Leaked commercial story board for Verizon's Droid MAXX is big on battery life

Update: We've had to pull the leaked image. A handy Google search may help if you missed it.

We got this leaked storyboard for an upcoming Droid MAXX commercial in our inbox this evening, and one thing really stood out to us. No, it wasn't the scantily clad beautiful people in the pictures, or the idea of a tropical paradise, or even an exotic speedboat. All those things are nice, and will make for yet another great commercial from Verizon, but what really hooked us was this line:

48 hours of worry-free battery life, the new DROID MAXX.

It makes us think of Google CEO Larry Page, who told us that battery life was one of the important things Google wanted to showcase in Motorola's upcoming phones last April. And one of the most common complaints from any smartphone user is about their battery life. It's important, dammit and the folks making our phones have got to start working on it in a meaningful way. 

While we're a little skeptical about claims of 48 hours battery life on any smartphone (see those outlandish talk-time estimates) just making a statement like that has us believing that someone at Motorola has gotten serious about  how long our batteries last between a charge. 

We're pretty sure the next Droid is going to have some pretty nice internals, but it looks like someone finally cares about one of the most important specs of all. We've dropped this one in the forums for discussion, so be sure to join in the fun while we wait for more information.

[LEAK] "48 hours of worry-free battery life" at Android Central forums


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New Droid MAXX leak claims 48 hours of worry-free battery life


That would new great. To bad the rest of this phone looks terrible compared to other leaks.

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Hahaha... always a complaint. Always. They are giving us Godlike battery life and this guy talks about looks which will have a case over it anyway. LOL!!

Not everyone uses cases. I'll never wrap my beautiful phone in a hideous bulky case, I just, you know, take care of it.

Cases and screen protectors are like condoms. Just doesn't feel natural! I use neither. Be smart about your choices and it's always worth the risk!

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Broke my Gnex screen and replacement's digitizer both using a case and screen protector. If anything, people should get the XGear tempered glass for their device, I find that works best and is all you need.

AIDS/cracked glass/pregnancy/scuffed frame.

Ladies, stay away from this guy.

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That battery life would be great but I don't like the phone compared to say the Optimus G2 leak pictures. So how is that wrong for me to like the looks of a different phone more?

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As long as it lasts till the night I'm fine, I go home & charge my SG4 & it's all good. I'll admit that while I was trying the HTC one there battery lasted much longer than the GS4 because of some battery saving app they have. I'll tell everyone something & it's one of the main reasons that our batteries die so quickly, all the app's/most have background crap running eating away battery power because they want to know BS that's none of there business & Google should intervene even with cellphone companies bloatware that spy or does something unethical.I know that will never happen but still.

I wish sprint & Verizon moved to 4G so that we won't have to use only there phones.... Soon it'll happen; year 2018 ha!

Do you mean GSM? because Verizon has had lte 4g longer than any of the other big 4

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The MAXX series phones have ridiculous battery life... the longest lasting battery of smartphones with at least mid/high-tier specs.

You should check some battery tests for this phone before you start saying things like that.

I have a droid maxx. During the work week it can last two day. On weekend when I can kill the battery in day. Still better than anything else I've owned.

1) Give me 2 gb ram for non laggy performance
2) a battery to help me easily get through 24 hours of heavy usage
3) provide a unlocked version at a decent price
and am sold...

1) sure
2) can do

Guess you will have to keep looking

48 hours, huh? If that were the case, it might last me a full 11 hour driving shift. Something I have yet to have a phone ever come close to doing. It would definitely sell me.
But, I would also need to see it substantiated, before I considered buying one

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Usually the battery tests for MAXX phones done by sites like Engadget get more hours than Motorola advertises.

I can get 48+ hours out of my Note 2.......with the Zerolemon 9300mah battery. Turns it into a brick though. You guys should review one. If Motorola can do that without sacrificing good aesthetics, I'm game.

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Can we get great battery life AND a phone that doesn't look like a hideous tank too? That's all I care about. The IP5 has pretty good battery life yet its slim too. Focus on all the software related bugs that drain battery, optimize it, and stick a reasonable battery in it and I guarantee you won't have to make claims like this, it'll just come natural.

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I did a research paper on Apple for a school a few months back. the reason why the iPhone in general has better battery life is because they have propriety technology (from PA semiconductors) built into their A5 chip to be more energy efficient and the fact that it doesn't run widgets. Moto has done a good job on battery life with their recent phones, so I have hope they will continue it.

So you think Apple is just better at batteries than all the rest of the tech companies combined? Lol. How about the smaller screen and lack of multi-tasking/apps running in the background?

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Smaller screen and less features. Plus the iphone 5 doesn't get nearly the same battery life as the 4s and with similar use doesn't last the day. Most I know have started carrying chargers.

