Update 2: And we've gotten further clarification directly from Moto, which now says it "will provide more precise guidance on timing within 6 weeks post public push of ICS by Google."

Update: And proving our point that Twitter isn't exactly the best way to go about something like this, Motorola has deleted any Tweet that references doing anything with a 6-week window.  Carry on.

Original: Let's explain (again) what's about to happen here: Motorola, on Twitter, responded to someone with the following:

We'll be releasing devices for ICS 6 weeks after Google releases the final version of it.

The Twitter account later clarified, saying the Droid RAZR, Bionic and Xoom "Will get ICS within 6 weeks of Google's public push," and they'll confirm other devices later on. We'll believe it when we see it. Dunno how many times we've had to say this, folks, but there's a reason carriers and manufacturers don't give precise windows for updates -- and even vague time lines are often missed. (Never mind the fact that "official" information on Twitter and Facebook isn't always as official as you might think.) It was the same way with Froyo updates. It was the same with (and still is, unfortunately) with Gingerbread updates.

The point is this: We have no doubt that Motorola, HTC, LG, Samsung and every other manufacturer is hard at work at figuring out which devices can -- and should -- be upgraded. But if you start a six-week countdown from the instant the Ice Cream Sandwich code drops in AOSP, you're setting yourself up for a big bag of hurt, should things take a little longer than planned. That's not to say we're not hoping for speedy updates across the board. It's just that history has taught us different.

Source: @Motorola; thanks to everyone who sent this in


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Motorola, on Twitter, says RAZR, Bionic and Xoom will get Ice Cream Sandwich within 6 weeks of code drop (Update: Or not)


Any chance in hell of the original Atrix? If Moto does not update it I'm going to be severely disappointed. The hardware is identical to all the Honeycomb tablets.

That is not what the tweets said. I know reading is tough so I'll break down what Moto said.

Statement 1: The RAZR, Bionic, and XOOM will be upgraded to ICS (no guarantee when).

Statement 2: Whithin 6 weeks of the ICS source code being released we will announce if any other devices will be updgraded.

Go back and re-read the tweets, then try again.

if you click the source link that they supplied in the article it is a continuous statement saying they will offer the devices...
Maybe what you are talking about was posted earlier..? But either way this link says they will release devices with ICS 6 weeks after final ICS code

That's actually a misread of the Motorola tweet, which went like this:

@technogasms DROID #RAZR, #BIONIC & #XOOM will get ICS. Within 6 weeks of Google’s public push, we'll confirm other devices to get ICS.

Notice the period there... Means that Droid RAZR, Bionic, and Xoom will get ICS (for sure), and then they'll confirm which other devices will get ICS within 6 weeks of Google's public push. Doesn't say anything about how quickly any device will get ICS.

After reading your reply I went on twitter to check it out... I dont see any period.. its just a continuous statement that says:

@laarsnl We'll be releasing devices for ICS 6 weeks after Google releases the final version of it

I copied and pasted the exact tweet from their page...

Pwned by reading comprehension

Maybe you can enroll in the Zoolander's school for kids who can't read good and who wanna learn how to do other stuff good, too.

From what I read it says the they are going to annonce new devices that are running ICS. Not sure where all of the sites are getting stuff about upgrades.

Moto you better not be lying, it already ain't looking good for you with those locked bootloaders!

I'd bet that if the device you own already has a sequel you are out of luck and should upgrade if you want ICS.

i believe that this is motos attempt to stop potential buyers of galaxy nexus in Verizon's network. They don't want the droid razr launch to be null

I predict all dual-core Moto phones get it at around the same time, which is quickly. Can't wait to see the gnashing of teeth from SGS2 owners at how long their wait will be.

I'll bet the SGS2 gets ICS reasonably quickly. The SGS2 was a "last chance" device for Samsung for a lot of people, and *hopefully* Samsung knows that and will work their asses off to avoid repeating their original SGS debacle.

Umm, don't know if you realized but they go in alphabetical order, next one is going to be a "J" of sort, Jelly doughnut? Jello?

They had doughnut already (1.6) so i dought they will do jelly doughnut :( i would say jello but that is trademarked (i think?) Maube jellybean?

Me too...

should be right up there with the Bionic and Razr. you'd think at least...I mean they are promoting it as part of their background on their twitter account. (yeah I know that's not worth much)

I'm hoping that the Galaxy Nexus is coming to if that's the case it won't matter for me.

I can’t imagine the Atrix 2 not getting an update to Ice Cream Sandwich and when they do would there be any reason why the OG Atrix wouldn’t get it? The Atrix is in desperate need of a Kernel update. And its basically the same phone so it wouldn’t be that difficult to make it available. Is it?

Hey! What about the OG Droid?! O well, at least I upgraded to HTC. Bring it to the Xoom baby!! And with open source we'll finally have some ROMs for it too :-D

I care much more about the original Atrix and be really pissed if it does not get updated and feel really burned by Android if it is not updated.

Just got mine, so no worries on the update - I'm still in my honeymoon phase with this phone, so it's all good. :)