Motorola XT1058

Could the XT1058 be the XFON we're all waiting to see? This sketch of the rear from the FCC makes us think so.

About a week ago, we got a fairly decent look at an AT&T branded phone from Motorola, labeled the XFON. It certainly resembles an earlier leak from Vietnam, but there was no information to go along with the pictures. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

That might have changed this evening, as the Motorola XT1058 has landed at the FCC, and a quick breeze through the documents tells us a little about what we're looking at. The phone will have Bluetooth 4.0, NFC capabilities, 802.11ac Wifi, and carriers AT&T's LTE bands. It doesn't take much imagination to connect this with the AT&T XFON we saw last week.

Other than what you're reading above, we don't know anything about this one. The timing is certainly convenient for a showing at Google I/O, but nobody can know exactly when -- or if -- we'll see this one. My gut tells me it's soon, though, and it's high time Motorola delivered another high-end GSM Android phone. If this is to debut at Google I/O, we should know in a few short days.

Source: FCC; via: Phone Scoop

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Darth Spock says:

I can't wait to see this; even if it sucks, it's time just to know :)

ak110707 says:

Ugh, hoped this would come to Verizon.

Darth Spock says:

All the original rumors said all carriers... so far I haven't seen anything to suggest that's not true, such as another Moto device on Verizon.

DJBigBenVA says:

I'm excited

It seems we're always waiting for this or anything to come to Verizon.

WTH? Verizon has always had the best Motorola phones.

NoNexus says:

Another thud from Motorola. I hope that the google influence kicks in soon

Darth Spock says:

How do you know it's a thud? We haven't seen specs, reviews or anything, only NFC, LTE certification and BlueTooth... 3 things all devices should have.

NoNexus says:

Why? When google Bailed out this is what you got left with. Specs will be high but the ui will be a bastardization of blur. The X was supposed to vault mtot back towards respectability. With googs leaving, this will be leftovers

DJBigBenVA says:

What are you talking about? Are you reading Android & Me again?

Darth Spock says:

Google didn't abandon it. That was nonsense made up by one analyst - from China, not from Google - that people were afraid was true because they hadn't heard anything for so long. There are no inside sources or facts at all, it's just speculation of one person. It's not going to be, "the greatest phone ever" but I'd be shocked if it doesn't rival the S4 and One in specs, and it'll be closer to stock, which is good for everyone.

NoNexus says:

Where there is smoke there is fire. I never thought that the X would live up to the hype, but it appears to me it is going south fast.

Time will tell

TurboFool says:

No. There's no smoke. There's someone yelling smoke. That's hardly the same thing.

cole2kb says:

Motorola phones are practically bloat-free now by comparison to other manufacturers. The term "Blur" doesn't even apply any longer.

return_0 says:

What the heck are you talking about?

I know a secret. A Piizza flavored one.

Darth Spock says:

Word on the street is that this might be running 4.3.14 out of the box.

NoNexus says:

You spelled it wrong me thinks

No I didn't, and no you don't :)

NoNexus says:

Don't what?

sentinelred says:

Think, you idiot. You don't think. When a manly man with an even manlier Amish style beard tells you anything, there are no questions left to be asked. Go home, troll.

Android 4.3 Piizza

oflife says:


John-Smith says:


Nev says:


jtc276 says:

Is that a rear facing speaker I see? *vomits* Is anyone even trying to compete with the One in this area?

Darth Spock says:

It's probably honestly too late for design changes of any magnitude. Phones take a long time to produce and this one has apparently been in the works for almost a year and a half. HTC did do a great job with that speaker placement and the "boom" sound, so hopefully phone designs in the future will pick that concept up, but I wouldn't expect to see it on anything in 2013 that wasn't already going to have that as a feature.

Caveman419 says:

I would love to see Moto get back in the game and with Verizon. I love my Samsung note 2, but would give almost anything to get that classic Moto build quality.

XavierMatt says:

I just want their battery life.

I use an iPhone 5. I also recently left Verizon. I told my self if Motorola makes a nexus device, I'd jump to android. This might be the "one". Here's to hoping!

impulse101 says:

Lol iphone

return_0 says:

Why does it have to be moto?

angryGTS says:

This or the Xfone will not and is not intended to be a Nexus device unfortunately.

djkleric says:

I like how it says it is designed and assembled in the USA. Don't see that too often.

winenerd says:

That was my first thought, maybe assembled in the US to make it easier to have customized ones ;)

ShahinTr says:

Is that the return of a 3D camera? :/ also shape looks inspired by the HTC One.

sentinelred says:

I'd be happy of the entire world forgot what 3D meant. It really is pointless.

ShahinTr says:

Indeed, it's a lie. Far from 3D, it's stereoscopic.

tr-1 says:

I think it's that "rear button" someone was talking about

greatgoogly says:

Another "A Fee & Fee" exclusive.

Dai Suos says:

I see a power button but no volume rocker. :|

dwboston says:

Rumor has it that this isn't "the" Xphone, but a smaller mid-range version of the Xphone, before the larger one drops later.

sentinelred says:

So, hopefully this one is good because we could only expect even better things out if the next one, assuming that the rumor is true.

deparson says:

If Motorola can advance the Razr MAXX HD I am in. I could never go back to a 'normal' phone after seeing what the MAXX enables me to do.

So, if it is a phone with current specs for CPU/GPU, nearly stock Android, a slightly larger screen than the HD, and something like a 5,500mAh battery I am in!

RoccOn16v says:

God do I hope this is a new Nexus, right on time as I'm ditching the GNEX next week.

Bobby Henris says:

earlier comments said google bailed on moto? is this true? last i heard, google execs said the reason we have seen nothing new from them is because moto had a lot of back orders to fill, prior devices that had to be purged before any collaboration phone would be coming out. now, i dont live under a rock, but am i wrong in my understanding of their timetables and whats going on between the company? google still owns moto correct?

NoNexus says:

Yes, google still owns Moto, but the rumors are that they bailed on the X Phone and left it up to Moto to finish developing.

Mostly meaning it will not be a pure Android phone.

It is just a rumor, and no I am not trolling (as a poster said above) I am a bit disappointed if that particular rumor is true.

I am not a fan of pure android, but would like to see what the Google/Moto combination can come up with. At this point that combo is the only one that can compete and push Samsung. All the others are too weak and/or far behind. For example the One is a great device, but HTC cannot get their crap together in marketing and making the phone on time, LG is still too early to tell about updates and things like that but they are looking good, just behind. I could go on but wont bore you.

There is a post in the forums to the article I am referencing. it is under rumored phones

angryGTS says:

pretty sure it was never meant to be pure Google device but still running MotoBlur and was never meant to be a Nexus device either.

NoNexus says:

Really? I didn't think so either but rhee comments in the forums think otherwise

winenerd says:

Looks like it takes cues from the HTC 8X a bit, can't wait to see the materials because I dig the design.

smooth3006 says:

if this has 2gb of ram, expandable storage, a quad core and is not smaller than the htc one ill be buying it. moto has some of the best build quality and radios. plus i hear this will be stock android. im curious if it will have a locked bootloader or not? im keeping my eye out for this one.

NoNexus says:

It's owned by Google so no sdcard

smooth3006 says:

This isnt a nexus. Moto always has expandable storage.

winenerd says:

Moto pre-Google always has expandable. Who knows now.

NoNexus says:

Really? When? I haven't seen one in awhile

ToroGnexGuy says:

This looks identical to the Motorola phone that leaked on some Vietnamese site a little while back. Same speaker placement, no visible volume rocker... weird

Key Lime Pi.