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Android Central Forums member danrad55 felt a little let down after learning that for as awesome as Chromecast is at this point, it can't stream live events. He writes:

I was looking for some help "Chromecasting" the LIVE Lollapalooza Concert from Chicago with my new Google Chromecast via Youtube as promised, but no luck. Yesterday it wouldn't play so I thought that because it was new, they were having some start up issues. Today the concert plays better but no Chromecast. Anyone else have the same issue? It plays other feeds, Netflix beautifully. I decided to plug in my Apple TV and try streaming using my iPad 2. Perfect. I have tried using my PC and Samsung S4 to no avail. Bummed and disappointed and sadly, I have to admit that at this point the Apple System is kicking ass. Anyone here know how to stream the Live feed. Thanks in advance.

We're feelin' ya. Welcome to the wonderful world of lawyers. Yes, you can Cast over a full Chrome tab, but i agree it's just not as good, and in some case unwatchable.

Let's hope the suits get their stuff together. Live events on Chromecast need to happen.


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My Apple TV with Airplay 1, Google Chromecast 0


I actually first noticed the lack of YouTube Live streaming a few updates ago on my Vizio Co-Star. Makes it a pain in the ass to watch any live YouTube shows like The Young Turks on my TV. Casting the whole tab from the Chromecast or using the Chrome browser in Google TV is the only way, it seems.

That was a major disappointment over the weekend for me. I really like the livestreams that they do for music festivals over the summer, but I'm hoping that they get their stuff together in time for ACL this year since I still go through some withdrawal missing such an amazing weekend since I'm up in Seattle now.

I assume they're referring to the SDK preview, or the fact that this device just launched about a week ago.

Have you ever met Google before? Most of their products launch as betas.

But as noted, the Chromecast isn't in beta. Just tab streaming.

We had decent results with casting a tab from a retina MBP, but ultimately ended up unplugging the Chromecast and just connecting the computer for slightly better quality. It makes no sense, but I can't say I was too surprised, after having previously failed to stream live youtube events without using

"Welcome to the world of lawyers." Please don't propagate that type of ignorance. Lawyers don't do this.
Greedy companies want these types of restrictions, so they tell their lawyers to put the restrictions in license agreements.
If there were no lawyers, the restrictions would still be there. Just poorly written.

Excuse me while I paraphrase:

"Lawyers don't sue people, people sue people."

or prehaps

"Don't hate the playa, hate the game."

Uh huh. Right.

For me the chrome tab feature was unusable for video as I had to drop the quality down to 480p which was worthless. Audio was fine. The built in feature works well in the 3 apps that have it. I also had scrambled audio when outputting the audio from my TV to receiver via optical cable but ONLY when using the chrome tab extension. Using the built in buttons on Netflix and Youtube worked fine. You can see this issue at the website 'learningcameras'.
It really feels like a beta device in too many ways...probably fine for the tech community like us where $35 for a piece of cool beta hardware is a steal. But Google really needs to get the button built in to more services (pandora, spotify, hulu...)and really work on the chrome tab feature before this reaches the masses.

Because it most likely isn't a technical limitation that live youtube streams can't just be casted to the chromecast from the youtube app.

So the lawyers were the people who decided that even though there was no technical limitation the stream cannot be casted? That's not true, either Youtube or the company owning the live distribution rights are the people that told the lawyers to include those provisions in their contracts. The fact that the lawyer put the limitation in the contract does not mean that they were the people behind the problem. That would be like if you were made at Ford because you are stuck at a redlight. The car brought you to the redlight, but it's not the car's fault that the redlight exists.

Yeah. Those poor lawyers are being forced to do evil things. Phil shouldn't blame the real victims in this fiasco...the lawyers.

Yes, I realize all that. I took the remark that Phil made to simply mean it's a legal issue as opposed to a technical one.

I can't speak for Phil, but I don't think he was actually accusing specifically lawyers of causing this.

I would somewhat agree with you, but they were very upfront with the Chrome TabCasting being in beta.

YouTube, Netflix, Play Movies and Music work great and definitely don't feel beta to me. I can definitely see other content providers jumping onto the ChromeCast. I can also see the long-view for Google isn't to have a small USB device, but to actually partner with TV Manufacturers to embed ChromeCast in the TVs.

One issue I do see people having problems with is if their internet connections are not robust they will have degraded performance and likely blame it on the ChromeCast rather than their bandwidth. I haven't seen anything on the screen where it appears they are doing any measurements and certainly haven't seen any messages stating that the bandwidth may be insufficient to support streaming of content. Would be interesting to see if that capability exists.

Wow Phil just lost a lot of respect from me. Why would you get a apple TV when you run an android site? I can't support such a draconian company. I guess you can though.

Read the article closer. Phil wrote the article about an androidcentral user that wrote that.

Phil was simply giving some commentary.

To elaborate, the name of thi article is the subject of the forum post that the androidcentral forum member created.

Maybe because he isn't as close minded as you are and enjoys 'all' tech regards of website affiliation.

