We've spent the past day getting to know the RAZR i, Motorola's new Intel-powered smartphone. Externally, it may look like a re-badged Droid RAZR M, but the main differences lie on the inside. It's powered by a 2GHz Intel Atom CPU, which the manufacturer claims results in improved performance across the board, most notably in games and the built-in camera app. The RAZR i is also the first international Motorola phone to get the company's newly-redesigned minimalist Android skin, which is much more reminiscent of vanilla Android.

To learn more about the Motorola RAZR i, check out our initial video review above. When you're done, be sure to check out the rest of our RAZR i coverage from the past day --


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Motorola RAZR i initial video review


Wow, I think I could actually be happy with a Moto phone bone stock if they keep their skin like this.

Do you think we could get some kind of side-by-side performance comparison between the RAZR i and the RAZR m? I'm not talking about metrics. I mean a comparison of launcer speed, app opening speed, comparison of any optomized apps (e.g. camera speed, game rendering, etc). It'd be interesting to see.

If they're going to have that large of a lower bezel they should at least use it for capacitive buttons and free up the rest of the screen.

It's almost like every few years Motorola says, "We're out of names... let's call it a RAZR..." Guy from across the room says, "We did the RAZR already!"

First guy says, "This is the DROID RAZR, it's different."

Other guys says, "I see now, and we can just make 3000 different versions of the same phone and call them all RAZR and just keep changing what's before or after it!"

Share holders say, "Yes, we will market our cell devices as RAZRs from now on!!! What a joyous day!" And later in the day, "We will dump more money into you!!! WOOOO"

Oh, what a great event it was in Motorola history.

It's all about RAZR alphanumerics

I am with ya, but making a brand that people recognize and appreciate does help move product. Galaxy and One, HTC and Sammy are doing it too. That's not to mention Apple with iP. But yeah Moto could have invented one instead of being lazy.

Did they disclose the radio frequencies anywhere? I missed the live blog and ran through, are there solid specs anywhere? If it supports 1700 AWS for T-Mobile USA, I'm in...