Droid X Gingerbread

A new build of Android 2.3.3 for the Motorola Droid X is making the rounds this afternoon and reportedly has hit up a few people OTA-style. Here's the deal:

  • We're looking at Android 2.3.3. That's Gingerbread, folks.
  • It's system version 4.5.588 -- the leaked build we played with last month was 4.5.573.
  • It's said that the update might be pushed out silently -- you could get it an not even know it. We'll believe that when we don't see it.
  • If you don't feel like waiting for the update, you can update manually. (We've got instructions after the break.)
  • And if you do update (manually or over the air), the old 2.3.340 SBF file will still work, just in case you need to roll back.

So, that's that. We're halfway expecting Verizon to let us know if this thing's for real -- they've been really good about announcing updates the past few months. Anyone actually seeing this over the air yet? If you wanna give it a go the manual way, head on past the break. [Droid X Forums via P3Droid and Android Central Forums]

Update: Verizon says it's not yet pushing any update, according to JR Raphael from Computer World.

How to install 4.5.588 for the Droid X manually

  1. Download this file.
  2. Rename it update.zip and move it to your Droid X SD card.
  3. Power off your Droid X.
  4. Hold down the home buttons and power button. When you see the Motorola logo appear, you can let go of the power button.
  5. When you see the Droid with the exclamation mark, press the search key once.
  6. You'll now be in recovery. Choose to install update.zip, and you're on your way!

Reader comments

New Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread build for Droid X reportedly is pushing over the air [Update: Verizon says no update yet]


Why on earth would anyone honestly think that Samsung would be the first to push out Gingerbread? Just because Samsung phones in some parts of Europe *might* be getting it during April? Please. Verizon's Fascinate is still stuck on Eclair, for crying out loud.

I am running the Rooted leaked version of the Gingerbread 4.5.573.MB810. I downloaded the update.zip file and when i go into recovery and hit search it does nothing. So how do i roll back to the stock 2.2.1 and apply this update manually? Anyone know?

you have to flash the stock SBF, instructions can be found everywhere. Just type in how to get back to stock on droid X in google.

Do I have to unroot to get it OTA? Is this thing going to be rootable? I don't really want to update if it isn't rootable.

if you download the zip and install it that way, does it loop you out of ever getting other ota updates in the future?

i'm somewhat patient enough to wait for the ota version to hit my phone, but at the same time, i sure would like gingerbread and its performance perks, so i'm hoping i'm not sitting here forever.

Plug your phone into your computer and then on your phone choose mass storage mode and click and drag it from your downloads on your computer to the sd card that's under my computer. Be sure not to put it in any folders inside the sd card.

Also, if you didn't know how to put stuff on your sd card I would suggest waiting for the over the air to roll out because it gets a little complex when you flash the update. Just a sugestion.

If this was a serious question, please do yourself a favor & DO NOT do this update. Wait for the OTA. You will no doubt mess something up.

Downloaded and installed manually. So far so good. Although I had expected a fresh install vrs a update (all my existing data was still there). Oh well, its working.

Interesting. I've done this before with updates but, for some reason, when I try to load the update.zip from the file that I downloaded here, my Droid X says that the signature on the file doesn't match and it will not load. Thoughts anyone?

You may not be naming it right. Try naming it "update" and forgo the .zip. Make sure it is on your SD card and not in any sub-folders

Well...I got news for you, Bro, it's happening! Don't fret though...the EVO will get it. Just because HTC got Froyo out first doesn't automatically mean they will get EVERY update first, just that they got that one first.

You are almost right, the D2 was released with Froyo preinstalled but the EVO was the first non Nexus phone the get it OTA. As you can see, I was talking about updates not the first to actually have it.

Wait wait wait... did I read that? Verizon has been good with updates lately... HAHAHAHAHAHA. Good one. You had me for a minute there. Ahem... Fascinate... ahem

Well the fascinate wasn't ment to be a flagship phone just a phone that could be solded cheaper then the Droid branded phones why do you think it cam with bing... Verizon has been good with updates for the Droid branded phones and the ones with out Bing LG ally and devour both got updates then where killed off

wow my phone is bricked. i installed this everything was fine. i uninstalled launcherpro to try to see if it would take me to the new blur and it didnt. It took me to a black screen that offered me to choose two of the other launchers i had installed (ADW and WINDOWS PHONE 7) and it wont allow me to select either of them. It says a bunch of error messages and idk wtf to do.

Damn you droid X!!! Damn you!!!One question though, why is the battery still horizontal instead of being vertical?

Ok so i did this on my other Droid X from 2.2.1 and after applying the update my phone is stuck in bootloop. WTF!

Mine works fine, although I did download the update from http://www.megaupload.com/?d=L0PDFBWG which was on the Droid X forums.

Once downloaded I dragged and dropped onto SD card and all was fine.
The link for the update from AndroidCentral would not work for me at all.

Hope the new link helps everyone who is not getting it.

***** That link has been pulled now btw *****

I couldn't get either to work :(
This is what i got

E: failed to verify whole-file signature
E: signature verification failed

Could anyone help me?

I'm not usually a jerk but to all the trolls and ignorant r-tards that said "the DX won't get GB because the DX2 is around the corner" and other ridiculous statements like "VZW rejected the GB build so its not going to ever be an official OTA" can eat their words with a side of haha and die in a fire.

Currently SBF'ing and about to install the update manually, I can live without root until a method is achieved, also you can still SBF back to .340 from the OTA Gingerbread, P3 has verified this.

