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Want to see more of the new Intel-powered Motorola RAZR i? You're in luck -- we've got wealth of hands-on photos waiting for you after the break.

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what's the screen res?

Whatever qHD is ;-)

gin0v4 says:

quarter of full hd^^ (htc sensation has a qhd res)

Lobout says:

Looks like a nice phone. Wonder if it will come to the US

youagain#AC says:

It already is in the US, as the Razr M on Verizon. Just with a dual coure Snapdragon which is probably better than the single core Atom.

ArgonNJ#CB says:

Hey Motorola, how about a RAZR for AT&T that isn't a POS like the Atrix HD. A 1750mAH battery on a modern day LTE smartphone is a deal breaker.

jimj21 says:


Lancellor says:

+2 If it comes to T-Mobile as well.. Or any other high end motorola device.

How was the screens visibility in sunlight ?