Smaller screen, fewer features, and yet both iPhones in my house seem to go on the charger at the same time of day mine does...

What about the camera.....? This is my deal-breaker. I'm sick of moto suck ass cameras.

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I can't view flash on my android.. So what does the ad show? Bigger camera I hope. 8mp won't do..

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This might be a serious contender for my upgrade in August. Probably going to come down to this, the Note 3 and possibly the T6. Going to be an interesting fall.

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And the person you sleep with only sleeps with one person?

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48 hrs is awesome, I just wish they would have tried to make the phone look better than the last Droid maxx phone they done. They just don't look to appealing. Even if people do put cases on their phones, the general shape of the phone will still determine the look and feel of the case in a way. Plus, I'm ok with knowing inside my phone case u have a badass looking phone. You can also just remove your case and the phone looks good. Can't remove ugly If that's what the phones design is. Anyways back to the battery life, I already get 20+ hours of battery life on my gs3 by changing some setting and disabling some boatware while not being rooted. I couldn't imagine how many hours I could get out of this phone if I done the same. It would be totally awesome!

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I think they definitely can give 48 hours. I already get around 24 with my s3 and that's with 4 hrs on screen time. With newer battery technology it's definitely possible and to me that is very good and an important quality of a phone. If the specs were the same as my s3 except for 48 hrs battery life I'd probably buy that phone.

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In airplane mode, lowest brightness, no gaming and an extended battery? SS or it didn't happen.

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I have a screen shot of 19 hrs right now and 25% battery. If you would explain to me how to post it while using the AC app I will gladly do it.

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Oh and actually I turn off the gps, blue tooth, Wi fii, and mobile data when not using it. Then I turned off all the motion features to touch wiz, downloaded nova. Went into app manager and disabled all the crap ware I don't use. The biggest battery saver, turned the screen all the way down if I'm at home because my lighting is dim so the screen is easy to see. Also restrict background data access. That's off the top of my head what I do to achieve 20+ hours on a single charge. I have no reason to lie about it, I'm not a child nor do I care if people believe me.

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I call shenanigans. Unless you're talking about a bulky aftermarket with cover or a crazy ROM and even then... My sister has the S3 and it barely lasts the work day for her. Battery life is pretty mediocr.

This would be nice to see. I love my RAZR HD but having a quad core phone with even more battery and RAZR durability would be perfect.

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I just wish they would change the flat square style of the phone, maybe make it look more like a htc one. That would be so cool

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Ok I am really going to date myself here but I have had an "cell" phone since the Nokia brick. My second phone was the Motorola original big gray kinda flip phone. I have been carrying a phone with me ever since. The idea of getting 48 hours of actual use time from a phone is just not something that is technologically possible with current battery tech. That doesn't mean however, that manufacturers and also providers (I'm talking to you Verizon) can't do a whole lot more to bust battery life. You all know that when you get your new shiney from Verizon, or which ever provider you're with, it comes loaded with bloat ware from both the manufacturer and the provider. All this custom crap ware can't be removed or uninstalled. Very often, even with root you are stuck with it. Just like removing or disabling all of the startup programs on a window's PC, removing or disabling these things on Android would both speed things up and prolong battery life. To speak to the comments on aesthetics; I like a great looking phone as much as anyone,but give me 12 - 18 hours of usable battery life combined with some killer hardware and I don't care what it looks like. Sure, if a manufacturer can give me those two things and make the phone look good to, great. But I would rather sacrifice looks in return for performance and battery life. That's just me though.

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what are the chances of this having snapdragon 800? snapdragon 800 + 48 hour battery life would be a dream...

The only problem is that it's a DROID and not a phone that will be available on all carriers. We ALL need good battery life, Moto.

If the moto x provides 24+ hour battery life then that would be all that I would need.

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This is awesome news. I have the MAXX HD and I get easily 20+ hours with over 4 hours of screen time. If I use the typical 2 hours daily of mixed use, I hit their ~32 hour claim. This is with everything on constantly (wifi, bt, nfc, gps). Better specs and even better battery life sounds great to me. Personally I like the no-nonsense industrial design of the RAZR series and the kevlar back which I hope they keep on the new phones. It feels great in hand and is functional... non-slip. And ridiculously durable.

The iphone 5 does not get great battery life. Most of my colleagues run out of juice towards the evening. They've started carrying chargers or rationing their phone use during the day. Plus a 4" screen sips power compared to the larger screens on current android phones.

If they come up with a phone with 48
hours battary life it would be amazing but everyone knows the more you use your phone for internet the more battery life you need cause it really eats your battery quick if they fix that problem
they can say they done something!