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By now, the vast majority of Android users -- no, make that people in the world -- have heard about Apple's new replacement for Google Maps in iOS 6. Proudly announced during their iOS 6 keynote, replacing Google Maps was another step away from using Google services for the Cupertino giant. Since the launch, much has been said about the maps, and their apparent lack of some key information within the maps themselves. 

We'll admit it. It makes us chuckle. As we sit here using our native Google Maps, more and more we see comments arising from iPhone owners, both new and old, slating iOS6 Maps. And now, Google owned Motorola is joining in on the fun. 

Looking for 315 E 15th in Manhattan? Google Maps on DROID RAZR M will get you there & not #iLost in Brooklyn.

Seen on the Motorola Mobility Google+ page, and on their Twitter page, the message is clear. While an obvious advertisement for their latest handset -- and perhaps the RAZR M's edge to edge screen, compared to the 'stretched' iPhone 5 -- rather than Google Maps itself, we wonder how long before the #iLost tag will catch on. Probably until Google releases a third-party Google Maps application into the iOS App Store, but until then, we can but chuckle away.

Source: Motorola (Google+) (Twitter)

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Red326 says:

Ilost lmao!

There's a catch. You have to buy a Motorola. :p

Unlocked boot loader anyone? :)

imarek3 says:

You don't have to buy a Motorola, how about any Android phone.

iOS6 maps on iPhone 5 $199 and up
Google Maps on any Android phone $0 and up
Never being iLost with Google Maps Priceless

gilligan793 says:

I hate correcting, but iOS6 maps is available on the iPhone 4...which is $0.

gaguy says:

However the two 'best parts' of iOS6 maps are only available on the 4S and 5 which is 3D (Currently broken, see screenshots across the 'net) and 'true' turn-by-turn navigation which is unreliable due to their maps being inaccurate at the moment.

mwara244 says:

I've seen ios maps of airports and cities by large bodies of water with the maps overlayed on top of those bodies of water. Hope we don't here about people driving off cliffs or into rivers or oceans or ios maps will have a large lawsuit or class-action suit on there hands. If an elderly person or just an idiot gets into an accident from the imaps, it'll really be a big public trial that'll bring a lot of press and negativity to apple. And the courts almost always judge on behalf of the defendant. Like the million dollar lawsuit against McDonalds about the person who spilt hot coffee on themselves and MickieD's had to pay millions.

yankeesusa says:

Yes, but apple decided not to include turn by turn navigation on the iphone 4. My wife has to use scout to get a decent navigation program on her iphone. Lets just say that 85% of the time my android phone is what we use to navigate. IoS 6 is another reason I am not updating her phone and jailbreaking it so I can keep google maps on it.

Shadowriver says:

From where you got info about $199? Just wondering :p

JobiWan144 says:

That's a Verizon thing, not a Motorola thing. It just seems that way because the vast majority of Moto phones go to Verizon. My proof: 1) the Motorola Photon Q (on Sprint) can be bootloader-unlocked using a tool Motorola made themselves. 2) The DROID RAZR M is available in a developer edition now, whereas the SGS3 DE is just now becoming available. 3) Apart from persevering developers and some leaks, the normal VZW SGS3 would still have an encrypted bootloader.

Nev says:

Moto is so badass. I hope they build a Nexus,

DWR_31 says:

Motorola already makes Nexus'es.
All of their new phones are Nexus with a slight skinning.
Especially if the phones aren't on a CDMA carrier.

Nev says:

They're as close as it gets, anyway.

Nexus's that are never running the current version of Android.

keyboardr says:

"Nexus"... You keep using that word; I do not think it means what you think it means. So far there have been 4 Nexus devices: The Nexus One (HTC), Nexus S (Samsung), Galaxy Nexus (Samsung), and the Nexus 7 (Asus). None of those were made by Motorola. Beyond that there were some non-Nexus dev devices: The ADP1/Dream/G1 (HTC), ADP2/Magic (HTC), Droid/Milestone (Motorola) and the Xoom (Motorola). They had a similar level of attention from Google, and Motorola got a piece of these, but they were not Nexus branded. There have also been other full Google Experience devices with Google branding on them (really only the G2/Vision from HTC comes to mind, but I'm sure there are others). These also aren't Nexuses. The only Nexuses (Nexii?) are the 4 previously mentioned.

