Motorola Triumph

When we last saw the Motorola Triumph -- a relatively high-end Android phone headed for the prepaid Virgin Mobile -- we'd been given a time frame of July for release, and that was that. If this image taken from a magazine is on the level, it might be headed our way come July 19.

The Triumph, as you'll remember from our hands-on, is a 4.1-inch stock Android phone with a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 5MP rear camera and HDMI out, running Froyo. That's certainly nothing to sneeze at, now is it?

So, anybody going the prepaid route on July 19?

Source: Stephen Gariti's Flickr; via Facebook; Thanks, girldroid, for the tip!

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Sweetness! It's kind of like a Droid X for Virgin Mobile.

This might explain why the Optimus V went down to $149.95 at Radio Shack.

i think the optimus v has always been $150 at radio shack, $200 at best buy. hopefully the triumph won't be twice as expensive. $200 at radio shack would be pretty sweet.

Smokexz says:

Why the hell is everyone acting as if this is nothing? This is probably the best pre paid smartphone I can think of... Of course compared to dual core devices it is nothing, but it can sure as hell run some of the best games out there, Nova, Peggle, Plansts Vs Zombies, Angry Birds, maybe a couple of emulators (going as far to say that this could run a couple of N64 games pretty smooth).

I agree.Nice to see the 4+" touchscreen Androids making it to pre-paid services.Hopefully Boost will answer this with their own version.

hotpinkberry says:

and i helped find that! =]

JiffyG426 says:

thanks for submitting my pic! i really appreciate it :)

sksnipes85 says:

Pretty sure it didn't have a 1 GHz Snapdragon in it. Wishful thinking perhaps?

sksnipes85 says:

Damn, I stand corrected! I don't remember any reports having that when Moto announced it. Nice!

shmutt1980 says:

not to mention.... NO BLURRRRR

hotpinkberry says:

also very nice =]

I see the 1 GHz Processsor listed but not specified as a Snapdragon.

s2h2golf says:

I think it is the same processor that is in the T-Bolt - a Qualcomm processor. Regardless, here are the specs from Engadget:

Yup,that's the 2nd gen. Snapdragon found on the Thunderbolt,DINC2, and Xperia Play. Pretty good.

excalis says:

So, how much do you guys think this device will cost once it is out for purchase?

bdfull3r says:

Still no word on pricing... :/

shmutt1980 says:

pre-pay?? that just urks me.... Pre-pay is so yesterday. It's a "no contract" phone/service. I have the service auto-deducted from my bank account (yes, auto pay. just like the contracted providers). And only @ 25.00/mo, yep. Eat your hearts out Verizon.

mjforte says:

Weird for Moto to be using a Snapdragon processor as they usually use OMAP and occasionally Tegra processors in their phones.

LawrenceH says:

Because it's a re-bodied Huawei Ideos X6

i1der says:

thats so true great find!

JiffyG426 says:

HEY! this is my pic! glad it's getting pretty far! I sent my info to Phone Arena! And also, Virgin Mobile banned me from the page for posting the info! they didnt even give me a warning!

flash4yish says:

Just curious... What magazine was this found in???

If the sale date is correct, I am dying to find out the price point for this (soon to be my next) Virgin phone. Going based on the original retail prices for the Samsung Intercept and the LG Optimus V, I am guessing $299. Perhaps Radio Shack or BestBuy can step up to the plate and offer a $50 gift card with purchase or similar enticement. That would make this the sweetest little deal of the summer!

Waiting with baited breath....

ItsMeScott says:

Considering the Huawei Glory is going to be $300 and has better specs I would hope Virgin prices the Triumph lower than that. I would say $250 and then maybe a intro promotion by one of the retailers.

I cannot wait for this one as well.

duke82722009 says:

Actually, I believe it's the same processor as the Lg Revolution. Maybe Netflix Perhaps?

ThunderFan says:

I will probably snag up 2 of these as soon as they come out. Just can't beat the monthly plan price. Play to get 2 of these and 4g tablet. Still debating the tablet.

ThunderFan says:

Any idea why they wouldn't just ship this thing with Gingerbread? Stock android so why not let it upgrade to the latest and best OS Android has out? Would love to make this thing into essentially a Nexus S that gets upgraded every time Android sends out an upgrade.