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Motorola Mobility just sent out some updated guidance on its fourth-quarter 2010 earnings, and it's not sounding great. The company's estimating $3.4 billion in sales with "modest profitability." Some 10.5 million mobile devices were sold, with 5.3 million of them being smartphones. That's still more smartphones than the 4.8 million in shipped in the third quarter.

The ominous part of Moto's update? That the Q4 results were "impacted by the increased competitive environment in the Mobile Device business and higher legal costs associated with ongoing Intellectual Property (IP) litigations." In other words, lawsuits and competition, folks. Lawsuits and competition.

Motorola also gave a non-update on its being acquired by Google, saying that "the Company continues to work closely with Google to complete the proposed acquisition of Motorola Mobility as expeditiously as possible," and that they're still expecting to close in early 2012.

Motorola will announce its Q3 earnings on Jan. 26, 2012.

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Motorola warns of 'modest profitability' in Q4 due to competition, lawsuits



Maybe nothing will change but I believe Moto will at least pay a little more attention to what the community wants.

And yours is opposite of mine. I guess since they have sold millions of phones, millions of people have a different opinion than you. As millions have a different opinon to mine. (Especially in regard to those pieces of plastic blocks called Nexus.)

This is exactly what Apple was hoping for. Unfortunately litigations are effecting Android OEM's more than we were hoping. I really don't want this to be a trend over everyone.

I really wish people would quit using locked boot loaders as something to whine about. Especially since it hasn't stopped me from doing anything on my moto phones you have done on your phone of choice.

Tell me... Was there some logic, or point to your comment? Or are you just generally a douche? Don't try to validate a tired, outdated argument with a irrelevant thought process troll. Nobody here said anything about the iPhone so let's stay on track shall we? The POINT is the bootloader argument is moot with the presence of our excellent Dev community. It's people that make these ridiculous notions that feed the ignorance of the subject.

Samsung is getting sued like crazy and they are facing the same competition as Motoroloa. Not an excuse.

Listen to your potential customers. Thats who is spending the money.

Actually, this doesn't surprise me at all, and it has nothing to do with locked bootloaders, or "ugly devices" or any of the BS reasons normally thrown about... It is really quite simple... Planning and marketing at Moto is done in some sort of vacuum with zero regard for what is going on around them.

This was apparent in the launch of the Bionic and Razr, and it has nothing to do with the Bionic's delay (if anything that may have bren the only smart thing Moto did, since it kept them from issuing a dog like the Thunderbolt, Charge and Revolution).

Rather than rushing the Razr to market, they should have sat on it and released it with Ice Cream Sandwich. I can only assume the intern working on his marketing thesis thought it would be good to "get a jump" and try to sell it before the Nexus hit, but instead they hurt sales of the Bionic, shot their load and habe nothing ready but a promise to upgrade to Ice Cream sandwich... Eventually.

So yes, as consumers walk in, they have a choice of Motorola
with the "old" os, or to buy a phone that has ICS out of the box... For thr same price. So, as they now ride out the 4th Quarter, with nothing new, of course "competition" is going to be rough. It is just lucky for Motorola that HTC has been equally (if not more) inept this year.