Nope. You missed it completely, genius. It had nothing to do with being closed minded. Notice the word "support" and "draconian".

How can you accurately compare the competition without vigorously testing their products as well?
I will take an author that tries all the tech and writes articles that have merit vs. the author with tunnel vision.

Phil does a good job of balancing, heck his go to laptop is a Mac, so is mine. I use what works, not which fanboy flame war side I would rather be on.

Really? Fanboy's? Companies? You should really learn how to use apostrophes before calling kids stupid...

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i added one apostrophe to a forum post? I guess this is your fall back when you have no technical acumen whatsoever? Oh, and obviously if you're a massive asshole?

have fun checking facebook on your phone.

Who wants to bet that Apple has some money in this situation where other devices can't stream live events but they can.

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yeah, it's definitely apples fault that the google owned company youtube can't stream content from a google phone to a google chrome stick.

some people...

Wrong. If Apple made the deal directly with the content provider they could potentially make Google enforce it.

OOOOOO, Apple TV can stream. I'm so impressed I could ****!. Chromecast is still in it's infancy and I bet once it matures, it will blow chewed up jelly beans in Tim Cooks face.

Now with that said....Google needs to get their **** together. They seem lately to be putting out half baked products that still need to be tuned to be somewhat useful. Look at the first generation Google TV. It blew chunks. Nexus ORB? Didn't even make a full orbit. Chromecast isn't ready for primetime as it's cast is missing! What I'm saying is that Google needs to be putting out products that work to it's full potential out of the box adding updates when needed....not adding features when needed.

I won't blame the lack of features entirely on Google here, since the developers are the ones who will be writing the apps, BUT Google needs to get out of their way as quickly as possible. What I'm referring to is their prohibition on developers releasing APK's based on the SDK. Some people have said that it's because the SDK is still in beta, so Google doesn't want a bunch of buggy apps coming out. That sounds good, except that Netflix is an independent developer, and they got an app out. At any rate, whatever the reason is, Google needs to hurry up and get rid of this restriction. There are developers out there working on some really innovative uses for the Chromecast, and Google doesn't need to hold them back.

Right now, Google has a window of opportunity because no one can get any new Chromecasts in stock just yet, so the demand is pent up and just sitting there, waiting for new units to arrive. However, as the backlog is cleared and more people get this thing in their hands, the new apps had better start coming en masse, because these new owners are going to expect more content than is out there right now.

And, just for disclosure, I have my Chromecast and really like it, but I want it to do more. I want TuneIn to work, I want to be able to throw my own photos and videos up on my TV straight from my phone, and I'd really, REALLY like it if the Mummybox devs would revive that service on the Chromecast after they were so unceremoniously dumped by Roku after Roku did that exclusive deal with Dish World.

Well said!!!

But see, my point is that the SDK for developers should have already been ready to go and apps implemented/developed to a certain degree BEFORE the chromecast was released. They released it, sure it works, but the features that "should" work should already be working.

You are right. How stupid of Google. That explains all the units gathering dust in the shelf. Serves then right!

This Apple vs Android saga just kills me..
A person can have BOTH products in their home.. It's just not that big of a deal..
Time for self-assessment if having both products in someone's home upsets you that much.

i'm glad that there seem to be a lot of dual platform posters (like myself) who call out these (what i hope are) kids; thinking technology is a team sport.

Apple TV - $99 and Chromecast - $35. Please do not tell me you expect the exact same functionality from one device that you get in another devices that is less than half of the price. You get what you pay for, and I do not expect my Chromecast to do the exact same thing Apple TV, Google TV, Roku, or even my SmartTV. Its like buying a scooter and then being pissed it won't go the same speed as a Harley.

The product will grow I am sure, but once again I don't think it will ever replace the more expensive options.

It really can't steam live events? Is Google going to fix that? Or was that the plan the entire time?

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For live events just use the Tab cast for now.

I have always had time with live events, even on my Android phone.

That's why for now I have chromecast and am selling my roku for an Apple tv. Plus the refurbished units are selling for only $75 with free shipping.

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Chrome cast wasn't even made to compete with the airplay... It was always other people who said that...

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I said enough in the thread already.

I Casted from my tab, had friends over and we enjoyed the show in HD and in surround sound (albiet simulated).

Actually, after the first update of Chromecast, Tab Casting is so much smoothing...

Like before the update, I had to run standard(480p) in order to have smoothness, but the quality is so bad I gave up,

After the update, High ran quite smooth that I can stream video content over to the TV. And I think the quality of it has improved as well.

My Xbox wouldn't steam the live Lollapalooza webcast either on the Youtube app. I had to watch it on the PC. So the Chromecast wasn't the only thing that was limited to Lollapalooza or live webcast. We should try it on a live Androidcentral cast....

Here's an idea: maybe A.C. shouldn't run articles telling people they can do something with a device when they clearly couldn't. Just a thought.

Htc One (ex-iphone devotee), Apple TV, Macbook Pro, Samsung TV, Xbox 360, and a PS3...all represented and in my possession. Chromecast soon to come. Just give me cool tech that works, all I ask.