T-Mobile Motorola Charm

OK, we admit it. Despite our public loathing of Motoblur, the Motorola Charm (just announced for T-Mobile) has piqued our interest a bit, given that it'll be the first front-facing QWERTY Android phone. Motorola's done up a cute little video showing off its latest. And while we're not exactly convinced it's going to be the Android messenger we've been dreaming of, we're definitely looking forward to giving it a shot. Check it out after the break. Thanks, Miguel!

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Motorola posts up video of the Charm


Ohh they put a track pad on the back of the phone. Dumbest thing ever now it just makes the kids have to consetrate on the phone harder while they are driving. Is see accident rates among teens with T-Mobile going up this year.

I can see this being almost like a stepping stone phone. It's got alot of weird features not common on many Androids yet. I like the touchscreen and keyboard idea. It's like a more intuitive BlackBerry, plus the back track pad is an interesting idea that I'd like to see tried out a little bit more. We'll see if it influences any future superphones

Putting the nav pad on the back is the worst idea ever! I get carpal tunel just looking at that thing.

Try it now with your phone. See how easy it is to horizontally swype a spot on the back of your phone as you hold it. Pretty sucky huh?

Now hold your phone with the Blackberry or Sidekick grip, two-handed, thumbs over the keyboard and fingers on the back of the device. You can thumb type and finger navigate with ease without changing grip.

It's a good idea for two-handed users. For one-handers used to iPhones and "traditional" Android devices, there's a learning curve (pun intended).

I actually am using a curve and it's still a bit awkward. I get how it could be kinda cool to have, but it just seems like a bit of a stretch. It you want to "Monday Morning Quarteback" this one...they should have moved that pad somewhere to the bottom of the rear of the phone. That way if you "two hand your unit" (*cough) you can finger the pad with your middle or ring finger (and if your are an aggressive date, both).

I am seriously digging this phone. I just hope something like this comes to Verizon. I'm glad to see at least one company that thinks of things other than glass slabs.

More variety will draw a wider audience.
More people on android will mean further android development. This is better for all us droid rockers.

DRKayak - I agree. My wife and I both got Droids last November, and both love them, but she misses the keyboard on her blackberry. I personally don't.

The variety is what will draw in many users, and this variety will help to add to further development. If you want a one size fits all, there is a phone for that already.