Every ones favorite content streaming service, Netflix, has gone and pushed out a minor update to their Android application into the Google Play Store today.

It still isn't the app we all want it to be, but it gets the job done. Todays update brings with it promised stability improvements, along with a handful of fixes for some pesky bugs. We also get an improved UI for the volume control function. Probably not top of your list of priorities, but it's still nice they're working on it. Download links can be found after the break.


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Netflix update brings stability improvements and improved volume control UI


How do u know if its HD I'm guessing just depending on ur internet speed or is there a setting. Sorry for the dumb question

Depends if you have a HD capable phone like a One X or GNex :)

Netflix adjusts the quality depending on your connection speed, so over pretty dodgy 3G the picture quality is downright crappy 

Actually the last I heard the only phone with HD netflix was the RAZR, which doesn't even have an HD screen...

Could I ask the US crew a question about Netflix?

Over here in the UK we finally have Netflix but the movie selection is sparse at best.

Is the US also missing every sorry most of the great films i'd wnat to watch at any given moment like...

The Matrix, aliens (any of), 2001 A Space Odyssey, The Goonies, Galaxy Quest, Back to the Future (any of).

Please let me know as I'd like to know how deep the rabbit hole goes and if Netflix is as crap in your neck of the woods then why do people rate it so highly?

We dont have them either via streaming. Netflix has just about every movie on its DVD plan, but streaming is a tad limited. It's not really Netflix's fault... the companies that hold the rights to the movies want to charge an arm and leg for streaming. I think there's going to be a online media revolution in the next few years as we transition from physical media to digital content.