Moto X in white and teak

On Monday, June 9, Motorola will let you build a custom Moto X with Moto Maker, and then ship it to you for a two-week at-home trial. All for just $0.01. That's right, a custom Moto X for two weeks for a penny. That is, just on Monday, and only "while quantities last," though we imagine we're still looking at a good number of phones here.

The news comes in the midst of Motorola being sold by Google to Lenovo and the impending shutdown of the Fort Worth factory where the Moto Maker phones are assembled.

The relatively low price coupled with a plethora of customization options has long been a selling point for the Moto X, but sales haven't exactly taken off as well as Motorola (and Google) had hoped. But hey, you can check out that swanky new rosewood back for one cent. That's worth something, right?

Source: Motorola; Thanks to FrontRoyalCPU for the tip!


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Motorola will build you a custom Moto X to try for two weeks for just a penny


Wow! That is ONE GREAT OFFER!!! I guess they're desperate to have 0 inventory left by the time they shut down, huh?

this is going to get abused so hard

also, if people want it for a review etc, "buy it" and then it back 2 weeks alter etc

Abused how?

Also, If you're reviewing the Moto X at this point, you're way behind the 8 ball. Most of these companies have arrangements for press to get loaner units for review. No need to go through such shenanigans.

i meant by the younger Youtubers who are just starting etc, who cant get review units, and they just want to do it, i could be wrong, but now that i think about it, the whole point of this is to take it for a test drive and then give it back, possibly buy it if you like it, ignore my comment now ive tohught it through :)

I'm a young tech reviewer who is broke... So this will actually let me do a comparison of the older m7 with the X. I'm actually excited for this. No loaner devices for me because I'm new.

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2 weeks from Monday, there's going to be a lot of refurbished Moto Xs on the market. Expect to see the price be slashed by $100 for those.

I'm still trying to wrapped my head around the fact that this phone was selling for $599 in the fall. Seems like Lenovo is giving them away. The factory in Texas must have had some contract requirement that mandated a minimum number of custom Moto X had to be produced. (Maybe in order to get tax breaks or something like that). I wonder where all the "returned" devices will end up.

Probably because they need to charge something so that there is a credit card on file to charge of the don't return the phone.

The $0.01 is to get a reserve on your credit card. If you don't send the phone back after the two weeks, you get charged the full amount.

When will the sale start? I know it says June 9th, but will it start at 12:00am on June 9th? Will the 32GB Moto X be available for this trial or will it only be the 16GB Moto X?

Question: Are they doing this to cheat on sales count?

My thoughts: this is a great offer. Buyers remorse always comes about a week after. Even if they get returned after two weeks they'll have their sales count and market share.

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Damn, I already own a Moto X, but I might do this anyways! I mean, I wasn't patient enough to get a custom VZW one, so maybe this would be a good opportunity to see what it would have looked like if I did. Definitely wouldn't buy it though. I wonder if they're going to give you a discount if you want to buy it after the two weeks..."Love your 2 week old Moto X? Wanna keep it? Instead of $350, pay $300" or something

i am on 'waiting list' for the one+, and this offer is at least straight forward. Who knows how many people will actually get the other phone and how long they will have to wait.

Where did you read that? That is revering to the 0% Moto store charge account.

"1Subject to credit approval. Deferred Interest Minimum Payment Required Promotional Plan: Interest will be charged to your account (at the standard variable apr 28.99%) from the purchase date if the purchase balance is not paid in full within the promotional period or if you make a late payment. Minimum monthly payments are required for this plan during the promotional period. At no time will the minimum monthly payment be less than $25.00. Minimum Interest charged is $2.00 per credit plan. Required minimum $549 pre-tax purchase for the 18 month credit plan. Motorola Credit Accounts are offered by Comenity Capital Bank who determines qualifications for credit and promotion eligibility. US residents only. Not valid on previous purchase. "

Seems like a weird deal, I want the phone but I dont want to pay over $300 for it. I may order it just to see the big deal and send it back.

Desperate times call for desperate measures I see. Just sell them for $250 or less off contract and be done with it. This gimmick of a deal will have them falling short once again. Fire sale or go home Moto.

