Motorola Tablet

In case you missed the teaser last week, Motorola's sending out e-mails touting the upcoming Honeycomb-based tablet it'll show off at CES. Needless to say, we're not getting tired of watching this video just yet, and so you can find it again after the break. Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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Motorola sends e-mails touting tablet


Oh yeah, that video where they ignored Palm's stuff, Nokia's Maemo tablets, and even MS-Windows tablets. It was a cute idea, but not quite complete enough. I would have just shown one stone tablet and then moved into the electronics.

I want it! ...the 10" version please!

Oh, and I like the little buzzing honeycomb bee... haha.

I am thinking that I am going to pass. If this is twice as good as my DX, that would make it average. Plus Honeycomb is the thing that is making this an awesome tablet, not Moto. Locked bootloaders, horribly manipulated updates. Pass. And if it comes to Verizon, tons of bloatware. If one of these manufacturers can make a carrier independent wifi only version I'm in. Just probably not Motorola.

Well, hopefully this is going to be Google's flagship tablet so Google not Moto will be pushing the updates just like for the Nexus One & S. I want one even thou I know it will just be a toy.

As much as I have hated all of the Droid ads, I loved this teaser, and plan to watch it again.

I'm don't really think I'm in the market for a tablet, but this has stimulated my interest.

This video, did give me goosebumps! I will have it! 7-8" for me please. With a little LTE on the side. Does Phil have a YouTube channel? Looking for video @ CES 2011 ; - )