Naughty Cities

Now, I didn't watch this entire "Naughty Cities" video, but after answering the initial questions for myself, I don't have to.

  • Looking for something to do tonight? Sure, but not too late.
  • Am I new to town? Yep.
  • Do I find myself going to the same clubs all the time? Yeah, but it's just so hard to find a good malted these days.
  • Is it time I find something really exciting to do tonight? Absolutely. Like staying up knitting.

I'm sold. Not even going to watch the rest of the video. Sure I'm not missing anything. Of course, I'm not sure what they mean by naughty -- probably just a place that's open past 8 p.m., or maybe one that has dancing.

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Naughty Cities tells you the good places to go to be bad


Wow. Trash. Why is this being promoted here?

Seriously though, Phil. You are incensed by apps that have dog fighting in them, but you're ok with apps that promote and make it easy to find strip clubs? Wasn't that your DAUGHTER in the Winnie the Pooh video review? WTF DUDE You seriously need to rethink things!!

I'm seriously one iota away from never returning to this site.

Your a cry baby, theres pleanty of men and women that frequent strip clubs, swinger clubs and clubs in general. If your that effected by a review of material like this, maybe this isnt the website for you...I hear the wambulance coming, time to go


You're. Crybaby. There's. Plenty. You're. Affected. Isn't.

But +1 on "wambulance". That one was good. I liked it.

Your comeback is a spell check list? NOT come back to this site. You sound like an uptight loser with ZERO personality. I'm positive that this community would not skip a beat if you never returned. In fact it would probably do much better

I don't think anyone cares if you don't come back if you can't take a joke. Like it or not, some guys are going to find this interesting and most of us are going to look at this and laugh as I assume Phil is doing. Please don't make a big deal of something that has nothing to do with you. Have a pleasant evening.

Dude it's not about church. It's about respecting others. Perhaps you won't realize the trash that you have perpetuated until your own daughter is on the pole, eh?

I don't have a daughter. I have two sons under 4 and it sounds like they already know how to respect others more than everybody else commenting here, save 3 of you.

You would be honored if your daughters grow up to meet/marry somebody that actually respects them. And this isn't the path to that.

Ha this guys a classic. Moral police on the prowl! Hey, un-clinch your butt cheeks and take a deep breath. Its an app review!!!! Maybe you should show your sons how to use this app so they live a little, have a bit of fun ya know? Say hey "dont be like me kids. I'm generally not very likable and cause unnecessary problems on internet forums"

Wait, so you are going to try and push your belief system on people? What makes you right? What makes this immoral? It's purely immoral based on YOUR belief system. It's surely isn't immoral based on mine. If you are concerned about your kids, then don't let them see it. I wouldn't let mine have free reign of the internet anyway.

I have a feeling you are a religious person. You are going to push your beliefs on others as if you are correct. I got new for you. Religions have been around for 10s of thousands of years. Your religion is just the lastest craze. Give it another thousand years and it will be gone as well.

The fact is that humans are animals. We have instincts just like animals do. If you are wound up so tight that you supress your instincts in the name of God or whatever, then I feel sorry for you. It's natural for humans to be sexual.......those that supress that feeling, live a sad sad life.

Get over yourself and live and enjoy it without trying to restrict your mind to idealistic view points. If you choose not to, then that's your right, just dont' push that shit on me. The whole your daughter is going to become a stripper argument is such bullshit too. Don't try to fear monger people. That shit doesn't work on people that aren't brainswashed by fear of what happens to you after you die.

Oh yeah.....just don't come back to the site. You should spend your time readng the bible and knitting.

Your daughter ending up on a pole has everything to do with your parenting and nothing to do with this article. Teach your kids right from wrong and I'm sure this won't be an issue.

"Wow. Trash. Why is this being promoted here?"

One man's garbage (trash)is another man's treasure.

I'm just glad I have the free will to decide for myself, unlike you, who would wish to choose for me.

I would no more want this pushed on me then I would want the Bible Thumper's Apps forced on my phone in order to save me.

GROW UP and be mature about it. Seriously. IF you don't like the app or what it entails, then do not download it. No one is holding a gun to your head. We don't have a sniper perched on a hillside with you in their scope, and they will shoot unless you download the app.

That's the beauty of Android. You can have these types of apps if you want. I bet you didn't say the same thing when Grindr was released. I'd almost lay my house on the line. This isn't apple where you have a Red Fisted dictator deeming what is allowed in the market place. You have a choice. Heck you even have a filtering system so you don't even have see the app in the first place.

