Motorola Xoom display material

You can just about taste the Motorola Xoom. As you can see above, display materials are starting to make their way into stores, and official ability is believed to be right around the corner, possibly in the next few days.

Pricing still isn't official, however, and we're still waiting on Google to release the Honeycomb code to manufacturers, so there are a couple of pretty big steps still to be taken before we get this 10.1-inch Honeycomb tablet in our fat little fingers.

But we're getting closer, folks. One more pic after the break. Thanks, S!

Motorola Xoom display material


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Motorola Xoom displays arriving in stores


I know that this should be exciting news, but because of the cost, I'm not excited about the release of the Xoom. I am sure that there are many that are going to jump all over this and ill be jealous. I hope it turns out to be a great product but I'm about 2 years from needing a tablet. My Droid X offers me the same capabilities all its is missing is the latest Android OS.

I'll definitely wait for the first round of consumers to go through these and get a good feel of what they think, but right off the rip I want one of those lanyards!

Do u think it will be possible to hook Up an external hard drive to these tablets ... well more specifically the Xoom ....I wouldn't mind getting one if I can hook it Up ...all thou really I crave a dual boot like the lenovo....

I tend to doubt you'll be able to hook up external memory. The idea behind these is to have more data in the cloud -- dropbox, picasa/flickr, youtube, google docs, etc.

That being said, it'd be nice if you could hook your camera up to it to grab photos from it, and if you can hook a camera to it then there'd be no reason you couldn't hook up an external hd.

If you really think a Nook with a custom ROM even holds a candle to the vastly superior Xoom, you are mistaken. If it works for you, fine, but don't start believing that just because they both run Honeycomb that they are equal.

My 5 year old laptop can run Windows 7, but it's a much better experience on my faster, more feature filled desktop.

Everybody makes android users sound so cheap. It's to expensive, ill just wait for the i-$!?2 is all I keep hearing. I have news for all you cheap azz babies, better hardware = higher prices. So quit all your crying and go buy yourselves some tissues instead of a tablet then?

The iPad was dominant in 2010 because it was first to market. By end 2011, with 20 viable alternatives and 4 operating systems in play, the market will be transformed.

Smart-phones have all the extras, fit the pocket, weigh less and are still harder to make than a 10 inch Tab! By mid 2013 Tab prices will reflect new market conditions and consumers will demand more.

Interesting times.

Johnnydroid let me help you to understand something... The hardware for these devices is not expensive you can rest assured the profit margin is more than 300% hardware cost. Its the market, advertising and r&d that costs them. So.... The inflated cost of this over the ipad has nothing to do with hardware as it does image of being the biggest baddest thing. Had this been priced identical to ipad (it's close) our even lower it would have destroyed the ipad sales. People are complaining because this could have been priced cheaper no problem, only reason it's high is profit hungry business. we are not bitching simply concerned over the facts.

For the love of god...for the millionth time...

iPad 32GB with WiFi and 3G = $729

Xoom 32GB with WiFi/3G/free 4G upgrade = $799

iPad 32GB with WiFi = $599

Xoom 32GB with WiFi = "around $600"

People need to shut the fuck up about the price - enough already, seriously. For the high-end Xoom it's a whopping $71 more for dual-core processor, greater GPU and RAM, dual cameras, and whatever other high-end features the iPad lacks. You can even upgrade the Xoom to 64GB for still be a better deal than the 64GB iPad. This is getting REALLY pathetic with all these people here complaining about a minimal increase in price for something far more powerful.

You would be pretty stupid first off by comparing this to last years iPad. And cool, it has better features, where's the $399 version with less storage space? Apple has set a trend by only increasing price by higher storage more or less. That's what people expect.

They're not really crying about the price. They're crying that they have only 1 choice. Soon 2 choices, which already helped a little. But seriously, Apple is overpriced compared to competitors with every single piece of hardware they sell, by far. This should have been cheaper since the iPad 2 very likely won't get a price jump.

You would be, but people are and thus must be compared fairly. You can't compare the cheapest model of iPad to the Xoom, you compare to the most comparable model, not the model that fits your bias. Isn't the 32GB iPad known to be the best seller anyway?

As far as Xoom price when the iPad 2 comes around, why should the price lower when it will most likely either still be ahead of the iPad2 in performance or of equal level? I'm sorry but I think most of the people that are complaining of the price are complaining because they have some crazy notion that the Android OS should be affordable no matter the hardware running it, and that's bullshit. Get a better job or shop for a cheaper product. Stop shopping for Abercrombie expecting Wal-Mart prices.

