Moto Xoom at Costco

Costco has updated their item page for the Motorola Xoom, changing the shipping date from April 1 to March 27.  You can still preorder the Xoom and free gel skin case for $589.99 -- that's $10 off the MSRP and you get a free case.  Costco also lets us know that you can walk right in to your local store and get one off the shelf come Sunday March 27 as well.  Now that we've see what the competition has to offer from CTIA, are you still interested in the Wifi-only Xoom?  Talk about it in the Xoom forums! [Costco] Thanks, Jon!


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Motorola Xoom Wifi edition to ship Mar. 27 from Costco


a Xoon! that's new ... I pre-ordered something called the Xoom. I bet it's better than the Xoon you're talking about.

Can anyone confirm rumors that Motorola will quit taking orders for the Xoom in June. The date I saw (sorry, don't remember where) said June 7. In conjunction, Motorola has announced they are developing their own OS to compete with Google. I am beginning to wonder about Moto's commitment to the Xoom; and makes me seriously reconsider my pre-order through Staples and maybe wait for the Toshiba 10.1 tab...

They already put a press release out for this.

"Motorola Mobility denies the DigiTimes report and says it will not cease Xoom production after June."

Here another one. "UPDATE: Following the publication of this post, Motorola supplied BGR with a comment via email. The company states that DigiTimes' report is not accurate, and Motorola will continue to manufacture the Motorola XOOM."

Thanks! I hadn't seen the follow up reports. I still like the idea of a full USB port and full size SD card with replaceable battery. Even if you sacrifice a little weight and thickness, the added features might be worth it. I know there will always be something better and badder coming down the pike and I really like my Honeycomb Nook - just want the full experience. Guess I'll pick up my Xoom - I can always return it within 14 days...

Like someone else said, Motorola Mobility denies the DigiTimes report. I like your other point about support for Xoom being "iffy" after Moto said it may ditch Android for its own OS. Why would they say something that could jeopardize sales of it's newly-released product? I'm hoping that Moto was misunderstood, and they were instead just saying that they will continue to put their own UI overlay and tweaks on Android devices, rather than releasing them with stock Android.

This came about because someone down the product chain saw that the sku was going away. It's possible that they are creating a new sku because it's going to have 4G ready to go for it...this is what I read. They said it thought that they are not going to stop support for the zxoonm...

I check my Amazon pre-order everyday, as soon as I get something from them I will try to let someone know, lol.

The last time I checked (just 5 seconds ago) Best Buy has the store pickup as "Coming Soon". I expect it will be available on 3/27 but then again they don't stock any of the accessories (which take just less than a week to be shipped to the store for pickup). It doesn't seem like they're doing much to promote any tablets other than the iPad 2 (which, BTW, they haven't received any more of since the launch date; how's that for ya, they appear to be selling out competitors to Apple and Apple isn't paying them back).

No point on getting this save your money and wait a little longer and get the Sammy one cheaper. Moto should really change that pricing and make a big announcement.

Just think if we all wait for June which could even be late summer. As we all know there will be more tablets announced before Sammy hit the market. Could we see someone out do sammy new again?

Samsung's 10" WiFi tablet with 32GB of internal storage (which is what the Xoom has) will be the same price as the Xoom. The Xoom has stock Honeycomb though so it will be my choice of the two.

And 2 months after the Samsung one comes out a better one will be coming so just wait for that one. And 2 months after that one comes out a better one will be coming so just wait for that one. And 2 months after that one comes out a better one will be coming so just wait for that one. And 2 months after that one comes out a better one will be coming so just wait for that one...
I am thinking you get my point

I'm still going to pick up a Xoom bright and early Sunday. Sure, there's probably going to be some better tablets out latter this summer, but there's probably going to be even better tablets than those later in the fall and pre-holiday season. There's always going to be something better a few months down the road. If you keep waiting for the best you'll be waiting forever.

You are right...but thats technology. The XOOM is almost $200 more then the Sammy tab. I played with the Xoom at BB it was nice but i kept going back to the 7inch Galaxy. I personally would save my $200 and get expansion memory card. Buy more movies and music on amazon or even get accidental damage warranty. But thats just me

Everything I've seen so far has the 10.1" Wi-Fi only Galaxy Tab at the same price as the Wi-Fi only Xoom.

Which Model would you be getting? As the new Galaxy Tab 2 looks to have around the same price as the Xoom.

Galaxy Tab 10.1 WiFi-only 32GB: $599, available June 8th
Galaxy Tab 8.9 WiFi-only 32GB: $569, available "early summer"

The Samsung can be had for $100 less with 16GB. Hopefully its SD card slot will work - unlike the Xoom. So if you actually need 32GB you can add a card for a lot less $$. Samsung's displays and cameras have also been much better than Moto's. I have 2 Moto Droids (OD and DX) and an Incredible and the difference is significant with both cameras and screens. 1 vote for Samsung unless you are an early adopter with money to spare.

