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Deal running for 'about 24 hours,' requires registration for a coupon code

Happen to catch the Today Show this morning? Well if you missed it, the last day of their "12 Days of Christmas" was today, and one of the two deals available is for a Moto X. In a pretty clever bit of marketing to hit a new audience with the Today Show, Motorola is offering $150 off an off-contract Moto X, or 50 percent off an on-contract one if you're buying from a U.S. carrier. That's the same off-contract deal it offered for Cyber Monday.

Here's how it works. If you're interested in the deal, you can follow the source link below to a Motorola page where you have to enter your information — name, email address, etc. — along with the code "todayshow50," and select whether you'll be buying an on- or off-contract Moto X. Check a box indicating you're over 16 years old, and you'll be emailed a coupon code to redeem for a discount when you make your Moto X at the Moto Maker website.

The deal is running for "about 24 hours" according to the Today Show, so if you're interested in picking up a Moto X with a discounted price, you'll want to get your registration in to get a discount code.

Source: Motorola; Today Show


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Motorola running short-term $150 off Moto X deal with Today Show


yeah I am guessing that is some of it. The people that didnt use the code and couldn't get through.

That or they had a few promotions to throw out there with a set number of releases per promotion. Hopefully if that is the case, the left overs will also be throw in.

its not like they re already build or something its motomaker... they build it when people order..

How can there be "left over" codes? Those are defined by Motorola, the one who's running the sale. They can generate as many codes as they want... and given that they "sold out" of codes in about 15min in the last sale, doubt they had "left overs" from that sale either.

I am assuming that they have a set number of handsets that they want to sell on sale. Kinda supported by the fact that they only had so many to give ouot for the other sales and then cut them off.

Now since they sold out, it is safe to assume that a certain percentage of the codes did not get used, for one reason or another. These codes would be what I call leftover.

If they gave out 5000 codes, and 4500 got used, they have 500 left over to use in this sale since they already determined that they were to be used and written as an expenditure.

They didnt sell out of anything in the last sale, they gave out. Doesnt mean they got used.

You are right though, they could do this indefinitely and give out as many as they want.

This semi recurring sale (with some hoops to jump thru) seems like a pretty stealthy way for them to judge just how viable it'd be to sell a more substantial amount of phones off contract for a modest price without relying on outside factors (carrier subsidies, Nexus marketing money from Google, etc).

"Now since they sold out, it is safe to assume that a certain percentage of the codes did not get used"

Am I the only one to whom this makes no logical sense?

Is the process of "selling out" not the exhausting of the intended supply of whatever is being offered? How, then, can there be leftovers? If there are leftovers, then they did not sell out. If they sold out, then there are no leftovers.

I agree with the poster who suggested this might have been a way to judge the viability of a given price point - offer the product in limited quantities during several promotions. If the sales of later promotions drop off, then the interest in the product at that price point is limited. If it continues to exhaust the available supply during each promotion, then maybe they're hitting on an optimal price.

The Ellen show had them for half off yesterday.

Never mind it was 50% off 2 yr contracted price. Or the current 30% Motorola is offering.

Thanks. I'm registered, they are gonna email me my code in "the next few hours" - Bamboo excluded from the deal.

A two year contract moto x still better than moto g in terms of price and features.

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Got mine earlier today.Gonna get one for my baby.I know she'll marry me!!!

Sent from my Note 3 rockin Jelly Bean 4.3

My brother and his wife ended up going with the Mega. He upgraded both lines with the One-Up program and was able to get both for 30 dollars a piece. For the money, it's definitely a capable handset, especially for people that aren't spec-whores, lol.

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Wait we stopped the sexual innuendo?

Yeah the mega isn't terrible for the price if the specs are not that important. My biggest issue is the storage since i really see that as a heavy media consumption device...

What's funny, is that I didn't see the joke when I replied, lol.

But, yeah. The low internal storage can be detrimental to what could be a media consumption device. At least, it has an SD card slot.

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That's just what she tells you. "Oh don't worry, NoNexus, 5.7" is *plenty* big!" Meanwhile, she's eyeing up that Z1 Ultra... :)

You know what they say: there's no replacement, for displacement!!

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Gentlemen it is not the size of the S-Pen, it is the art you create with it

Happy Holiday's from my phone to yours...

