myTouch 4G

The HTC myTouch will officially be available on T-Mobile on Nov. 3. This is the device formerly known as the myTouch HD and/or myTouch 4G. It's an all-new myTouch that will include a front-facing camera, a faster processor, and HSPA+ data speeds. Want a taste? Check out our hands-on of the ROM ported onto the Nexus One. A little more than a week to go, folks. That's it. [Tmonews]


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MyTouch available from T-Mobile on Nov. 3


Can't wait, been waiting for a confirmed release date for weeks now, I almost felt that the rumored Nov 3rd date wasn't going to pan out. Only 8 days to go.

I read this last night on TMONews... I've also been waiting for this new device. Great new device with a fast processor, good size, good technology.

I'm looking forward to see all this new device in my hands next week.

"great, another mediocre mid range phone for tmo."

Are you daft? You do realize that it's going to be the fastest Android phone on release? It's got the same processor as the G2, but clocked 25% faster. You know, the G2, which is already the fastest benching phone out right now? The MyTouch may be marketed as mid-tier, but in terms of performance it'll beat the snot out of anything out there short of a G2 or Galaxy S.

You crazy this phone is going to kick some ass front facing camera i got the g2 i going to give to my wife for a week just to test this phone