Motorola Sprint Slider

Well, now, what have we here? It appears that Motorola and Sprint are testing some sort of QWERTY slider smartphone. This pic comes from Va1ha11a in our Rumored Devices forum (still one of my favorite places to hang out). Supposedly this is a test device, and other than what we see, that's about all we know.

So what do we see? That's a five-row keyboard with staggered keys and dedicated arrow buttons. We're going to guess that's a qHD display (feel free to correct us with any math-based opinions). And you can easily see the Sprint Music app there in the drawer. 

Loads of questions remain, of course. It's probably safe to say this one's an LTE-capable device. What's under the hood, then? Will we finally start to see some Intel-Motorola love here in the states? (Remember how the two companies in January announced a multi-year agreement, with devices starting to land this fall.) And when was the last time Motorola did a slider here that wasn't part of Verizon's Droid line?

Also of note is that save for the slider keyboard, this appears to be a buttonless device, using screen real estate for back, home and multitasking, as Google intended. That's in contrast to recent efforts from other manufacturers, including LG and Samsung. That's something we're paying more and more attention to, as it goes against (at least in spirit) Google's references for Android 4.0 design.

So what say you, Sprint fans? This Motorola slider piquing your interest any? Get in on the whole discussion in the link below.

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Reader comments

First look at a Motorola QWERTY slider on Sprint!


Is that the rumored Photon Q? Q could very well stand for Qwerty as in the keyboard and the design of the phone looks like the orginal Photon

Looks like it has the Touch Pro2 keyboard, which in my opinion is still the best keyboard ever made. I like that it has on screen buttons as well. Let's just hope that it's not as thick as the TP2. That's one section where I feel like manufacturers could work on. If they could make a qwerty like that that's about 10mm thick people would love it.

I agree, manufacturers should work on that. Although Motorola did great job keeping their QWERTY Sliders thin like the DROID³ (I remember them saying Its the Thinest QWERTY slider ever) & the DROID⁴ is also thin

I would have to disagree with you about that best keyboard ever comment. Haha! I would have to say that that title goes to the Epic 4G. It is the only android phone with a keyboard that comes with the home, and menu, and back and search buttons on the keyboard. Plus it just feel great. But to each its own.. You have your opinion and I have mine.

Intresting, even though I lost interest in QWERTY sliders

I didn't know that ICS on-screen buttons can rotate on landscape, the nexus I played with didn't

I wanted a Photon 4G, but was put off by the WiMax technology. If they can make it look more pretty, improve the camera optics, make sure it's a world phone and insure that it is indeed LTE-flavored, I might just cop this!

2 years too late for me Motorola...

As a Sprint user dying for a Droid-like qwerty phone on the Now Network, I ended up going with a Pre then next came the NS4G, which I was reluctant to due to the virtual keyboard...BUT I love Swype!!! I'll probably never go back to the Qwerty keyboard phone.

Same here, I thought I would never own a non-qwerty before I got the Evo 4g. Since then I have owned a Photon a Galaxy S II / Epic Touch and now an EVO 4G LTE and never looked back.

Could make a good upgrade for my wife on the o.g. Epic, she doesn't want to move away from a physical keyboard despite my recommendations. Hopefully this will come with krait and a maxx style battery.

My thoughts exactly. Upgrade from a BlackBerry though. I've been hoping for an option that would win over another BlackBerry or even (gasp) an iPhone.

When it comes to on screen buttons I don't give a crap what Google intended. I don't want my navigation buttons eating into my screen real estate. Just because google decided on it doesn't mean that's the way it should be or that there was anything wrong with the old way.

Thats exactly my opinion as well.. I'm happier with a phone that is a little taller because of the buttons, but you get the entire screen real estate.

You do know that the on screen buttons disappear when you do things like watch a video or play a game right? They do not eat into your screen real estate. They let you have a larger screen on a smaller phone. That's pretty awesome design in my book.

Problem I have with that is what happens if the fullscreen app hangs? How do I switch to anything else? Reboot? The whole point of the home button is that it gets you out of any mess by returning you to your launcher (like dare I say it, iOS does).

TP2 owners everywhere rejoice!

I have tried every on screen keyboard I have heard of...swype, android, swiftkey, doesn't matter... NOT one of them have been a replacement for my old TP2 keyboard. As much as I love Android...i really miss my keyboard...

...I have the S3 on preorder... i KNOW this probably won't hold a candle to it...but i'm VERY tempted

NICE! an upgrade for me, though i dont really NEED it. I could easily rock with AOKP ICS on my Epic for 2 or 3 more years if it came to that, its fast and smooth...the most timeless hardware i've had since my Incredible before i left VZW.

