Music beta by Google

We got our first look at Google Music Beta at Google IO this year, and it looks like some who requested invites are finally starting to see a response. Your Google Music Beta invite nets you just one invite (none to give out) that works across all your 2.2+ devices.

Uploading is done through the browser-based web app and music syncs in the background. Expect more as we find out.

And anyone who gets an invite, let us know how it's working for you. Sound off, comments, you know the drill.

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pdiddyfan says:

None here yet. Can't wait!!

Jawcl says:

I haven't got mine yet. I'm kind of excited for it, but not really that much.

bak9799 says:

if it is anything like the 3.1 tablet roll out, I won't see it for about 3 days after everyone else :-D

I got the Cr-48, but for some reason I am looking more forward to this!

soccerfon711 says:

I got mine! Just finished loading my music, getting ready to try it out on my Thunderbolt. :)

nakuma says:

My mouse button is already wearing out from clicking Refresh in GMail...

budarydachas says:

cant wait!

oomatter says:

Got mine about 1/2 hour ago, all set up and working fine.

mlpjunior says:

Still no dice. Can't wait to take this for a test spin.

Pierce09 says:

Got mine up and running and I have to admit, it's awesome. Syncing all my music will take quite some time though *sigh*

RkyMtnHigh says:

Works way better than the Amazon version...Mine works on 3G

Amazon works on 3G. What do you mean by "better"?

RkyMtnHigh says:

Amazon rebuffers on 3G but this one seems not to. Amazon worked on mine 2am.

YaSo says:

I had a few buffering issues with the Amazon app on my myTouch '4G' with 4-5 bars. Then again, I occasionally have buffering issues with YouTube, so take that FWIW. It was nice to be able to download the files to the phone with the Amazon app though.

Of note, the Google Music player took a short pause before it played files locally on the microSD card, something Amazon and Winamp have no problems with.

I suppose your mileage may vary.

Still waiting on my invite to come. (New Jersey)

Now does anyone know how to download all music on amazon? or just have it automatically port over...since I think they are actually using the same servers

mlpjunior says:

That's not going to happen.

stonefeet says:

nothing here yet can't wait to cripple my time Warner internet uploading

yibrushn says:

not this guy :( I'm dying to get this!

carrot says:

Google Music Beta really great! Though it makes me sad that in all the Google Music hoopla, it's been forgotten that mSpot developed and offered an essentially identical service a year ago (minus the "Instant Mix" feature). I imagine that it's going to be a challenge for mSpot to survive Google's entry into this space, and I'm sad that they're not at least getting credit for having gotten there first.

gafly says:

Interesting, I did not know about mSpot until just now. I wonder how close the coding behind Google Music is to mSpot...(web and app)?

drhere says:

I got mine and uploading now.

budarydachas says:

does everyone that got theirs live on the east coast?

MarkMcCoskey says:

Still waiting!

mgiusto says:

East Coast represent! I got mine at exactly 6:19pm EDT.

I am wondering if location has anything to do with it. Whatever I think it's cool to say, "All is quiet in Bronx, NY."

SteveIowa says:

Where were your invites found? Mail box, or in the Market? I have a strange situation. My Galaxy S (replacement) is still Rockin 2.1 -- I signed up for Beta in the first hour or two. Been looking for the reply, in my inbox. As an excuse, to do the 2.2 upgrade. Nothing so far? But, I got my 10.1 the other day. Went to the market, and low and behold! It says: (If I remember correctly?) Your Google Music Beta is here! Was this a Google I/O Tablet thing? Or was it waiting for me in the market, to find it on 2.2+ Hardware? My email box still says nothing. : - )

gafly says:

8:00 in Atlanta.... no luck for me... yet at least....

8:11 in Chattanooga ... just hearing crickets.

bak9799 says:

still nothing in Pennsylvania at 8:18

MOTOX2 says:

Nothing in florida yet for my tbolt :(

onixblack says:

I requested mine 1-2 hours after the launch and I still don't have anything

BlackHawkA4 says:

Nothing on either account on either phone.

jgmitch says:

nada in Dallas, TX - 8:40PM

dre3k2 says:

nothing here in new orleans. Im starting to think it's not location based.

gafly says:

Sooo... what, a total of 5 or 6 non-xoom owners on all of android central got invites thus far? hum... Seems like there should be a bunch more.

ka3yan says:

Nothing in Charleston. Maybe it is first come first serve. I didn't get mine in until about 5 hours after it was announced on the blogs.

gafly says:

I think the theory so far is that it is not first come first serve... there were people that signed up a few days after I/O that got the invite and there were people who signed up in the first few minutes that it was available that did not get an invite (so far).

railstop says:

I agree. I hit the signup page 10min before showtime and was able to send my request. Still haven't received an invite :( I'm near Colorado Springs by the way and it's 8:38pm.

railstop says:


skjwood says:

Got an invite (East Coast) at 6:22 tonight, but never requested it! Wish I could pass it on to someone that would use it...not really my thing...

Not a Xoom owner, Droid 2 Global...

iPwn says:

I'll take it if you don't want it. And if I ever get the invite I requested, I'll give it away to someone else.

EDIT: Actually nevermind, I don't think you can give it to me, and that's why you made that post. I feel a bit silly now.

