The NBA and T-Mobile share a great relationship and it looks like that goodwill extends over to Android! The NBA has just released an official application to keep track of scores, standings, schedules, and so forth for all your NBA basketball needs.

After taking 'Game Time' for a quick spin, we can tell you that it's a great looking app that gives you the box score for any game you would want. What we would LOVE to see is some video (or even audio) integration much like the iPhone's MLB app. Sure, 'Game Time' is free and MLB At Bat costs money, but if it's a full-featured app, I'd love to pay.

What is odd is the timing of the release. The NBA regular season started back in October and is a week or so from ending. Sure we have the playoffs to keep us busy but I would have loved to use this app throughout the entire season!

Go get NBA 'Game Time' now in Android Market!

[via phandroid]


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NBA Releases Official App 'Game Time' for Android


Seeing that the G1 came out at the beginning of the NBA season, I suspect they were working on it all this time. They probably figured it better to put out a good app. And if you're gonna wait, might as well do it when the "real" money-makin' season truly begins :-)

It's for the US only!!! Come on, people, we also want to be able to follow our favorite NBA team...

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The new paid app Gametime seems to lock up quite frequently. I had Gametime last year, and it didn't have as many features as this new one does; however, I rarely had any problems with the old one. The new one definitely is better, but they need to work out the kinks.