Don't get mad at Phil for doing an honest and fair review. Get mad at your self for being self-righteous. And if you are going to dump Android Central for doing a review on this type of app. You might want to dump Google all together for even supping the app. Just for for thought there.

i thinks it is really interesting that you (an adult im guessing) made the choice to actually read the review, and then get so upset about it. why after reading the preview, didn't you just skip past it since it wasn't for you? i think it really shows you off to be a huge jerk, trying to decide for us what apps get reviewed. maybe i missed the part about this whole website being created solely just for you.

i also find it very interesting that you are so vehemently against this app, that you personally attack the reviewer, but you are perfectly fine with just throwing around the "F" word. it really doesn't matter too much how you use it, whether you just plain spell it out, cover it up with a few $%&*'s or just using it in an abbreviation, anybody over the age of 14 knows what the word is, so you not really hiding it from anyone (i think its safe to say that i dont think that a lot of ten year olds are cruising through the pages here) and judging from the insanely large number of post of all the people who agree with you, i dont think that too many people will care either.

by the way, real mature throwing out threats there. did you learn that trick from your 4 year olds? do you really think Phil is going to lose any sleep this week that you may never return to this site? My money is on NOT. i also dont think Android Central is going to lose out on a whole lot of ad revenue because of it either.

Leave then no one cares...try to be mature about it the human body is live in a place where gentlemen club are frowned upon...I would move crybaby bitc

Pretty good app for lonely horny nerds who were going to end up murdering whores and the leave their bodies in the brush by Jones beach.

It is late in the game, you're right. But I didn't arrive late. The party is getting big is all. And many of us are outnumbered. The people who disagree with this crap and don't say a word because it's "late to the party" are one of the reasons why our society is what it is. My dad smokes, but he is against smoking being allowed in public places. Why? Because he doesn't believe that just because he does something (right or wrong), that it should be pushed on other people. Have your immorality (just like at times I've had mine)..but don't push it on everyone else. Respect others, families, etc. Off the soapbox and back to work. Sorry, this kind of crap just bugs me..but only to a point nowadays, sadly.

Yes, because you're being forced to download the app or go to a strip club...? Free will, liberty, democracy..if you don't like those things, you're in the wrong country.

Let me guess, you (and people who think like you) get to determine what "open and extreme immorality" is? Please explain what part of that isn't self righteousness?

Jeez you're missing the point. Explain to me how it benefits anybody to indulge in demoralizing and making objects out of women. How is that respectful to anybody?

I don't feel I am. How does it harm you if someone does the things you state? If a dancer feels demoralized, and thinks they are treated like an object, they can pursue another profession. No one puts a gun to a dancers head and tells her to dance. We are talking about dancing here, not the far-east flesh trade.

"No one puts a gun to a dancers head and tells her to dance."

You clearly haven't spent much time with exotic dancers.

I have known a few outside of their work.

So, attempting to invalidate my beliefs by claiming I don't know anything about the people I'm talking about is your modus operandi? It seems foolish to judge me on my experience when you know nothing about me.

If you know dancers near you who work with a gun to their head, you might reconsider the area you live.

Stop talking on the interwebs... somewhere someone needs a sammich, and it's not going to make itself.

Aww're a good guy, but classy up a bit. Was a smart but predictable move to state that you only watched the first innocent seconds of the vid..but come on. Actually, with the name of this app being what it is, even if what you said is true, would be wise to watch the entire vid before you post it to the world. Admit you goofed and move on. Love you otherwise.

Hehe.. well, maybe we can all agree on something (probably not actually). You know it's a dumb/bad post when it's hard to distinguish whether it was a joke or not. Meh. We all make mistakes.

Did you people even read Phil's posting? He didn't watch the entire video. Read before you start making assumptions. Susuki12002 and 7590steve actually read the posting, but the rest of you watched the video, made an assumption and started kicking your feet like little children.

"Did you people even read Phil's posting? He didn't watch the entire video."

why did he post a blog about a product he didn't fully vet?

that's bs anyway.. within ten seconds you could tell what that app was about


two minutes i'll never get back...

Of course I read it before posting. It was a joke. I got it. But have you ever heard the saying "Any publicity is good publicity"? Even bad PR gets your name out and gets you looked at. Why would we care to perpetuate the crap that this app promotes?

Sure, single horny demoralizing guys with no self-respect will find this app useful. So go ahead. But I seriously hope that that you guys wake up some day and decide to respect women at least a little bit.

This has nothing to do with disrespecting women. It's a location app that people can use. Nothing more nothing less. Wow, I think Phil just wanted to get a tally of Conservatives who have android phones and I am surprised how many Republicans can work a smart phone... or the internet for that matter. (Chuckle to myself)

Thank you Phil for giving every app a chance to be seen, even if it's one most of us will never use and will just laugh at.

Wrong. "Giving every app a chance to be seen" would mean that Phil would have to do a write-up like this for every. single. app.

He has promoted this app individually, and that's where my beef is.

What I mean by "every app" is every kind of app. I do agree with you that this a stupid app and most won't use it except if they are into those things or as a joke to their friends. That's all this was, a joke. Arguing about this app is asinine and everyone needs to get over this. There are MUCH, MUCH WORSE things on the internet that you could be arguing about haha.

I really surprised how many democrats are willing to use a Smart phone knowing all of the POLLUANTS that were used to make their smart phone. I bet it left a bigger carbon footprint to produce your Android phone, then my 1995 f-150 makes in a month.

So true, Steve.. great point. Some of these others obviously don't get it. Hopefully their parents will tell them that it's time to sign off the internet for the day.