Just put the damn thing on sale & call it a day. They always gotta make things so complicated & maybe that's why the phone didn't successfully sell.

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That is a good call. I've tried a few Android phones since getting that one, but I keep going back to the good 'ole white and teak Moto X.

Thanks! Yeah right now I'm selling my LG Optimus G Pro and really wanting a Z2 in white. About to pull the trigger but will test drive the Moto X first. Nothing lost greater than a not-so-copper penny.

How is this different than the ability to buy the phone outright and then return within the 14 day allotted window if you decide you don't want it?

Less money on the other side of the fence. And not having to deal with getting money back. Assuming they pre-auth your card before shipping then I guess its all the same...

LG Optimus G Pro

So is this for outside-the-US only, or are they really offering 5" tablets that are $350 after two weeks? Seems like with the Nexus 7 being half the price... might as well just get a tablet. Since unlocked means it doesn't work on US CDMA networks. Kind of tempted, because, you know, one more device, why not, it runs KitKat so it can do PhotoSphere, and it really is a great phone (my wife has one), but it seems like a lot of hassle to return it after 2 weeks, and I bet a lot of people who postmark it by the date required get hit with some 'oh it was one day after, here it is back, now you owe us.' Not saying Moto would go out and cheat someone, but you know it's gonna happen to a few people.

Now if I could get the US version and get it for the current contract price ($100 I think?) I might be down... but $350 for a 5" tablet? LOLno

Only problem with this is they use a nanoSIM which very few other devices still do. So you'd have to go get a new SIM from your carrier to try it, then of course get a NEW one if you decided to switch back.

I just called moto and they dont not know the full deal with the phone plus they won't give out info until the 9th so if anyone says they know how it works they are lying.....the rep said that at midnight est the website will be updated with info...but pretty sure ya gotta use a credit card and if ya dont return the phone after 2wks from the day you receive it you will be charged full retail

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I'd assume that they authorize the full purchase price and leave a hold on your card until your return it.

A Moto X isn't worth not being able to buy a car, or get a mortgage, a loan or even more credit in the future.

Nothing extraordinary. Same thing that would happen if you tried cheating anything else. They'll charge your card the full price, you'll be in the negatives until it's paid, which negatively & harshly affects your credit score.

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Solid idea. Why not just walk into a store and take one? Criminal.

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I called back and the rep has said more info has come out...they will shut the phone off so ya can't use it and charge ya full retail price of the phone is not yes your credit score will be effected ...just like a repo

Its dumb to NOT pay a bill like this. It will last on your credit report for 7 years or so. If you can't be honest about it then I'd say just don't do it. Either way the phone will be ban from all major networks anyways.

I was just at the moto site. I just did a mock up of the X and it says estimated shipping time 10 days....must be ramping down production due to the closure of the texas plant and the lenovo take over.

What a surprise, a phone from last year with subpar specs isn't selling well. Who didn't see that coming? /s

can you power up and play around with the Moto X without a SIM inserted? I still wouldnt mind checking out the gaming and browsing aspects of the device. IDK if i want to go to the ATT store to get a new SIM for a two week trial.

I wonder if they hold the full price from ur card for the whole 2 weeks u have it.

What they really need to do is put the damn phone on sale for $250 & call it a day.

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Nope they cannot legally do that... they are only holding a penny and it says so in their terms and conditions...

I have a Motorola 4G LTE from Verizon....(a razor). Let me get this right.....Motorola will build me a phone for 1, Penny, with all kind of apps....for one cent???, How does this $.01 phone work with the crappy carrier I have?,, VERIZON?,WHO JUST PUTS PROGRAMS (,I.e. KitKat program on WITH OUT TELLING ME) work??,ALSO, IF I WERE STUPID ENOUGH TO BELIEVE THIS....WOULD THIS NEW PHONE COME WITHOUT KITKAT?,WHICH HAS DONE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING BUT CAUSE PROBLEMS ON A CONSISTENT BASIS AND BEING THAT MY CELL IS THE ONLY PHONE I HAVE, HOW EASILY WOULD I BE ABLE TO 1. SPEAK TO A HUMAN?, &, 2. GET OUT OF WHATEVER GODFORSAKEN CONTRACT I WOULD FALL INTO?,,,,,

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