I think you left out Nexus Q :P

DrDoppio says:

As should have Google... just saying...

Nev says:

I can only assume he was just saying that because of how light Blur has become...but no, they're still certainly not Nexus devices.

katnapper says:

Moto Nexus only makes since. Now if they put a screen on it that was worth a damn, I'd jump all over it.

ab304945 says:

Omg apple put out something very buggy. And I thought they were god and did everything perfect: D

Asterisk says:

They are, you're just located in the wrong place.

CactusCat says:

He's only in the wrong place because he used the Apple maps app.


This maps thing is hurting apple in terms of mindshare. The other phone makers are seeing a weakness they can exploit and for the first time, other than Samsung, are directly targeting them. Couple that with what in my view is really a lacklustre new marketing campaign by apple and we are seeing the most vulnerable the iphone brand has ever been

arsaw says:

Apple fans doesn't bother about this issue. What they care are the fluidity of UI and 3D effects. After all, they only use iphone for browsing and face time.

I keep hearing people saying that and I believe that apple should still be worried, because they still want new customers and a slip up like this stops the conversation from only being about apple something apple has been able to maintain for many years.

ultravisitor says:

I would argue that what they really care about is simply having an Apple device.

irtechneo says:

I'm loving the new Googorola! That ad is awesome.

Mikey47 says:

#iLost - hilarious!!

ro1224 says:

I can agree with @arsaw; I was out with a large group of friends recently in an unfamiliar town. We were driving around trying to find a particular place and I got frustrated that all these people with their fancy iPhones couldn't or wouldn't use navigation or maps to get us there. I turned on my Google Nav and tah-dah. ;-)

You iPhone peeps, just keep tweeting and posting to facebook, Android will get you were you need to be.

Synycalwon says:

Same here. I've lost count how many times my Android phone with Google Maps/Navigation has saved the day in comparison to family/friends iDevices, even when they tried using them.

Also, is it just me or does the new stretched iPhone look really odd? It's too tall and skinny. Reminds me of a lanky teenager. :O And it has too much bezel! Just a crappy design IMO.

If the iTards at Apple ever decide they miss Google Maps and want it back Google should just say "No!" If they try it Google should patent sue them. Serves the iSheep right.

marisdaman says:

I would sell it for 99cents and make a little extra cash and to piss off apple At The Same Damn Time!

Iv88 says:

Apple would just charge their customers an extra $1.50, no damage done to Apple and their followers would gladly pay. smh

factura5 says:

umm im a big fan of android and all but remember there was an update on google maps and it constantly force close everytime i use it. thats why i used an earlier update. but for i06 maps it was just released to the public and is already failing.

TheBigFerret says:

I wish Google wouldn't offer Apple any map solution.

iSheep urban survival guide.

1. Hold the phone correctly
2. Make sure you are in a pre screened iZone
3. If iZone is incorrect, praise Apple and repeat "nobody gets software right the first time"
4. Bring at least one friend who uses uncool phones, and in a pinch, have them look up a map on their plasticky uncool copy of our phone.

gaguy says:

It's in Googles best interest to offer maps on Apple products for a couple of reasons. First, the use of maps generates revenue for Google and second, now is the time for Google to be the 'shining light of hope' right on Apples front doorstep on their new flagship device. Maps on the iPhone before iOS6 was arguably one of the most used apps on the device. When it was broken/lost, people want to fill that void. If they have to rely on Google to do that, why not just consider Android as their next device? (Might happen for some that were on the fence already)

davidmyers says:

Actually, Google has already submitted an iOS6 version of Google Maps to the iOS App Store. The problem is that Apple is never going to approve it because they're trying to show how much better they are than Google.

Pixel19 says:

Why wouldn't they approve it. There's already a Mapquest app and Bing has mapping on their app. Google won't have a problem getting their app approved.

Rob White says:

So funny... iLove this!

hairball45 says:

I think Google should just tell iFruit to go suck an egg if they decide they want good maps back on their devices. I don't see any value for G in helping the proudly independent Apple.