We have to compare it to the iPad and not the iPad 2 because Apple still hasn't even officially acknowledged that the iPad 2 exists. All the rumors about the upgrades it will receive are just that, rumors and speculation. Until we know exactly what the iPad 2 will have, we have to compare it to what's currently available. On Xoom launch day, people will finally be given a GOOD alternative to the iPad, and at that time, the iPad may be cheaper, but it's also FAR inferior as far as hardware specs go.

I agree, I hope that being #4 in my local BB, that I get one this week! I didn't realize the Xoom storage was upgradeable.. How sweet is that!?

It's not technically upgradeable -- just expandable.

It'll simply have 32GB built-in, but it also has a microsd slot that can hold up to 32GB more.

One of my personal "bonus features" for the Xoom is that it'll be great to hand to the kids on long car rides to watch movies. Movies chew up a ton of space, so having up to 64GB available will be quite nice.

Probably because Verizon hasn't announced it. Until the actual carrier announces it, it's not really 'official' but merely MSRP.

I use a Archos 70 tablet. Based on my limited experience, one has to ask "what do you want from it +AND+ is this an appropriate device for that context?"

I wouldn't like to hold any 10 inch tab one in one hand standing on a train. Perhaps seated it would be OK; but a 7 inch tab or 4" smart-phone seems much more practical. Security is also an issue. I can slip my 7 inch tab into my coat or large trouser pocket in seconds, but the XOOM needs a bag or semi-permanent protective case.

I live in queens NY and there is no way in hell anyone would walk around with a xoom and go on the train (like the commercial) without getting mugged. Can someone please give me a real explanation on what the BIG hype over the xoom is?? Believe me I want one just as bad as the next guy but it’s mainly for looks IMHO. There is nothing the xoom can do that a PC or laptop can’t. It’s just an oversized cell phone. Dual processor cell phones are coming out so I’m sure they’ll be able to do just the same and they’ll be able to fit in your pocket.

First, someone in Queens can afford the Xoom?

Secondly, if you don't know why you need one you don't need one. I know why I need/want one.

so clearly you dont know $hit. a pc or laptop can do exactly what the xoom can do and more. if there anything they cant do my cell can so wtf is the difference d*ck $hit head???

Because IDIOT you can freaking hold the xoom in ONE HAND. Its a TABLET. All these people who say they can get a better LAPTOP for the same price. Go freaking ahead. Hows that laptop gonna feel after about 30 seconds "in your hands". Your gonna be looking for the first damn desk to set it down on. Don't you all realize the intangibles that go into the pricing of a product like this. How much would you pay to be able to carry your "laptop" in one hand and do everything the xoom can do??? I bet a lot. The ultra-mobility of this devices justifies the cost.

If you dont see that your a moron. yea first adapters always pay more thats been true since the dawn of time. I will have one of day one paid for by my company though :) Jealous??

You are saying the same thing that people who said the iPad will be a huge failure when it was announced about a year ago. Yet, here we are today, a whole market has been revitalized because of the demand for the iPad. Yes, a laptop is more functional, but that doesn't mean a tablet is pointless. I hated using my laptop in bed or sitting on the couch, but now I really like using the iPad in those places. I can be browsing or typing emails on the iPad for hours and still be fine, after 20 minutes of browsing on my Galaxy S my fingers start tingling and I have to stop. I get 12hrs or so on average of usage without a recharge, no laptop does that.

I'll be ditching my iPad as soon as I get my Xoom. I'm sorry that you can't see the uses of a tablet, maybe one day you'll understand, and I'm sorry you live in a crappy neighborhood where you have to be worried about getting mugged, maybe it's time to move elsewhere if it's really that bad?

I live in Jamaica estates (google it) it’s a good neighborhood. Unfortunately the closest train is the F. my uncle is a cop around my way and you guys have no idea how much $hit goes down on the last stop at night. You go a few blocks away from where I live and it gets very DARK. All im saying is you wouldn’t catch me walking around with my xoom. Tourist on the other hand you hear all the time getting mugged for their cells, music players, etc. i use a dell vastro a90 also known as the dell mini 9. My $hit is very light and i do everything with it. Im running Ubuntu on my mini and my battery goes a loooong time. So all you can say is its lighter, and out lasts a battery on any laptop??? what else is there???

