Despite having taken some wind out of the Motorola Atrix 4G's sales with its recently announced pricing, AT&T is still doing its marketing push. The latest comes to us courtesy of the AT&T YouTube channel, where they walk us through one minute of Motorola Atrix 4G goodness. When all is said and done, we're still certain the device is a great addition to the AT&T lineup, but we'd be foolish to not suggest the pricing has caused many folks to look elsewhere. It's quite alright, AT&T, if you want to adjust that pricing. We won't mind, I assure you. [YouTube]


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New AT&T video walks us through the Atrix 4G


Oh boy these companies. He just brushed over the docks like they were so common. If you aren't a regular on the tech blogs you'd have no idea what he was talking about.

wow motoblur.... :-(
3 MORE DAYS FOLKS!!!! i'm just anxious of what SPRINT HAS UP THERE SLEEVES! THEY'VE BEEN AWFULLY QUIET! you can hear a pin drop in the mobile industry!

Verizon, pay attention... Droid Bionic, make it better as just a cell phone, more features or a better price.

The ram is really the same for it's application. The Atrix uses 512 for the phone, 512 for the dock. So when you use the Atrix as a cell phone it uses the same amount as the Bionic.

Motoblur on that phone is hideous, atrocious, etc. It has a weird resolution too. I was really interested in this phone only because of hat laptop dock. But $300 is not worth it. Nothing special about this phone anymore.

Which is a sad thing considering Apple sourced the IPS display from LG and not even LG themselves have pushed the boundaries. I for one am a big fan of the higher res displays and want more than any current Android handset offers. 4" qHD 960×540 275ppi

apple's iphone4 PPi isn't hard to achieve on a 3.5" display.Therefore I'm not impress with the iphone4 high res.

This phone have great hardware. but without the right GUI its a POS. I expect HTC to give at&t a dualcore 1.2Ghz by third quarter 2011.

For anybody complaining about Blur on this phone, chill out. If you really hate it that much, just throw on a custom launcher, which I'm sure you would do anyways. The Blur aspects on this, much like the Droid X/2, is actually pretty minimal when you get right down to it.

And if you complain that Blur will cause lag, it a mother effing dual core phone. I think you'll be fine.