Well, since the tight ass conservatives made such a big deal outta this thing, I've gotta check it out! Must be a great app! :)

LMAO, what a bunch of uptight pencil d!cks.. It's just a friggin app for your phone people?!? HAHAHA...
Obviously Phil was just making fun of the app but then the "church" goers here get their panties in a wad.. STFU and download it if you want and don't if you don't like it.. SIMPLE!

i love how church goers push there religion on people, and i mean push, but if somebody wants to promote this app, he is automatically sin and automatically degrades women

You need to lighten up. He saw an app and decided to write about it. It's a android news site. Do you CNN and tell them what to write about. It's funny.

Go get an iPhone. They seem to keep these type of apps away from your sensitive eyes. You really want a company deciding what you see? Do you want Phil to keep things he might find offensive off the site because he can? No? Don't like it, move along and be happy you can post your comments and feelings. No need to be critical.

Still don't see what's so bad about people going to strip clubs, worked in one for 7 years, met some of the most down to earth people I ever met, both the customers and the girls

I find it funny that people want to bring politics and insult the likes of people based on ignorance and something they know nothing about. What I mean by this is you have no idea if they are conservatives or not.

Why don't the people who can only insult and not add to a conversation just not participate cause you really aren't adding anything to this post just mindless rants.

For the others telling people to ignore it and saying this is a free country blah blah blah. Well cause of the country we live in there is every right for the individuals to express their views of the review and app itself.

I personally could care less if this app was reviewed on here if you are looking for this sort of thing you will find it with or without this review. My wife and I don't go to these places but if that's your thing cool hope you enjoy.

But there is nothing wrong with the conversation about disagreeing with this. If i were to start quoting scriptures how many people here would start ripping into me for having my freedom of speech and using it?

So why don't we all have a little more respect for others and stop trying to insult each other for our views. You will learn much more in life if you can learn to be tolerant of others and maybe learn why they feel the way they do than just insulting and being jerks.

anyways /soapbox

Phil funny spin, dumb app though.

Besides the arguments and stuff, does this app find like all the good dance clubs (I couldn't care less about strip clubs or the rest) in an area? The wife and I are moving to the San Antonio area, so having another app that can find some good night spots for dancing and stuff would be cool to have. Yelp can be hit or miss for me when it comes to that sort of stuff, so maybe an app like this could work for me. Any thoughts, or do I need to download this thing and see what happens??? LOL. My phone may asplode...

*edit* Just went to the Android Market to read up on this app. And it's pretty much just strip clubs, escorts, gay clubs, swinger clubs, etc. Pretty much useless for me. #dearyoungself, where was this app when i was in my early 20's!! LOL

Etnpny go away and ride in to the sun set with George W. Say a prayer tonight to the make believe invisible guy in the sky and ask him if you should come back to android central. I'll pray to the tooth fairy and see what she's says. I bet they both tell us that you should stay away from AC if an app review is going to get your panties in a bunch. Peace and love!

Go away Troll. Etnpny never said anything about politics or religion. But your reading comprehension failure is now complete.

I have actually enjoyed my banter with Etnpny. He has a right to his view and has done a great job defending it. I don't agree with it, but always admire someone who sticks up for what they believe.

Downloaded the app for the hell of it and deleted it within a minute when the only city listed in the united states was New York.

Too bad about the prude making silly comments here. Maybe a bible school's English teacher? Better set your Android Market settings to low maturity.

Downloaded the app. Thanks for the mini review.

Thanx for the debate, everybody. Seriously.

Closing comments:

I *do* appreciate that we live in the USA and we can have this 'conversation'. I appreciate that we have differing opinions and I appreciate that everybody can voice them.

You know how you see a glimpse into a stranger's life sometimes and you think you just gained a little bit of familiarity with them and you feel that you could almost be friends based off of what you perceive to be similar values? That's where I was at, and I was astonished to see that a fellow responsible parent would be open to the conduct that this app promotes.

I'm guilty of assuming that I knew something about somebody that I don't know, and I'm guilty of thinking that this was the correct forum to provide unsolicited advice to said person.

I will not, however, cease to stand for bettering the respect for other humans. You can troll me or PM me if you would like to further discuss - I'm totally open to it.

And like 'jdhas' stated, I never said anything about politics nor religion - your assumptions are your own responsibility, but I'd be happy to debate further on those controversial topics as well!

It's been fun. Have a good day.

I don't think you are a Bible Thumper, or a conservative. I just think you are wrong ;) fought a good fight.

And it's intelligent, respectful people like this that make me want to return to this site because I can see that there actually *is* some intelligent life still out there on this planet. :)

SWEET My hometown of Berlin Is In here, even though i already knew where the strip clubs and bdsm clubs were, but who cares, this is sweet

Reading the comments has been comedy gold.
I've never been into a strip club, but I have been to regular dance clubs both straight and gay. If you don't like it, don't download it.
To try and call out Phil for reviewing it and bringing up his daughter is downright disgusting and I for one would be happy if you never came back on this site.

Live and let live. Morality is relative and it will always continue to be redefined as humans learn more about the world around us and grow in knowledge. It is a natural progression. Religion is also the same way. It evolves with the times. It has to if it wants to stay relevant.

There's too much suffering in this world to have a hissy fit about a club locator app.
Get it together.