Well, we can start going into things like the touch screen, which makes for a much more simple browsing experience than a trackpad or external mouse. The Xoom has GPS built in and apps are integrated well with it. I wouldn't call Windows or Linux a good portable OS. Operating systems like iOS and Android make things faster and more simple than a PC. Reading a few quick reviews of your laptop, most people are reporting a 3 hour battery life, and if you want to watch a movie or play a game, even less, I would hardly call that comparable to a Xoom or iPad. Even if running Linux somehow magically gave you double battery life, that still isn't as good as the Xoom or iPad. Touch screen gaming is also a fun experience, playing Angry Birds on my MacBook Pro just isn't the same.

I really could go on for hours, but you already have your mind made up about tablets. If you truly feel they have no use, why waste your time posting comments in stories about tablets? Are you trying to convince those of us who like the idea of a tablet computer to agree with you? Good luck with that.

Omg, I’m not trying to compare my netbook to anything. All I was trying to say is my nb is not a big heavy laptop (as someone was saying they can’t carry their laptop because they’re so weak). You can add both gps and touch screen from If you read my 1st post all I was trying to figure out is why everyone is bitching about the price for 4g or wifi when a laptop/netbook can do the job. I’m not disputing a tablet as being a horrible investment rather “what’s the big hype?” tablets are still in their early stages. Just look at the moto atrix they made a lapdock for it. Clearly a cell phone will be able to do just as much as the tablet. Lol listen, get your facts straight a tablet is cool I get it but everyone is getting a hard on over something that price wise isn’t worth it. No matter what you say it’s going to be a very long time till you see a tablet be able to handle graphics and true game play (not angry birds) like a super pc!

Did you miss the story about the new processor and graphics chip coming to tablets in September? Sure, they aren't up to a GTX 480 or whatever, but they'll play some pretty good games. Even the iPad right now can play Infinity Blade smoothly, not the most vast came on the market, but graphics are excellent and gameplay is smooth.

Exactly!!!!! Now September we’re talking about??! Come on I’m talking about the xoom not a future tablet. That’s like me saying there coming out with a tablet that goes into your ass so you can actually become a droid lol!! You lost home boy consider yourself T-bagged by me unless you can say anything else…

You're an idiot, and don't call me homeboy, this isn't "da hood" so speak like a damn adult with an education. You said these tablets were a long way away, 8 months is not a long time unless you are a terminal cancer patient, or you are a wannabe inner-city gangbanger like yourself.

This isn't a contest, you didn't win anything, all you have done is made yourself look like a ghetto hood rat with your poor use of the English language. All you have done is wasted your time preaching your dislike for tablets to people who already know they want one. Take your hood trash outside, into your "good neighborhood" and talk to people there who aren't educated, they might be able to understand what you are saying.

Ever cross your mind that the majority of the consumers are adults and could care less about playing games? My guess is the adults that do play games have the money to buy a console. Your needs don't reflect the majority...obviously.


First, your laptop battery life sucks. Tell me if average laptop can play video non-stop for 10 hours. Difficult?

Second, your laptop is not instant-on device. You must wait to boot it up. That's irritating.

Third, you must find a desk to sit and use your laptop.

Come on, you know that.

With tablet, you will have amazing battery life and instant-on which help you a lot for your daily tasks (web browsing, email, videos, games, chatting, documents, etc.).

So, yeah, go ahead with your laptop, sit tight in the desk, plug the power, and attach your mouse :P LOL!

The reason the price sucks is two fold.

1) The iPad 2 will probably hit the market in April. It is likely that they will keep the same pricing, but they will add all of these features, and they will probably add more storage at each level (i.e. entry level is 32 gb with a $499 price tag)
2) The iPad 2 will be announced soon, and if the WiFi version of the Xoom does not come to market before that occurs, there is NO CONTEST between the two. The public will see the iPad 2, with all the features, and a better price.

So, what division of Apple do you work for?

Oh, you don't work for Apple?

So you are getting your information about the iPad 2 specs and imminent release from where?

Speculations are so varied on the iPad 2 that no one except people inside Apple (who aren't talking) knows any real information. The rumor mill has had so much BS coming through, that you can't take any of it seriously.

Do we know if this thing will be upgradeable to LTE and if so will it be an internal upgrade or will it be some kind of BS modem thing that sticks out, looks stupid, and makes the whole tablet not fit in cases?