Motorola Xoom Wifi-only Quadrant

Christmas is coming early for this ol' editor, folks. You've already seen the unboxing of the Wifi-only Motorola Xoom, which Android Central reader n64kps snagged from Staples a couple days early. Now he's back with benchmarks!

So we're not really expecting anything different, performance-wise, with the Wifi-only version of the Xoom. After all, it's the same 10.-inch, Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet that we've come to know. But it's still good to put it through its paces, just in case. And the Quadrant score is close enough to our own in our Xoom review that we're not looking at any broad changes.

So check out some more benchmark tests from n64kps after the break. Thanks, man!

Motorola Xoom Wifi-only benchmarksMotorola Xoom Wifi-only Linpack
FPS2D, left, and Linpack tests

Motorola Xoom Wifi-only benchmarksMotorola Xoom Wifi-only benchmarks
An3DBenchXL, left and BenchmarkPi


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Motorola Xoom Wifi-only benchmarks


I just feel like evryrhing that is out now when it comes to specs doesn't really match up with benchmarking...agreed?

Not exactly, they aren't using a benchmark that tests dual cores. Long answer short, a single core on the xoom is faster than a single core tegra. But, a dual core samsung chip will be much faster than the tegra.

Programs have to be coded to take advantage of dual cores. Smartbench is the only program I'm aware of that currently takes advantage of dual cores.

played with iPad2 and Xoom today at best buy... iPad2 is lighter and thinner... but Xoom is so far superior in every aspect

At the start, about 1,000. First several months, 10,000. Sorry, but, I'm sure the Xoom is sweet, but it loses in the app department... For now anyway.

why are people so quick to point out the number of apps? as an early xoom buyer (not VZ, CL haha) I have noticed that PRETTY MUCH MOST of the existing android apps (er, at least the 100+ I've dled so far) are JUST FINE because they RENDER IN FULL SCREEN unlike when the first gen ipad came out, it was not backwards compatible with ANY iphone apps because the iphone apps appeared phone sized and the rest of the ipad screen was black space... but yea I'd take full screen over small in a large black space ANY DAY

You must have bought yours pretty late then. That's ok. When you grow up and get a job, you'll be able to stay closer to the cutting edge.

nah I just really really did not want to deal with a verizon contract but couldnt wait til tomorrow... (btw are you implying working adults dont use craigslist...? I'm in the dc area so maybe its just dif here...)

yeah, I got mine day one and most apps I downloaded for my evo work just fine on my xoom. My wife's ipad can double the res for iPhone apps but they look terrible.

Well Phil you asked for benchmarks and you got them. So he whole have that photo gallery and review up by Sunday. Lol

Has anyone seen Paul O'Briens progress on the LG 2x? hes changed the partition to ext 4 and its beasting 3000 on Quadrant! Check out XDA

Unrelated but... I wonder if those gold backed XOOMS that they gave out at the Oscars are what they will look like when we get LTE installed?