It's not about the size, or how fast is it or how long it last...... Its all about how well it gets the job done

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Well trained... =)

Posted from the surface of the moon using my LG Optimus G Pro on T-Mobile with 0 Death Star bloat...

Wish this applied to the Republic Wireless Moto X. Still debating taking that plunge. May just stick w Virgin and hope it gets Moto G. Just wish they'd announce something, already ...

THanks for the votes. Do either of you know anyone personally who's got it from R. Wireless? I've read some reviews of it but a couple of things give me pause: first, I've heard some ppl have hard time getting their existing number ported over. This wouldn't be much of a problem if it weren't for RW's virtually non-existent customer support. There is a 30 day trial period but I also heard rumor that if you do return it then RW has made bogus damage claims and penalized ppl $35. Lastly, I've also read some ppl have trouble getting it to connect to their particular router. ? I'm gonna do more research over wkend. I really want Moto X or at least a Moto G as my next phone.

Generally connecting to a router is phone specific, not carrier. The phones have the same wifi antenna no matter who you get it from.

It is a law that porting numbers should be quick and painless, so that should not be an issue.

The rest you have to look up. I have no real experience with them, nor have I had to look into them for any reason, either for myself or for work...

Happy Holiday's from my phone to yours...

Thanks for info. This Republic Wireless Moto X is maybe a bit diff. from other versions in that RW has implenmented a special wifi to 3g and 3g to wifi handing off mechanism that allows users to quickly switch over and not lose call. There's more to it than that but that's the gist. Making calls through wifi is the core of its phone service, with 3g used only when not around open wifi. It also has a diff. ROM than the other Moto X models which makes it only useable on RW. (I think i've got all that correct, more or less) As for the porting of numbers, that makes sense and it's how it shoiuld be. Maybe what I read was just isolated anecdote and not the norm. But, if it works, I think I woiuld get by on the $10/mo. plan and thereby save $25/mo. Even if i ended up wanting to get teh $25/mo plan i'm still saving $10/mo. Very tempting, but all this hinges on RW making a go of it and not folding after another year or two. In this regard, Virgin Mobile is a safer bet, but also more expensive and with no Moto X or Moto G (so far).

I understand that, but they still have the standard A/B/G/N/AC (or whatever it packs) standards involved. The other layer could interfere, but I would have some doubts. If it is as you describe, it could be problematic for calls (which I did not know that was the reason you were asking) but for data it should just follow the standard.

Like I did say, I do not have much experience with RW.

Google "Wireless porting law" and choose the second link and you will get more info on that. It is pretty straight forward. The biggest thing is to not cancel your service beforehand. I would post the link but the filters usually kick them out...

Just to throw in my 2 cents, I will be moving my whole family (4 people) over to RW (from Sprint). I was a little worried about it too though, so first I just moved my son son over as a test. The number ported in about an 24 hours so that was no problem. I did have a problem with the 3g activation not working at first, but I opened a trouble ticket and they were able to fix that quickly as well. But the main thing I wanted to test was the auto wifi-to-3g hand-off as I was pretty skeptical of that. But I gotta say, while only tested it a few times, it worked flawlessly every time. The person I was talking to had no idea it had even happened. Pretty impressive! I'll be getting the $25/mo plan for each member of the family and it's gonna save me quite a lot per month compared to what I'm paying now.

Good info there. Thanks for sharing.

I wish I could help you some more OP, good luck with the switch...

It's a good phone unlocked for $350. I got one from the cyber Monday deal. Just returned it today though. I think I'll get the nexus 5. I have an iphone 5s now and think the nexus will be a better match (I want an Android too).

The Moto X display bugged me. Colors off and over saturated. And how does the Mto G get 4.4.2 and the Moto X only 4.4??

The Moto G update doesn't have to go through any carriers. So, essentially, it's a "low-end" Nexus device.

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It is not important right now 4.4 is all you really need to be concerned about. The other releases are nothing

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for an iPhone user amoled (especially Moto's) is way below expectations. you will like nexus more but when it comes to color accuracy I think iPhone is still better.
also, brightness and saturation go against one another even in IPS LCDs. higher the sat lower the brightness. so another point for Nexus in your case. plus pixel density.
other than that they perform equally smooth and fast.

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amoled vs lcd is not a big deal, the resolution is the problem with the X having only 720 vs 1080 for the Nexus.

