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Fresh from today's Google Music announcement, the music for purchase is now live in the desktop Android Market. 

The exclusive content, along with the large selection of free music are all there, ready for you to download at your leisure. Please do remember that it is at present only showing up in the US. Hit the source link to start choosing your tunes!

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Music now live in Android web market


Not Google's fault. Every country has different laws that have to be followed or Google gets sued. Each country takes time to be able to do it legally. Don't forget record labels too. Tons of red tape every where.

I was comparing out the prices of the albums in iTunes, Amazon, and Google Music. It was interesting to notice that sometimes Google Music was cheaper than iTunes and vise versa. However, Amazon was pretty much always cheaper than both of them. It seems like Amazon is still the way to go when it comes to purchasing music.

LOL Steve Jobs book is on the "Featured Books" list as first.


Now if I can just convince my company to not block I can use this silly service at work...