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After a little bit of a false start yesterday, Motorola has officially announced Skip, its thumb-sized NFC clip that'll let you unlock your Moto X quickly and easily. Tap your phone to it, and it unlocks. (Of course, your thumb can do that, too, and not cost $20.)

But along with each skip purchase you'll get three "Skip dots," which Motorola says will create a "Trusted Zone" for your Moto X, allowing it to stay unlocked while it's within range. So put one in your car, and you won't have to unlock the phone, for instance.

If you snag a custom Moto X through Moto Maker, you'll get a free Skip (and the Skip Dots, we presume) with your phone. For now, you can have it in any color you want, so long as it's gray. More colors care coming this fall.

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Motorola Skip will be free (at first) for custom Moto X owners


This could be a great convenience, I think. I had 2 tablets stolen last week, and I'm hoping that my use of a pin code may have at least slowed down access to the contents.

I'm wondering about how it will be implemented, though. I'm thinking "in range" really translates to "butted up against it", since it's using NFC. Also raises the question of misplacement. Unless I can glue it in place, I will lose something that small.

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If they're Bluetooth Low Energy beacons they could work within about 25ft of the beacon. Normally the beacons have to be powered through a wall plug. Its a very neat concept that works with Bluetooth 4.0 devices that have a properly implemented SDK. Which only a few Android devices do...

I'm wondering if the Skip Dots are Bluetooth Smart beacons. The NFC tag thing is cheap, but if they are beacons I'd pick up a set just to play around with, Moto X or not.

This seems great since one of the biggest complaints from reviewers was that the voice actions didn't work if you have a security lock on the phone. This would mean that as long as you are nearby or the phone is in a trusted zone you can use the voice actions and still know the phone is safer if it is stolen or out of your possession.

I'm required to have password protection in order to get a WiFi certificate at my school and work both. Curious if this will still allow WiFi to work...

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Not if your an AT&T customer. If your with Verizon, T-Mobile or sprint ya gotta be used to this kinda stuff by now

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Ok, OK... It doesn't make sense, for me to hate AT&T. But, I'm still sour about the whole "exclusivity" business.

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So, are these Bluetooth or what? Do you need to still tap it to let it know that it's in range? Or does it work like a keyless fob like Lexus implements for cars?

Loving all the accessory support for Moto X...being released even before the phone is. Moto is doing this right! Hopefully, the limited time Skip promo also extends to other carriers like Verizon, when they get Moto Maker.

Meh, but it's cool they are creating a lot of accessories. Even if a lot of them fail to catch on at least they are giving people a lot of options to personalize their phone, which means they are positioning themselves for a better chance at challenging Samsung's dominance.

Sounds interesting, wonder if any of this will work with other phones.
(asks the s4 owner)

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I like the trusted zone dots idea, assuming they're keyed to the specific device. One in the car and one on the nightstand would be convenient. I don't mind entering a pin/password when I'm walking around, so the pocket clip isn't as attractive to me... although, with three dots included, I might be tempted to put the third on my key chain if I had these. (obligatory "who's agitating my dots")

This actually seems quite smart, shame Moto aren't launching in the EU.

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