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In case you're a little worried after seeing this, the international space station is still up there. (We chceked.) And it's presumably doing stuff other than this. Angry Birds Space hits March 22.

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umbrae says:

I was not excited before, but now I am hooked and they have not even released the thing yet.

Droid Brick says:

You know, I expected just another Angry Birds I would stop playing within a couple days but this looks pretty fun. If only they would have a 2001 Space Odyssey soundtrack. Open the pod bay doors, HAL!

Dinehtah says:

"don't ask me how I got eggs on the space station"....lmao. Now I can't stop thinking about it.

h20squirter says:

anybody else completely freaked out right now?

bmdakin says:

Does this remind anyone else of a game called Newton on the Android Market?

jean15paul says:

That video was good PR for NASA (something they are in desparate need of).

Oh, and the game looks GREAT!

ba_hamilton says:

Man, that was a cool video.

Wesley1 says:

Coming soon to my Galaxy Note...

virus786 says:

looks kinda cool

thedan862 says:

That was efin awesome!