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Improvements to camera, touchless control and call quality among others

We got word earlier today that T-Mobile's version of the Moto X was receiving an OTA that above all fixed some of the camera woes in the release software, and now Motorola has a full list of changes on its support website. The update to software version 139.12.57.ghost_row.Retail.en.US specifically calls out a few different camera improvements: auto-white balance, exposure, color accuracy, focus time and camera switching have all received positive tweaks.

Camera aside, Moto X users should see improvements to Touchless Control to increase responsiveness and training for the "Ok, Google Now" command. The Motorola Migrate feature for transferring data from your old phone has received a speed bump, voice quality has improved and two bugs have been fixed in Moto Care and Moto Assist driving mode.

The promotion for an additional 50GB of Google Drive storage when you buy a Moto X now has an expiration date as well, giving users until 30 days after the phone purchase (or this update if you've already purchased) to sign up and receive the storage boost. The camera fixes and improvements may be the biggest user-facing change here, but the other bugfixes and tightening of the screws are just as needed for an overall stable system. Let's hope this hits other Moto X models soon.

Source: Motorola Support


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Motorola posts full list of T-Mobile Moto X update changes


Just got notification of additional space my Verizon moto x. Just launched drive.

No software update yet.

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Did any one say this is a piece of crap mid ranged phone that they are over charging and not even give g you the chance to make with moto maker those att sell no subsidizing jerks at Google I mean Motorola att sniffing late to the party douchenozzles.

Well if they did they would be wrong, and I don't even want this phone.

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Yeah, if my RAZR HD is any indication, don't hold your breath on any updates. Actually, I'm surprised they didn't release your phone with 4.1 so they could update you to 4.2.2 a month later and call that your support.

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It actually did! But just online from motorola not in stores.

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They All Have Issues.. But T-Mo gets.. Preference..

T-Mobile Forever.

Don't have my Moto X yet but planning on it. I would imagine this phone would get quicker updates on account of it being almost pure vanilla Android. I'm sick of heavily skinned user interfaces and tons of extra fancy features from Samsung or LG that I'd never use. Even though it's being called a "midrange" phone, it's no slouch. And the few extra features Motorola does include seem genuinely useful.

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