Coming to an X Phone near you

The second Motorola interactive piece for the Motorola Spotlight Player is pushing out today, titled Buggy Night.

The "video" — for lack of a better term — offers an interactive 360-degree view, and you control the action by moving your phone. Not just any phone, though. You'll need a Moto X to use the Spotlight Player app and its associated clips.

As we saw with the first video Windy Day, Buggy Night is built by award-winning storytellers and animators — directed by Mark Oftedal and featuring many of the folks who worked on Windy Day, including Caldecott medal-winning illustrator and writer Jon Klassen and Academy award-winning producer Karen Dufilho-Rosen. It really is a nice treat for the senses, and shows off some great ideas from the folks making our Android phones.

If it hasn't already, the Buggy Night clip will be pushed to your Moto X soon, and you can access it via the Spotlight Player app. If you need to install or update Spotlight Player, you can do that right here.

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Moto's 'Buggy Night' interactive short now pushing out


Okay so it is cool but talk about bloatware

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

AC gives credit where credit is due. Is it so hard to understand that MAYBE, just MAYBE, Motorola created an awesome phone which works the way and looks the way Android is intended to work and look. Maybe Motorola deserves some credit for what they have done. I feel like people get upset if Android Central covers a phone brand that they don't own or aren't really fans of. It's as if people feel more secure in their phone if Android Central covers it more. I've always felt that they give credit where credit is due. All of these "Samsung (or insert any other brand) paid the editors" or "Android Central should be called Motorola Central" posts should just stop. Sit back, and enjoy the phone you purchased, regardless of whether you feel somehow offended that Android Central prefers something else over what you own.

/End Rant.

I don't think the criticism is unwarranted. They fawned so much over the X and went above and beyond to defend its low specs by stating the performance was just as good as higher spec'd phones. This led many ac followers to call out those wanting higher spec'd devices with comments such as "MOAR SPECS!"
I won't lie, it made me believe that the lower specs were OK, so when I broke my HTC One I decided to buy a Motorola Droid Maxx. Don't get me wrong, I love my new is however slower switching apps, loading content, etc. Not too much, but enough to notice.
Now we see a piece a few days ago about how Phil went back to his HTC One and how he had forgotten how sweet it was. That's right, after shining all sorts of praise on the X, he's back to his One.
I think Moto's devices are good but I also believe that much of the criticism of their lower specs was warranted even though the editors, and then the readers, of ac minimized their impact on the daily operation of our smartphones.
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I admit, I'm not the best person to comment, due to the fact that I have never owned a current generation Moto phone. But I feel like even the fact that Phil admitted to liking and missing the HTC One reflects that AC doesn't really exhibit any high degree of fanboyism. At least I never felt that AC is devoted to one brand to the point of unfairness. I actually bought an Xperia z1s due to their raving review of the phone, which isn't that popular of a phone in the first place. I do feel that they give credit where credit is due.

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You're right, they are not partial with their praise. Additionally, the adoration for Motorola has died down recently. A few months ago though it was pretty high. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact it's being bought by Lenovo.

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Between the X and the G is was out of control for awhile. It did die down, but I still think that it went far beyond the usual areticles when new devices launch. Then the backs came....

Yes, sans the bloatware and a few minor points it's the same freaking phone with a bigger battery. Better? So a GS4 on a different carrier with different radios is an ENTIRELY different phone. I do like or did like what Moto was doing but I agree some of you guys are too much.

It shouldnt trigger anything. You can get the word out that there is a "new exclusive Moto X app" out any variety of ways.

The way I get the word out is to write a blog post, then be subjected to all the criticism from people who see a post that is not about the phone they have in their pocket.


Bender is the shit. Period.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

I don't think I opted in to anything. Just turned my phone on today, and there's this f**king bug floating around my home screen. WTF, Motorola?

Already got the update about 2 hours prior to this article. Speed it up AC.

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Haven't gotten mine yet. :(

I told my son that a new video will be coming soon (about a week ago) and he has asked me every day since if it is on my phone yet. He will be so excited to see this new one.

It is impressive technology. I don't mind the temporary lost space since I can simply delete it.

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I like the interactive videos, they are creative! Also my son loves them.

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I can't wait for this. Windy Day is incredibly cool and I hope this is just as awesome. My kid loves it and often asks to see "the hat" and has a blast with it. Especially love seeing her just take the phone and run with the whole thing. Even months later there's still things in there we didn't see the first dozen times around, like the chipmunk/squirrels hitting each other and fighting back and forth.

That stupid hat was distracting so I removed it. Here's hoping it's easy to avoid this new one.

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