Motorola Honeycomb Android tablet at CES

We've all seen that prototype Motorola tablet running the Honeycomb version of Android that Google's Andy Rubin showed earlier this month -- and now Motorola has teased a Honeycomb tablet at CES next month. The Youtube video walks through the evolution of tablets, from Egyptian hieroglyphics to the Samsung Galaxy Tab. And whatever Moto's got up its sleeve is touted as the next evolution.

We'll be there for the unveiling, of course, so stay tuned., folks, and check out the video after the break.

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Motorola to show Honeycomb Android tablet at CES


My money is on yes. Even more so if its being sold through a carrier who does NOT want to deal with people hacking their system only to screw it up and take the device in for warranty work because "it just died".

But if there is a WiFi-only device, then it won't matter... And I think the market for a *good* and *affordable* WiFi Android tablet is what most of us are waiting for...

I hoping for a WiFi only version not tied to any carrier. It will cost an arm and a leg for sure though, that's guaranteed.

I don't think Motorola should attack one of its Android Partners. They probably wouldn't like it if Samsung Attacked them about how their phones have no style. Lol but oh well the game is on!

Im more of an htc person, but i know this tablet will be great, motos build quality is insanely good and i hope the industrial feel of the x goes to the tablet

Hey Motorola, I love your products and I can't WAIT to get your tablet.

Perhaps next time, you can spend a LITTLE more on the video so it doesn't look like it was rendered in a computer lab of your local High School?

they are not attacking they are stating the obvious about the galaxy tab, its a great product but it does run and phone version of android, the moto tab will run awesomely and i am going to be picking up one as well

Don't know what they plan to do with the Motorola tablet that will make it better than the Galaxy Tab. It will be only available as a 3g device, and Verizon will only sell it to you with a monthly access charge.

Considering that the Verizon Galaxy Tab has only 2gb of ram (T-Mobile's has 16gb), I don't have high hopes for this particular tablet, until Verizon's exclusive period ends, and I don't have high hopes that that will happen.

Lost a sale over a locked boot loader? Get over yourself not like you going to do much more than root it anyway.

The bee at the end is quite clever with its intonation of Honeycomb, but is it also a peek at its real name? Wasn't Stingray a rumored name? What if it was called the Moto Sting? "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee."

Prepare for "Family Room" any device, any room, all services - music, gaming, video shared across your computer, TV, phone, Motopad. :D

Is moto insinuating that honeycomb its only going to "bee" an android tablet operating system?
I really hope that they offer awifi only model of their tabs. I mean, when else I am I going to use the 3g hotspot feature of my droid x?

I bet this will be over $500. I'll stick to my Archos 101 until honeycomb tablets come down in price.

Nice commercial, doubt that the Moto tab will be that good since it won't have an Ipad like ecosystem behind it. We'll have to wait and see if they will be a fully baked product unlike the half-baked Samsung tab.