RnFstRuckHrd says:

Still nothing here for me - Denver, CO @ 8:40pm MST. I am so excited for this service - will most likely be selling the iPod if this works out the way everyone says it should! After seeing the videos of it in action I am thrilled. HTC Evo 4G.

Mobius360 says:

Pretty happy with Amazons service, will check this out to see how it stacks up.

intheb0x says:

in the midwest. Wisconsin

nothing here.

Nothing in my email yet.

Question, does this key you burn cds to the cloud? Haven't tried with my amazon account yet so just a question.

Mgamerz says:

Burn CD's to the cloud????
You can rip CD's and put them on the cloud....

I meant rip. Have a huge Cd collection and would like to store it there. Wasn't sure if this service was for that or just what you have purchased online. Loading all those CD's into itunes will be a chore. Thats why I wanted to know if the browser program this uses has the capability to directly rip from your cd's.

iPwn says:

From NC, still haven't gotten anything.

Cauchon says:

I am so disappointed. I got the invite on my Google Apps email address. It wouldn't let me upload music, so I had to transition my account. Now it says I don't have Google Music and need to request an invite.

BrianTufo says:

I put in for an invite like right when it was possible...well shortly after that lol and still nothing. :(

gbuffs says:

Requested an invite right after the announcement and still nothing. It's about 1am and i'm from Michigan.

Mgamerz says:

Now if it knew how to scrobble (correctly) and could actually use bluetooth controls (again, correctly) (and didn't lag like hell!), this program would replace poweramp for me. Oh, and lock screen controls.
But I don't really think that's ever going to happen. I'll use google music, but it won't replace any of my local PowerAMP.

droflo2.0 says:

Been listening to Google Music all night. Has worked flawlessly the whole night.

lexs says:

still only available in the US...

mully says:

I got this about a week ago and I never asked for an invite. I didn't even know what it was at first. I live in Maryland.
It's worked flawlessly so far.

gafly says:

@mully ... Do you have a XOOM?

spielnicht says:

Shame on you Google for not sending mine out yet, don't you know I'm your biggest fan. Watch, people whom won't even try it or use and had signed up for it probably got it.

spielnicht says:


RnFstRuckHrd says:

Still nothing here in Denver, CO 6:35am MST - I am getting the feeling that nothing really has changed... the lucky few at Google I|O have it, the luckier fewer who have ties to Google have it, and a handful of folks are lying about having it. Call me pessimistic but I am not sure if I would call this a "roll-out" of invites.

That being said I am so excited for this service and cannot wait until it is available! HTC Evo 4G

gafly says:

I am leaning towards people either 1) lying about getting the invite or 2) they are Xoom owners and not saying so.

Usually when Google starts rolling out invites for a new product/service AC lights up with people commenting and reviewing the new product/service.... which did not happen last night.

spielnicht says:

I'm a Xoom (and Atrix) owner...I haven't gotten anything, so I don't think there is anything special about being a Xoom owner.

gafly says:

I think there is something special about being a XOOM owner... I believe there was a discussion (sometime around I/O) about Google sending invites automatically to them without the owners having to request them or even knowing about the new service.

jimbl says:

I don't expect and invite, so I won't be disappointed.

lornaevo says:

I emailed google about this last night and they said that they were overwhelmed with requests. And they are in the process of approving requests.

icu says:

So any insight into a potential monthly cost (once the "Beta" is over if it's ever over ...)? I would not want to re-upload my music (as I did with Amazon) and then be asked to pay to access them later on.

If there's any sort of monthly fee I'll wait till my 20GB on Amazon runs out in a year ... if it's to be free always with the 20000 song limit I think I'd have to switch over at some point. TBH I'm happy with Amazon's effort atm.

paleh0rse says:

15 Mb FiOS + 10 TB WHS + Audiogalaxy FTW.

Screw this "cloud" nonsense... :P

bmoore0909 says:

I agree. I've been using Audiogalaxy for a while, and I just don't see the need to upload to the cloud.
I wish Audioglaxy would list their bitrates though. I know google will encode my FLACS to 320kbps. Wonder what AG is (though whatever it is, it's good enough for me).

RnFstRuckHrd says:

Never heard of AG until your post - did some looking around and have really liked what I've seen. I have a WHS set up serving as my backup point for my various computers and devices. I am going to use AG for now until I get my invite to GoogleMusic. I really do like what AG has developed but there are some crucial functionality differences that I think will set Google Music one step above [I am talking about the ability to play while off-line and also edit/delete playlists from mobile device]. I know some people out there REALLY do not like the Google music player app but I am rather partial to it. I think it looks good and is intuitive. Long and short - I continue to be very skeptical about these invites "rolling out." I will give AG a spin until I get my invite for GMusic. Thanks :-D

Xoom (Wi-Fi) owner and got my invite this morning. Enabled on both my Xoom and Inspire4G. Still syncing my music, but so far it's all working great for me.

vbwake19 says:

Nice to see others haven't gotten it yet too. Im Itchin to try it out.

curtv says:

Received invite 5-19 5:33PM CST. I believe I requested an invite shortly before the Keynote...when AC posted.

I had previously read the uploading was through the browser, but the setup process had an option to download a program to handle scanning music and automating the uploads.

rkhaudio says:

I'm in, uploading music now... Tuesday, May 24th

steckle says:

I would love an invite
Not sure if the only way is that waiting list of theirs.