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Google rebranding of Motorola continues with a new logo


I just wish they would come with some really high end device.

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I know one thing, they had better not skimp on updates with Googles name on it now.

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I hadn't experienced slow updates with Motorola in the past, especially not with the Motorola Xoom which is easily kept up with the current releases quite nicely. But of course, there are plenty of other devices that may have been lacking.

lol, you must be referring to the wifi xoom.. The LTE was/is slow as hell on updates.. Then there is every other moto droid I have owned.. I'm done with google for a while.. It's time to give winphone a shot when I upgrade. Then google can try to win my business back again when and if they do something to improve things as I see it.

Yeah, or some form of gradient into the next color so that they blend into one another a bit instead of being completely separate colors next to one another.

Agreed, I think that looks terrible. Overall it's a great improvement though. I'm sure the masses have no clue Google owns Motorola Mobiliy, and this will likely change that. Well, if they can create a winning device. With Google's backing, they should be able to do that and a lot more. I'm just really curious to see how this all plays out with regards to the other Android OEMs. They are not going to like this one bit...regardless of Google repeatedly saying they will not favor their own company. I can't blame them. Sammy's working on its own mobile OS Tizen...WP would love to steal some OEMs...

Not exactly sure who'd be "doing it" but "don't bite the hand that feeds" comes to mind.

Yeah, like all but one.

Lame logo.

Sorry Google, but there are a lot of people who don't want fruity rainbow colors on their devices.

Google doesn't own Motorola, just Motorola Mobility. Motorola is a very well known and respected brand name. You just don't f*ck with that for "cleaner" lol.

Motorola actually no longer exists. The only two companies in existence with the name "Motorola" are Motorola Mobility and Motorola Solutions (which is a completely separate company). So Google is free to do what they want with the name.

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that's the point, silly. "Moto" differentiates the mobility unit from the "other" unit that Google does not own. but yet "Moto" pays homage to the original brand, retains some marketing value and name recognition of the original brand, and yet it's a sign of a new beginning. and it's a cool name that they've already used in previous marketing campaigns. does that make any sense to you?

Completely different font for "Motorola". The negative/positive space from the old logo has been flipped. And then of course the new color ring. All in all it is still recognizable as Motorola, but as a logo it is completely different.

I believe that Motorola will eventually release a high end stock Android phone along the lines of the HTC One and S4. I recall that there were several post about all phone manufacturers releasing phones along with stock Android and 2 have been released. In order for the new Moto to be relevant they are going to do the same.

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Surely the proof of a successful company and its nice shiny new logo is SOMETHING TO PUT IT ON!
It is now WELL past high time that Motorola blew our socks off with a world beating phone.

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It's just a basic color wheel using "computer colors" instead of the primary colors of red, blue, and yellow. If you made a wheel with those it would be red, purple, blue, green, yellow, and orange, ie, primary and secondary colors. Then you add tertiary colors and so on. They just started the wheel somewhere in the middle and went from there. This is all fifth grade art. Kindergarten really.

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The color segments are ugly when you can see it large enough to make them out and will be indistinguishable most of the rest of the time. I suspect we'll see another logo redesign before too long, this looks like something my niece came up with.

What it is, specifically, is Cyan, Magenta and Yellow (of CMYK) with secondary and tertiary colors in between.

They should've just used the original 4 colors and blended them into each other as it went around the circle.

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New logo looks pretty good. Nice to see a little color. It's kind of classy looking. As for what it'll do for Moto, that's hard to say, but since it's all about who can get the most publicity out there, marketing is a big thing. Probably the phrase "A Google Company" will do as much as anything for them. It has me holding off on getting a new phone to see what comes in August. Although technology is moving quickly enough that I'm inclined to hold on even a little longer if my Amaze 4g can make it. Guess as long as I'm keeping extra batteries, it should do fine for a while.

Release product not logo .. They r way behind ...n come up with new features and spaces not the one that exist on nexus 4 and on s4

I really like the logo. Now that the rebranding is underway, time to see what happens next. Surely when you go through the effort to rebrand, you're about to make a major push, so I want to see what they release.

It's ok but it needs work. Proverbially, all they've really done here is add floor mats and seat covers... Doesn't make an old car truly 'fresh'.

I hope Moto didn't pay a design firm a lot if money to come up with the new logo. It's not much different from the old logo.

Why isn't Motorola making any Nexus phone? Since they are own by Google.

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