Motorola Xoom Woot

Not much to say here, folks. The venerable Motorola Xoom (32GB Wifi-only version) is just $399 today on Woot. It might not be the thinnest or lightest Honeycomb tablet, but for today, it's just about the cheapest.

Source: Woot; thanks to everyone who sent this in!


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A Motorola Xoom for $399? Woot, indeed!


Xoom the first to get 3.1 and the first to get 3.2 and yes external sd card support is working. 399.00 is worth it, tegra2, 1 gig ram, hd res, it still keeps up with any newer tablet and was released much before... good price i paid 599 for mine 4 or 5 months ago and havent looked back.

If you mean $599, yes that is Targets Price as of 3 days ago.

My issue with Target is that the device is almost hidden, and the 3 Targets I have visited all had non-working functioning Xoom Tablets.

Motorola just dropped the price to $499 (a bit better than the original price), but $399 for the features is not that bad at all!!!

Target does a horrible job with electronics. I like to shop there, and get a 5% discount w/my Target card, but they have terrible support, half of the stuff is non-functioning, and on the odd occasion I find something I want to buy, they are more than likely out of stock.

What am I missing here - Xoom is cheapest tablet? Asus Transformer is $399, I got it for $384 - NEW, shipped, no tax. TF is also a better overall tablet compared to Xoom. So again, what am I missing by the comment that this Xoom is cheapest when it's a REFURB and costs $405 with shipping. Come on AndroidCentral, don't turn into a carnival barker....

Quit your whining about Refurbs. I have bought NOTHING but DELL refurb laptops in the last 15 years for my job as a programmer. The laptop that I am typing on now has pretty much been on 24/7 for the last 6 years and it is a refurb. Refurbs come with full warranties. Refurbs may never have even left the factory and could have just been a rejection from the QA line that was fixed. Not a big deal - but can be a big discount.

Thank you! There is a terrible misconception about refurbished equipment. I work in IT and we are Dell partners. Often times we'll receive "brand new" malfunctioning equipment. I've personally spoke to Dell and the representative said that over 80% of "new" Dell laptops, desktops, printers, etc. are built with refurbished parts.

That being said..wait for quad core later this year, but if you can't wait, this is a good deal.

$399 for a Xoom Refurb? No thanks. I'd rather spend that on a new laptop, which I can do much more with, than a hobbled failed tablet that, sitting next to a laptop for the same price, is nothing more than a bad joke.

wow, some of you guys are so negative. The xoom is a terrific tablet and it's just getting better. I have not missed my laptop since getting one. 399 is a great deal for everything the xoom has. I've been thrilled with it. As for netbooks, they are dumb. Every dude I see using one has to type on it with their pinkies raised. Like they are dantily drinking an expresso or something. Netbooks fail at life.

Meh. Same price as my transformer (16gb) and mine is new and comes with more features. Now if motorola cared about people they would put new 16GB at this price point but alas they want to gouge like most other brands.

No idea, but Im sure its coming soon.

But while we are on the topic of asking each other about where stuff is...Where is your secondary battery with built in keyboard and multitouch touchpad? What about full usb ports? How about full SD card slot on top of a microSD? How about 16+ hours of battery life?

I guess let me know...

Refurbs are typically in like new condition. Most companies replace the outer shell and sometimes even the screen.

Your rule directly contradicts my rule - only buy refurbished electronics! I prefer to let someone else find & pay for whatever manufacturing defect might be in my hardware.

I have no problem personally buying used/ refurbed as its a money saver and still you get a warranty sometimes. Plus the manufactors warranty still has you paying something (call Moto and they'll tell you about a 150 buck fee on a Xoom issue).
Also how can anyone compare a 400 Xoom to a 400 or 450 new Transformer. You're getting HALF the storage space people. That's a big deal to some people like me who store music and movies and other things on their tablet. Great if you bought a Transformer that cheap and dont mind just 16GB but the price comparison to a 32GB Xoom seems silly. I actually bought mine off Craigslist for 400 bucks last week. Guy didnt want it anymore so I grabbed it. Dont regret it one bit and I certainly dont want a netbook over if it is cheaper. Been there done that.

sorry but this argument of people putting movies on tablet is just bs, how many times you watch the same movie? i cant watch more then twice, streaming is the way to go IMO, my tablet is ALWAYS connected to wifi why would i want to keep stuff on it, my store space nowadays are for apps, maybe pic and home made movies, music? NO! amazon or google cloud music apps are not good enough? maybe pandora? has been working for me. maybe is not for you "yet"

I store movies on my tablet so when I or others wanna watch a movie I connect to the tv and play it. If I am out of town I will not wait around to download a movie from my home server to watch it. Rather Ill just open it on my tablet and plug in. Makes it so I can take alot more movies on the go. I plan on getting a 32GB micro sd and 64GB sd to go in to max the amount of movies I can take with me. Until then Ill carry extra movies on a removable HDD.

What makes it BS? If I want to sit in my back porch and listen to music on it, I do or even play a movie or whatever.. alot of us have the ability to put movies on our devices however we choose to. Its called switching them out..It's not loaded with music but its a combination of music, video files and pictures..Yes they are stored in other places too but for people who travel they store them on there. I do and will continue to. Everybody uses it for different reasons. I'm not a cloud person yet. Maybe one day but yes I do have an ipod but I like having options. My options. Streaming is fine but two series I have stored by episodes, Martin, Jamie Foxx Show. I do watch them again. Thats just me and for my convenience I store them on there and switch them out. People do watch movies numerous times. and Not everybody wants to stream. Hey if you are on wifi and scared to keep your stuff on it thats your business..I too am connected that way and have yet to have a problem.

Bought One and looking forward to it.. I dont regret it at all. Many Items I own are refurbs, heck 3 vizio TV's I own are refurbs. Had one for 5 years not a single problem. To each their own.