But I refuse to to go all touch screen again, no autocorrect algorithm is ever gonna be sufficient enough to not work my nerves. Swype's the greatest, but i still only use it some of the time.

Looking for an LTE phone from my Epic with a slideout. May have found my new phone, unless HTC launches one. Not a swipe person.

I would like to see a vertical slider. LOVED the slider on my BB Torch, but had to give it up for the higher technology of an Android. I have the Photon now, and would be more than happy with a vertical slider. The main problem I have is, all the Android sliders tend to be pretty thick. If they could make it with the same thickness as (or pretty close to) my current MoPho, I would go for it.

I would love to see all OEMs do what Apple and Samsung have managed to do. Get the same great phone across all carriers with minimal (or preferably no) changes beween them.

God why can't Samsung release a Galaxy S III WITH A KEYBOARD! i still kept my Epic 4G as my backup phone, still love it, but got the Galaxy S II because its better. It's a bitch to swype in usernames & passwords with swipe. miss the days of typing fast with my thumbs, instead im slowly usernames & passwords with swype. Would LOVE IT IF sprint released one. Don't like Motorola though. nothing beats Samsung hardware.

Everything you read is wrong. It may be the case on older hardware, but current hardware is solid. I say that as someone with a Samsung Infuse as a workphone and its solid.

I'll second that Samsung's hardware is pretty cheap. At least in comparison to their competition. It's getting better, but still has a ways to go. And yes it works, but it can't take much abuse.

Samsung radios are garbage - all of them - WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G, etc. I have the Epic 4G and an iPhone 4. In EVERY WAY, the Samsung/Andriod phone is FAR superior to the iPhone, EXCEPT the craptastic radios. LG's aren't much better - can't speak for HTC as I don't own one. I want an LTE version of the Photon - Motorola's radios are FAR superior to Samsungs.

This is something I could use to replace my old Nokia N900 while it's getting older and older.

Yes, I'm that picky, and android qwerty phones have always had some drawbacks. However if this ever comes out even close to this design, it still probably won't be even sold on europe with a scandinavian qwerty layout. :(

This would be a perfect upgrade for my wife's EVO Shift. I hope it has a 2000+mah integrated battery. That would get great battery life and would allow the device to be very thin for a slider phone.

NO. No more integrated battery crap. The amount of space you save is negligible compared to being able to not be tethered to a wall at an airport because your flight is delayed. DEATH TO INTEGRATED BATTERIES. DEATH TO APPLE FOR STARTING THIS BS TREND.

ya the hell with apple. esp for starting this crap with samsung trying to delay release of the s3 because it infringes stfu apple. I'm considering selling my 64 gig ipod touch anyways since I got google play music anywhere now

Blame Apple. Because of their BS, I didn't end up getting my new evo until today, and when I headed over to my relative's house (beta tester for Sprint) I grabbed my new phone and used the camera on this thing he had lying around.

I sure wouldn't use something like this, but it may be worth waiting on upgrading my kids phones so they could have this.

moto never fails to prove how UGLY and crappy their designs are.
the bezels are huge and it's a failure already.
NO THX moto. go away please, god.

To each their own. Not all phones have to be all curved, sleek, & shiny. My phone is a work device & I prefer function over form. I actually like Motorola's more industrial designs, to be honest.

The good thing about Android is that we have a choice. You may want a Pebble Blue Galaxy S3 with curved glass & plastic to show your friends in school, but give me an all black metal device & I am happy.

My very first cellphone was this analog brick of a Motorola phone. Unless Samsung comes out with a 5-row slider version of the S3 on Sprint, or there's some other showstopper on this one (e.g. locked bootloader, integrated battery, no MicroSD slot) this one will probably be my next cellphone next February when my original Epic goes off contract.

Yes, I know, once you try Swype you'll never go back. I use Swype all the time on my tablet. It's no substitute for a physical keyboard for things like editing spreadsheets or using a terminal, and when I do have to use a terminal, sacrificing a third of my screen to the virtual keyboard, I have to switch to Hacker's Keyboard anyway so that I get control and escape keys and can actually do some work. Having to use the smiley button as a control key on the Epic is still a lot faster and more reliable.

Oh yeah, and hey, Androidcentral, how about moving to Disqus for comments, or at least doing whatever it is they do to save me from having to log in every time I want to comment?

No thanks, Motorola. This business of mucking up your bootloaders is enough to drive me away. The Photon is a sweet device but this is getting ridiculous. Heading back over to HTC's camp.

I would like something like the Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX LTE, Double the battery! The best radio! Don't need a qwerty slide-out keyboard,swype is just fine for me!