The fine folks from Namco have hit us up to let us know about their holidays sales offerings on Android games. Starting November 25 and going to December 5 you can get in on some sweet gaming deals:

Priced down to $3.99

  • Ms. PAC-MAN
  • PAC-MAN Championship Edition

Priced down to $2.99

  • Harvest Moon Frantic Farming
  • Inspector Gadget
  • Rolling with Katamari
  • The Wolfman

You know your device isn't complete until it has a copy of PAC MAN on it. Be sure to get in on the action when they go on sale.


Reader comments

Namco gearing up for holiday sales


Last time I looked Pac-Man CE was a joke compared to its iPhone cousin and its x360 parent. It'd be nice if these big studios actually put the same effort in to Android games like that do for the iPhone versions.


I think the reason is because it hasn't been adopted as a "hip" or popular Platform. I still see more people at my school with iPhones than Android devices. It's sad because no one really shows quality in their game, iOS games usually run better because they have a starting point. Android has the main issue of (sorry) fragmentation. You have devs using devices that may be too powerful and therefor games would run like garbage on systems using a weaker processor or previous version of Android. So they just avoid that and make the weakest games possible, notice Rovio making a LITE version of Angry Birds, for weaker devices. This means weaker physics and poorer graphics. They have no base to start to make a game work on every device. IOS runs nearly flawless on all iPhones so there is no issue with creating applications.

I can't see forkin over 4 bucks for a 20+ year old game to play on a phone that doesn't have a joystick. I'll pass..

I know this is rude, but... why is it that the pointless articles about apps that are ridiculously overpriced always come from Chris Parsons? Tether, $4 Pac-Man, etc. C'mon man!

And also, it's really frightening to think that $4 Pac-Man is a price *reduction*. Seriously, they think it's worth even more than that?! Forget it.

I remember the days of Palm OS and Pocket PC games where anything under $5 was ridiculously cheap. Oh what spoiled brats we have become.

By the way, thanks for the post Chris, my wife's favorite game was Ms Pac-man and she bought. Ignore the rude wankers here.

I keep hoping iD Software will relent and put out Wolfenstein 3D for Android like they have for iPhone. (Someone had put it out rogue early on and I don't think they've gotten over their snit...)

some one needs to develop the classic game centipede for those who have a nexus 1 with the track ball .. i think that would be pretty awesome

Rolling with Katamari by Namco doesn't show up anywhere, even in the AppBrain link wormeyman so graciously provided. :< Anyone know what's going on there?