Did you factory reset, clear cache, and clear dalvik? You must do this to avoid bootlooping. After doing those, you will still get a bootloop, but it will boot after a few loops. Be patient.

What are talking about? This is an update not a normal rom flash. No need to factory reset, wipe, or anything. Also, I've never seen a phone bootloop a few times and then just work. A bootloop is a bootloop but I guess experiences can vary...

Can anyone verify that this is an actual ota installation. With everything going on it would suck to install this and then be stuck with egg on the face since I heard you can rom back.

Be kind in responding :)

I am so ready for gingerbread on my DX. I want the official release so I won't have to jump through hoops when I upgrade. I tell you what bothers me though. What good is the damn ability to check for updates when stupid verizon does not release the updates?

Agreed. As The moto rep said vzw just facilitates. Showing how in control they are. Actually he said sometimes they dont tell vzw they are pushing.

well I tried to manually update. Downloaded file and moved to sd card as instructed. When I go into recovery mode, it acts like it is going to apply the update, but then I get a signature verfication error and it stops.

Thank you Phil and Android Central. I just downloaded and installed the update ok. On reboot it asked me for Launcher Pro or setup. Selected LP and everything looks great. The Motorola circle is red on reboot. I did keep it on charge through the update process. Worked great.

Just did the manual update following the instructions and it was a breeze. My phone wasn't rooted. After the reboot, the phone stayed on the red Droid eye for a while. I think the same thing happened when I manually installed Froyo on my Incredible. Anyhow, my Droid X is now running 2.3.3 .

This is b.s, we get to sit back & watch the droid x get gingerbread while the samsung fascinate is still stuck on eclair, HELLO VERIZON!!! DID YOU FORGET ABOUT US.. WERE STILL WAITING ON FROYO

People are STILL complaining about this? Really? Just come to terms with the fact that Samsung sucks, root your phone & install a Froyo ROM or sell that POS & get a better phone. Better that you do it now so you will eventually get Gingerbread because Samsung sure as sh*t won't ever push it out because they couldn't even handle Froyo.

It looks like when you get to the screen with the exclaimation point that the search button has no functionality. So, yeah.

That makes sense. It seems like maybe this build would work with the droid x 2 also(if that's even possible) It doesn't have a camera button which is why the power button sounds right but how do you get to the selection screen if the search button does nothing. Again, forgive me for not quite understanding everything but I'm sceptical about downloading things and don't want to lose things or even worse, brick my device.

I downloaded this, unrooted, and now the Market won't download any apps. Anyone else having this issue? I have tried EVERY frickin fix online, and nothing worked. How can I get the update off my phone?

Droid X

Had this happen before. The only fix is to
1.Plug your phone into your PC using the USB cord
2.Browse for the Folder .android_secure.
3.Locate and delete the file smdl2tmp1.asec (It may be a hidden file so make sure your PC is set to show Hidden Files and Folders)
4. Power off your Droid X and restart it and all apps should now update as normal again.

Had problems at the beginning when it would not install. I did a lot of reading and someone said use only "update" and take out ".ZIP" at the end, and it finally installed. I'm happy now ;)

I'm a newb that has NEVER tried messing with my Droid X. EVER. (But I am computer savy). I followed the instructions but downloaded this file http://www.megaupload.com/?d=L0PDFBWG instead.
Worked perfectly. Did a quick battery pull after the phone booted because it was being sloooow. Everything ran smoothly afterwards. AWESOME!

I tried it, but after about two or three hours went back to Liberty. This GB release is a tad quicker than say stock, but I'll hold off until the devs get done with it.

Updata last night and all systems working just fine. Running stock DX. Gingerbread is great, alot of new stuff, faster, blur much better. Get this Hot Spot now working without VZ lock down. Thanks AC been waiting for this for a while.

Update went well but im having a small issue, the sync icon/backup assistant icon is constant in to notification bar for me, can anyone tell me how to fix this or should i roll back to 2.2.1

I was an idiot and named the file update.zip If you name the file just "update" it will install in recovery mode. I imagine some people are having similar issues after reading the comments. This was on a stock Droid X

I have the .zip file extension on mine and it worked just fine. Are you sure you don't have your known file extensions hidden and therefore are actually naming the file update.zip.zip?

Just as on the leaked build a couple weeks ago, I'm also experiencing crashes/reboots on this build when trying to use a couple applications:

TapeMachine Pro

Guys... I just the the manually update...And I have to say this is sweet!! I notice a lot of people asking if your phone needs to be rooted. The answer is NO! Your phone doesn't need to be rooted to do a manually update. Just follow the directions. You probably can do this without using a computer to move and rename the file. And doing it all from your phone. This is awesome though! I'm loving it!

Given the update that this isn't being pushed is there any concern about not being able to get the official update once it is released? Will we need to rollback? Any details on how to rollback should there be a need?

I did the manual update and it's great, I love it. However...Has anyone had a problem with emails coming in slowly with the GMail app? And has anyone figured out how to make the Sync icon disappear?

I'm having the same problem with the gmail app. It takes about 10-15 minutes for an email to push through. I send a test and it comes through immediately on my xoom. I can't even force a refresh on my droid x even though in the lable list it shows I have new emails.

This update is great, i didn't even have to root mine because i didn't need to wipe. Been using it today without any problems

O.T.A. on my X2, if it was supposed to be a quiet transition then they failed. At 12:30 am badgered my phone to wake me up and let me know the gingerbread man arrived quiet as a frat house on Mardi Gras.

I just followed the instruction on my Droid Pro and voila its working like a champ! Minor GUI functionality changes and looks are all I see as differences. Is their a definitive list of changes with Gingerbread?