Motorola Xoom

Motorola Xoom kernel developer and hero of the hour bigrushdog has released the latest version of the Tiamat kernel for the Xoom -- with SD card support.  It's not perfect (you can't swap cards without a reboot) but it's as close as can be expected with no OS source code (cough), and before any mention of the "official" fix from Motorola.  And you don't even have to send your Xoom away for two weeks to have it.  Besides SD card support, the Tiamat kernel has other customizations like USB Host mode, OpenVPN support, and Microsoft Windows Netshare support. 

If you're a Xoom owner, and have put that unlocked bootloader to use, what are you waiting for?  Hit the source link and get busy! [XDA-Developers via Android Central forums] Thanks, B0ricua!

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kruglovus says:

"...with no OS source code (cough)..." Preach it, Jerry!

lcsglvr says:

awesome. going to put this on when I get home!

whatever. When is this going to get taken care of by Google? Who releases something so unfinished that it the port that comes on the hardware doesnt even WORK! WTF?

grlla says:

I'll gladly wait until the manufacturer delivers the solution, and hold them responsible for the outcome. Same with 4G. That's why I bought the XOOM. EVERYTHING else is a compromise. It would be interesting to discover how many people actually own XOOM's and comment vs. wannabes who continually complain about the $$ and (current) unavailability of SD/4G. Go away already.

I'll wait for a tab that's actually finished. Not half assed.

crxssi says:

I would much rather see USB Mass Storage mode than USB Host mode.

TDR says:

I'll be happy with my Xoom until there's a Nexus tablet with quad core (and a better GPU) ;) fastboot oem unlock FTW.