CORYK333 says:

Dont know why I'm bothering, you realize how much revenue Google gets from being on Apple devices? SMH

KahneFan says:

Is Apply going the way of Blackberry? These days they are releasing devices which are already behind the times when they release them. "I can do it better on my own... oh wait... no I can't..."

Red326 says:


Iv88 says:


noszero says:

ilost. Haha.

I wonder how many unlocked iPhone 5's already have Google Maps on them.

The better title would be "Wants to prevent people from saying #iLost" that makes more sense, lol.

cashxx says:

I sure as heck wouldn't be buying a Motorola phone!! Maybe HTC or Samsung but no way would I buy Motorola. Our purchasing agent keeps buying Motorola phones and they keep failing and failing.

rufflez says:

We test this out today. iPhone 5 put us in Indiana, iPhone 4S in Brooklyn, my Nexus in Manhattan. Different users for iPhone people so thats why you get different results. Just warned my fiance who has an iPhone 4 about this.

CharlieTX says:

Apple has become the new MicroSoft, going after ever increasing profits and screwing their customers with poorly tested software.

cashxx says:

Wrong....Google is todays Microsoft because all they can do is copy Apple. The Apple maps is a 1.0 product so it has some bugs that some are saying, works fine for me. But I still find errors on Google Maps, so whats the big deal. Most of the issues are in Asia and Europe from what I read.

Iv88 says:

I have an OG dinc and Google Maps works great for me. It actually works better than my Tom Tom and my pop's On-star(granted he probably just doesn't know how to use it).

c_hack says:

So.. The only one not Microsoft is Microsoft. lol

I guess since they are now the underdog they gotta try harder.

I liked their Lumias that I tried out, but no apps.

masterpfa says:


cashxx says:

They are just trying to put the iPhone 5 down because of the positive reviews and benchmarks.......They have to have something to put it down so why not Maps because its not Google's.

soondolee says:

U r ilost in wrong forum....ur worship forum is that way ---->

chubb says:

Anyone who knows something about smart phones knows that benchmarks are not every thing. They also can be manipulated. They really do not measure performance in the real world.

For the map thing. In 2012, there is no reason for the dedicated map app to work like apples does. Especially after Apple was talking their app up to be better than Google maps. The 3D views do look nice, but are meaningless if you still can't find the building. Street view is better than a view of building. I dont need my phone to show me that, I have eyes. I would much rather be able to see the view from the ground as I come closer. But, putting in a NYC address and getting a pin drop in Brooklyn is pitiful. Not good, especially for a tourist. If apple was smart they would have done this slowly, a country by country roll out. That way they could get the accuracy to a acceptable level before axing Google maps.

But Apple was too hell bent on getting rid of Google, they put there own interests ahead of the end users experience.

Anyway, shouldn't you be busy playing with that new os, and/or phone, and not have time to defend your god of a company on forums?

Shadowriver says:

iOS will always have better preference relatively to hardware specs for 2 simple reasons:

1. Most of iOS apps are native
2. There strict background processing policies whatever you like them or not

Might be reason why they don't push for Ghz and quad cores

Masheen says:

Not good to be lost in Bklyn.

I feel for anyone who gets #iLost in Compton.

Matwill88 says:

Motorola makes fun of ilost maps but moto is short for motonoupdate

c_hack says:

No kidding. My DX2 is sitting in a drawer because its stuck on GB, bootloader-locked, and the GPS keeps locking into the middle of the Atlantic.

Did anyone mention that unless you do a battery pull every months, Moto gps's fail. Its happened to me so many times - being on the road, seeing an accident, or getting lost and needing the GPS. Then I need to find a place to pull over to do a battery pull.

Seriously Moto, you shouldn't be throwing stones.

Tom S. says:

This really is sad. A $300 Billion dollar and this is the best they can do? What kind of testing department do they have? They announce this product in June and it appears obvious that either 1) They knew about these problems, or 2) They didn't care, knowing it would sell way anyway. Either way, it is a sad commentary on a company that obviously doesn't care much for its customers, and you could argue is showing contempt for them. How does your testing department not even find one of these glaring errors? Any reputable company would not have released this Apple Maps product. Again, this just shows either contempt for their customer, or supreme arrogance on their part. I'd say both.