Exactly. Prices are lower for some of the Samsung tablets but they are not the same fruit. If the Xoom is an orange and people buy a Samsung orange, they will be paying the same price for it. If they want something cheaper, then they will have to buy a Samsung apple or banana but don't expect them to taste like an orange. :p

I will be getting to Costco early Sunday to get my Xoom, glad to hear they are shipping earlier but I want it Sunday. I'm off to a business trip the following Saturday so I want to make sure I'm well aquanted with my Xoom. I thought about the Sammy Tabs, but I want stock Android and no overlay that will slow updates.

I saw a demo of the Opera browser for tablets, and it looked awesome running on the Xoom.

Vanilla 3.0 for me too please, plus it's the tablet that google seems to be behind so probably get all the updates first!!!!!111!!!one!!!

Waiting for the Wifi Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. I'm sorry Moto fans, the Xoom hardware just feels like it was made to compete with the first iPad.

June 8th can't come quickly enough!

But the Galaxy Tab's hardware is designed to compete with the iPad 2's hardware, as in it's only marginally better. I think I heard that the fat one was going to have an 8mp camera, but the thin version has 3mp. I guess it beats the 1/2mp camera in the iPad. But I'd rather have 5mp, since both are probably kind of moderate to low-end sensors and lenses.

No Xoom for me!

It's probably going to come down between the Samsung 8.9 or the G-Slate. All depends on how much the WiFi only version of the G-Slate ends up costing.

I also have concerns about what looks like a propietary charging port on the Samsung tablet. Forget that! I am done with propietary ports. I've been burned too many times in the past when going on vacation or a business trip when I have forgotten my charger. A standard usb cable has saved me lots of times.

There is also an outside shot that Archos or another company could crash the party with a quality lower-priced alternative that is too good to pass up.

I would really discourage anyone from buying a tablet until Summer when there will be a much more competitive market.

Why not just wait for the end of the year holiday season. There's suppose to be quad-core Tegra 3 tablets out then that will blow this summer's tablets out of the water and also drop their prices.

There's always something better tomorrow. With your philosophy, you'll never get anything. Jump in when you see something you like. If you see better later, then jump in again! That's why Jesus created ebay!

can someone please run down the differences between the wifi versions of the June Tab and the Xoom? I know the Tab is lighter and thinner, which is great (and significant). But doesn't the Xoom have more connectivity, like USB and microSD? Or does Tab have those too? And the stock/skinned versions of Honeycomb, release dates, megapixels... what else is different? Is there a good review or article out there comparing them? (found plenty with the old Tab and/or verizon xoom but what about the June Tab and the wifi Xoom?)

The WiFi Xoom specs are all the same as the Verizon Xoom without the 3G/4G receiver.

I don't think there is much info about all the changes to the US version of the 10' tab though. It will have a custom UI over Honeycomb and a 3 megapixel rear facing camera (probably to keep it so thin). I haven't seen anything other than that yet.

I don't need my tablet to be paper thin so I'm going with the Xoom. It has all the sensors and ports that I want in a tablet and stock Honeycomb. If Samsung keeps the proprietary charging port, that would just be another check against the Tab.

Doesn't the Xoom also have a proprietary charging port? Yes it does have a microUSB for connecting to the PC and such, but it doesn't charge via USB. It has it's own charging port.

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Because there is no delivery on Sunday. (not like I would be watching boring ass football anyway... GO NFL OWNERS!)

Itr was the xoom for about 30 minutes at that price. They also said Electronics Expo was the shipper, not Amazon. That was all changed numerous times in the last 3 hours on Amazon.

I just checked amazon and the new price is now 589.99. I might cancel my earlier preorder at 599.99 and re order at the lower price.

I'm assuming Amazon will give us the updated price when they bill us without having to cancel and re-preorder. Don't wanna lose your spot in line if they're really presold as much as they say they are.

@dabaum, thats 'cause there are a treasure troves worth on each article already :)

Quality, not quantity!

Lol @ those saying getting the Samsung is better. Samsung 32gb 10.1 = same price as Xoom

Have you guys held a Samsung phone in your hand before? The build quality is terrible. Feels like something you'd get at the dollar store...

The problem with Samsung is their slowness to update the software.

I think the Xoom will be supported better IMO

I know the Xoom will be better supported. My OG Droid has Froyo, but does the Samsung Fascinate? C'mon, that's just pitiful, letting a flagship phone that came out 9 months after the OG languish like that. In just 3 more months, Froyo will have been out for a year!

I don't think $10 off and a case I do not want is much of an enticement. The rumor of the Sam's club $40 off is far more interesting

Hey, AC guys, can we quit with the logging out crap already? I haven't logged into Disqus on my main PC since I first signed up for it. It's certainly not helping with the spam. Even though this comment, because it's my second on the thread, will probably be caught in the spam filter.

I'll also head to CostCo as soon as I get Sunday, which, because of my late shift job, will probably be about noon. If they don't have it, I'll try Staples and Best Buy. (Although my local Best Buy doesn't seem to even have the Verizon one.) And if I can't find it there, I'll try the SamsClub on Monday.