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Update brings performance boost, but profiles are still nowhere to be found

The latest Netflix update is rolling out hard and steady this evening, and we've had a chance to give it a spin. The app has a newly tweaked UI with the hamburger menu we all know and love (that's a nerdy term for the slide-out menu apps are adopting) and better lock screen controls when using the Chromecast feature. But that's not even the good part.

What this app brings that everyone will appreciate is a much smoother overall UI. No more janky, stuttery transitions between views, and everything seems nice and fluid while navigating through both your queue and the categories. Huzzah!

What we aren't seeing is the new profiles feature, that seems to have made its way to every platform except Android. Multi-user support for an app like Netflix, which is heavily influenced by user preference, is a big plus. Hopefully we see it soon for the world's most popular mobile platform.

You can try your luck getting the update via the Google Play link above, but as is usual for big updates to popular apps, Netflix is pushing on a controlled rollout. You'll get the new version eventually — just keep checking.

Netflix for Android


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Netflix for Android updated, brings smoother performance all around


"not professional"?
Sure, it's disappointing, but to say it's not professional? Wearing sandals to a job interview, greeting a new client with 'Yo', promising a service that you can't actually do, that's not professional.

Not having profiles ready for a big update makes no sense to me. I thought for sure I would have the profiles on my One before my MS Surface but they updated that weeks ago.

WoW! Works really well and very smooth. The only thing it is missing is multiple profiles.

Posted via Android Central App

No kidding. Profiles? Overrated. Maybe my wife and I are strange, but we actually like the same things. We must be freaks.

No,you probably just don't have kids. Almost all of the recommendations i get are little kid shows mixed in with shows like Breaking Bad. With profiles you can set age based filters so they don't see these shows at all, and also keep the recommendations pertinent.

I don't care about cosmetic improvement. If they didn't care about user profiles (big disappointment), is there at least added "search by director/actor" option ?

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Not even surprised to see all the wining going on here.

Jesus Christ, they updated to a completed new and updated UI - that version needs to go out now. Finally they can work on the remaining features. When they're done, I'm sure you'll hear more...

I would rather have this new and improved UI now, than wait unitl profiles are done as well.

One thing at a time, Gentlemen...

"Gentlemen"? More like "children" fussing over getting a new toy that isn't the absolutely newest possible toy.

I'm just glad the thing isn't painful to use anymore. Oh, and it looks nice. I'm sure there's more features to come.

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I love the new UI. I really like how the mobile apps provide suggestions, now, after you "click" on a movie.

As for profiles, they will eventually come, I'm sure.

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Love it. Now I can go landscape on my phone. I really hated it before when you couldnt on phone but could on tablet. Now they're the same. And the new ui is much better and smoother. I think they did a great job. Not concerned with profiles. It just works a lot better now.

I read something about them not including profiles for now, because of some drastic and iminent changes that are coming to android. Not sure what that's about or if its true. The ui changes are welcomed though.

Update isn't showing for me. I somehow doubt they've added disc queue management to the app yet?

If not, that's seriously annoying. Anyone got a suggestion for a 3rd party app that would do that?

Netflix on the tablet is pretty nice, but Netflix on a media device (like the Minix) is a pain, you need a mouse or IR remote to navigate through Netflix.

Really, the only update I was waiting for was profiles. The app works fine on my Nexus 10 and my wife's Nexus 7. She just wants her own movie queue.

Really? They have profile support on the Wii app. So it's probably not developer/time/resource constraints. So why would they not have it for Android or Roku? Methinks Apple "asked nicely" for some kind of exclusivity for ios and apple tv for a few months.

It'd about time they put out a real update/ real app. It's been almost what 4 years?

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Much improved!

And maybe it's just me, but I sort of like seeing the crap my boyfriend watches. There have been several action movies, shows, etc. that I would have never chosen, but ended up enjoying because of his Top Picks. Then again, I can understand wanting profiles, too.

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