Relddem says:

Pretty funny if this is accurate. I actually live a few blocks from the "incorrect" Applemaps address there. The thing is, Malborough Rd. actually sort of IS E 15th Brooklyn. The next block east is East 16th Street, it's just that for some reason in Ditmas Park East 11th through East 15th all have names instead of numbers. Past Foster Avenue, they do change back into numbered streets, but the house numbers don't start over again, so technically, there is no "315 East 15th Street" in Brooklyn, Apple's answer is about as correct as you'll find (there's also apparently a 315 on 15th Street in Park Slope, sans the "East")....

....If you're looking for Brooklyn, which most people won't be when they search a street address on an East or West numbered street in NYC.

jwnacnud says:

Awesome, it's great to have a person on the ground to actually verify the facts. It concurs with what I have found as well.

My co-worker wrote this up ( and I wanted to expand on it a little.

First, I need to establish some terms:

VALID ADDRESS = a deliverable location. I could mail a letter to this address and it would get there.

APPROXIMATED ADDRESS = the location where a given address "would" be found if it were valid.

Let's begin. First, the only thing that we have is that the input address is: 315 e 15th NY. We can infer that the user probably wants to search (a) within the entire state of New York, or (b) just within New York City. In each case, a little more information in the search (like a state) would give better results. For this search, AS IS, here are the possible VALID address results.

First, a quick search for this address using an "address verification" tool yields these three VALID results:

315 Marlborough Rd
Brooklyn NY 11226-4511
(Note - The delivery address is VALID, but it is known by another (preferred) name. For example, in New York, NY, AVENUE OF THE AMERICAS is also known as 6TH AVE.)

315 15th St
Brooklyn NY 11215-5005

315 15th Ave
West Babylon NY 11704-2740

All three of these are VALID addresses.

GoogleMaps made the assumption that the state is New York AND that the city is New York City, NOT one of the five boroughs that are collectively referred to as New York City (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, The Bronx, and Queens). Google Maps (in the advertisement) is showing an approximated address. If there were a home or business at 315 East 15th Street, that is precisely where it would be located. Kudos to Google Maps.

Kudos to Apple Maps, too: Apple Maps also made the assumption that the state is New York but they also assumed that the city is could be any of the five boroughs that are collectively referred to as New York City (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, The Bronx, and Queens). Apple Maps (in the advertisement) is showing the corrected address: 315 Marlborough Rd Brooklyn NY 11226-4511. This is a VALID address, not just an APPROXIMATED address.

Who is right and who is wrong? That all depends on the person who was performing the search. Which of the four locations were they hoping to find when they performed the search? Since both companies had to make assumptions based on incomplete (and potentially ambiguous) data, I would say that BOTH are right. I tend to lean a little more toward an algorithm that assumes that I am probably looking for a VALID address instead of just an APPROXIMATE location but that is just one person's opinion. It all depends on what you are looking for.

keneo says:

Keep in mind that iOS's map *new* database is crowd sourced. With a millions of iPhone users out there I can't imagine that it will be very long before the the maps have been corrected.

nikkisharif says:

I'm an Android & iPhone user & when I put this address into iOS maps, my map looks just like the Google map. I do understand iOS maps doesn't have as many locations as Google because its new but before Moto puts out an add they need to make sure the competition's app is in the correct setting. Had this app been in 3D they wouldn't have had an ad, but maybe that was the point. I don't understand why people can't just like what they like without all the criticism. I swear children must be running these companies, Apple included with the whole Mac vs. PC...GROW UP

plunder says:

One of the best jokes was an image of:
"The development team for Apple Maps"
over an image of the cast of LOST.


tyson.clarke says:

You gotta love people picking on apple...but you know what every iOS user is going to say "Yeah, its not a very good mapping client - I don't use mapping that much anyways"...

Yeah. Just like someone with a LG Accolade doesn't use anything online. Because they can't (not without periodically contemplating suicide that is).