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Seems like the Google suite of applications aren't the only ones being updated to show some Jelly Bean love. Netflix has pushed out an update to the Google Play Store that promises support for Android 4.1. Additionally there are some general bug fixes included too. 

Guess now the guys have something to do with those shiny new Nexus 7 tablets, should the I/O action ever get a little boring. Yeah, we know, unlikely. Hit the Google Play Store now to snag yourselves a copy. 

Download: Netflix

There are 5 comments

Now thats a good Android developer for netflix

Sonicaholic says:

Don't jump the gun the update has rendered it unless on both my gnex & Xoom!

drathos says:

It works fine on my GNex (APKP M5).

dextroz#AC says:

The app sucks donkey's balls. It's slow as hell just like before and sluggish.

usguyver says:

its fine on my EVO LTE