says:

seriously, why do you have to insult to make a point? i totally agree that it is two more than iphone but thats who knows how many less than any other android phone.

ReaganDee says:

The guy accusing people of being internet tough guys is insulting people on the internet


tronthedon says:

"there *isnt any* bloatware, there are only *two* verizon apps on there: myverizon and verizon backup"

isnt any =/= two

For the next Nexus, it might be three and you'll be saying the same thing. Then it'll be 4, and you'll still be making excuses. Where do you draw the line? I'll tell you where; you draw it at zero.

Brent Pierce says:

Google has officially sold out?

Google is one of the biggest corporations in the world. EVERYONE owns and uses Google on a daily basis. Trust me, Google sold out years ago, once they became more than just a search engine. And that's why we, as the consumers, win. Because they keep releasing better products for lower prices.

Get over yourself!

ChillFactorz says:

"Google has officially sold out"........of stock, for the GALAXY Nexus, now on back-order. LoL just having fun!

vansmack says:

Since nobody knows who you are, you'll hardly be missed.

kharrigan says:

Google and Samsung FINALLY understand how to market it! I'm more excited about THAT than the Galaxy Nexus!

EDIT: All they need to do now is make a commercial that tells how the GNexus is better FOR PEOPLE than the iP4s and IT... WILL... BE... ON!

RamboDroid says:

I thought that was cool, they had a shot of a lady eating an ice cream sandwich. Cant wait to get this on my SGSII ET4G!

RAPTOR0065 says:

I saw that as well and thought it was a cool addition. I couldn't tell if their ICSs were Android shaped, though!

Brent Pierce says:

We've already had all of these features with other apps.

Face Unlock: Visidon AppLock
Android Beam: Bump
Camera w/ Panorama Mode: Photaf
Google+ w/ Hangouts: Google+
Voice Typing: Voice Search

Why are they advertising these like they are completely new? Besides the fact that these 3rd party apps will no longer have a use for anyone running ICS.

lornaevo says:

Maybe because they are integrated into the operating system.

kharrigan says:

"Why are they advertising these like they are completely new?"
Because most people DON'T KNOW that these features were even possible. Now they know... and will hopefully buy a GNex as a result.

ChillFactorz says:

Most consumers want to see an all in one device, and are not "tech savvy" enough or concerned enough to find the apps. Most go stock, so this is good marketing, to the masses. This commercial does feel a bit like an apple Marketing scheme,...Apple, please don't Google over this.

kenyee says:

Verizon is a bunch of slackers...gotta wonder if they're holding up all the carriers for their "exclusive" :-P

Wicell says:

I know Google won't allow this but I bet VZW's idea of exclusive is to be the only carrier in the US is to release in 2012 so they are waiting so that other carriers can't release in December... BASTARDS!

Brent Pierce says:

I like the shot at 32 seconds. The skateboarder in the back has a giant teddy bear head on.

Farch says:

Is that pedobear?

joebob2000 says:

Hah I was going to ask the same thing... That guy is never far (enough) away...

Does facial recognition work with a teddy bear head?

ChillFactorz says:

I thought it was Kanye West! The Bear from his early album covers.

Joet says:

The teasing is becoming INTOLERABLE!

DirkBelig says:

Shouldn't this ad just have a creepy Borg Queen chick ruminating over how the phone reads her mind, makes the lights change when she drives, and going, "Bing. Bing. Bing."? What's all this showing what the phone actually does and stuff?!?


eahinrichsen says:

Thanks for encouraging people to use their phones while biking with one hand on the handlebars, guys. When I see people doing this in the city, it makes me want to run them off the road.

Wicell says:

Uh oh! Handlebar usage police here! Sorry that some people are skilled enough to ride with one/no hands on their handlebars, nothing to freak out over man.

If I were you I'd worry more about the chick next to you "driving" with her knees cause she's to busy putting make up on or some other distracting task than I would some person taking a stroll on their bike and occasionally removing a hand from the bars to check their phone.

Paul627g says:

Quit teasing us.. Can't wait to get one at some point hopefully on the NOW network...

uofmike says:

Why are they not showing the one feature I want to see more video of??!?!?!?!

I could not be more excited about being able to swipe and choose through all running apps and then swipe to close them... ala WebOS.

vansmack says:

Because it was already available in Honeycomb....not new to ICS.

the3388 says:

Not the best idea to look at your phone while driving your bike, it hurts. :P

Emil Ghoting says:

The majority of Verizon's Android phones have been severely underwhelming. The Bionic, with all its hype died quick. I hope this fairs better.

socialmuse says:

This looks like a sweet new phone! Does anyone know when it will be out or which cell company will be selling it? Time to get a smart phone, Yeah Booooiii