The thing is that the iPhone is a 640 x 1136 but with a higher pixel density.

Amoled is better than LCD in a lot of areas, and LCD has some advantages.

It really comes down to the PPI that you can handle and how it looks to you.

Depends on what you're doing, if you're reading a lot and picky about text sharpness then yes, PPI is absolutely king. If you're judging photos critically or watching movies then color accuracy is a far bigger deal IMO... I view photos from my micro four thirds ILC a lot on my phone (via wifi), often using the phone as a remote shutter, color accuracy (and brightness in the middle of the day) helps a lot.

Movies would probably benefit more from better contrast/dynamic range, games OTOH might look prettier at higher res (or generally benefit from a faster GPU like that of the Nexus 5 even if playing at the same res, the extra horsepower can enable more eye candy). Point is, it really depends...

Can't deny AMOLED does enable neat tricks like active notifications, it's also more power hungry tho (probably a wash if you're looking at a lot of black, i.e. off pixels).

I think it comes down to personal preference as well. I used to have a Galaxy Nexus and thought I didn't like AMOLED displays because next to the iphone, it looked odd. However, when my girlfriend got the Galaxy S4, I fell in love with that display. I like it better than my Nexus 5 display and better than the iPhone display. I loove the deep black, and really miss that on my Nexus.

TLDR: Personal Preference, Blacks Better on AMOLED, Whites better on IPS

Seems the market has dictated the right price for this phone.

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Why do people keep saying this? It's a promotion. The majority of people don't even purchase their devices sans-contract.

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lots of wishful thinking. You would think that a major gift giving holiday was around the corner and every thing was on sale everywhere

50 is 50, cannot shake a stick at it

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I already got one of the Cyber Wednesday Moto Xs, but I wanted a clear case, so I got one of these codes earlier to buy a case for 50% off. None of the cheap ones at Amazon are appealing to me--and neither is shopping at Amazon.

got my code a just a bit ago. it says I have to use by midnight Christmas eve. I have a nexus 5 but I think I might want one of these too..

I did it just so I can get the coupon lol. I already own one, but bought it used. Having a new shiny one with no dings and scratches might be nice though.

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Wonder if this will be the regular price soon.

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We may see a "fire-sale," when the next "X" phone is close to release, similar to how Google discounted the Nexus 4 to clear stock.

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I'm crossing my fingers that there's a fire sale next fall for either the Nexus 5 or Moto X. My wife's Galaxy Exhibit will need replacing then, but she doesn't want to waste $500 on a phone. I'd rather drop $350 for one of these than $200 for a Moto G.

Disappointed I'm 10 hours late on this.

There, I fixed it for you, lol.

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The presumption is that they send out the codes in batches as to not hammer Moto Maker all at once. That's likely why they started doing the codes for the "Cyber Monday" deal after the site crashed and burned.

I got an extra code I won't be using. It expires on Dec. 24th before midnight. Someone put it to good use please and save like I did :)

Here you go first come first serve...


If you use it then reply to this so everyone knows it was used and nobody tries it and gets heart broken.


No problem! Glad you could use it. I hope you love your Moto X or accessory that you got. I know I'll love mine :D

Jolly good show ol chap!

Happy Holiday's from my phone to yours...

What is the discount?

Happy Holiday's from my phone to yours...

Awesome. I got the pre email that their working on the code etc. Finally I might be able to get a moto x. If that doesn't work out though, I might just post this in this thread the code I resource :P

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Hopefully they do something like this at the beginning of the year because I should finally have enough cash by that time.

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I could not use the codes for existing customer for upgrade or new line. Spent over an hour with Motorola support and they could not figure out why the code wouldn't work. Gave up.

not cool... i got my code got a moto x and moto g. at check out i cant use my $1000 open credit with motorola beacause i need my account number and nor motorola or their financial creditor (partner) comenity can give me my account number to order the devices. i have the wait a week for a writen letter comfirming my info an account# bs man bs

Thank you so much for giving the code. I could order it. :)

Now, waiting for some one coming to India who can bring it for me.

Say - those of you that used the code - did you upgrade a line or add a new line? I am having problems and Google is saying that it is only if you buy your own new line, not add a new line to an existing family plan. Adding a line is adding a line to me. Can you confirm which way you went? upgrade existing line or add a line?

I recently used the code, however I opted to purchase the phone off contract.

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