Motorola this morning announced that its MOTOACTV exercise/music accessory (read our full review) will be available in the UK starting Dec. 1. Available for £249.99 (suggested retail), you get the SF200 sports wired headset, wrist strap, clip and USB charging and sync cable. Another £39.99 gets you an arm band, bike mount and wall charger. You'll be able to get the MOTOACTV at Sweatshop stores (apparently that means something different than here in the U.S.) and at

Source: Motorola

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Nate Rules says:

Sweatshop is a great name for a sports store.

rovex says:

£249.99? Hahahaha, no. Motorola you are delusional.

tronthedon says:

Don't forget the overpriced accessories! Motorola's gotta eat too.