Motorola Photon specs


  • 3G/4G Handset – The latest arrival to America’s favorite 4G network
  • 1GHz dual-core NVIDIA®Tegra™2 Processor for quick downloads and app performance
  • 4.3” qHD touchscreen for cinematic viewing with kickstand
  • Built with Android 2.3, Gingerbread operating system
  • International GSM capabilities

Enterprise Security

  • 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot capability for up to eight Wi-Fi enabled devices (additional fee required)
  • Corporate (MS Exchange ActiveSync) and personal (POP & IMAP) email access
  • Messaging – personal and business email, Google TalkTM instant message and text
  • messaging
  • Sprint ID offering an innovative way to personalize an Android smartphone with
  • apps, widgets, ringtones and more all in a single download
  • GPS navigation enabled


  • Dual cameras – 8 megapixel HD video capture camera and VGA front-facing camera
  • 720P HD Video capture and the ability to output HD video (1080P) via HDMI
  • Android Market™ for access to more than 200,000 applications, widgets and games available for download to customize the experience
  • HD Multimedia Dock* and Car Dock* for a truly unique handset experience
  • 16GB of on board memory, support for up to 32GB SD Card, for a total of up to 48GB
  • Ability to utilize the webtop application while connected to a Motorola accessory dock to open, view, edit and send Microsoft Office documents using cloud-based web apps through the full Mozilla Firefox browser
  • Bluetooth® 2.1
  • Wi-Fi® b/g/n


  • Dimensions: 2.6 inches x 5.0 inches x 0.5 inches (66.9mm x 126.9mm x 12.2mm)
  • Weight: 5.6 oz (158 grams)
  • Display: 4.3-inch qHD 540x960
  • Memory: 16GB eMMC ROM/1GB DDR2 RAM
  • Battery Specifications: 1700 mAh Lithium-ion battery
  • Talktime: CDMA: up to 10 hours; WDCDMA: up to 9.1 hours; GSM up to 10.4 hours
  • *Accessory docks sold separately

Reader comments

Motorola Photon specs


I think you guys should put the bootloader status in all of your device specifications that you create, that would be fantastic. Just a little footnote to let everyone know who's being open and who's not.

My sentiments exactly. What's Verizon's problem? I'm dropping them for Sprint when my contract is up if there is no dual core, 4G, decent phone out by then...

Verizon has plenty of decent phones. Just because something isn't dual-core Wimax or LTE doesn't mean it's a crap phone. Besides, they will get their dual core stuff soon enough. It's the current generation of phones that are in the process of being released so it may take a little while. Verizon seems to get stuff on a later schedule anyway (Thunderbolt is a slightly upgraded Evo, etc). Either way, I've had an Evo for a year now and it's still running smoothly and handles anything I install easily.

If anything I would switch because plans are cheaper and you get unlimited data as well as a few other nice perks (yearly upgrades, free calls to any mobile network, etc). "4G" is overrated IMO. It's useful when you are out and about and need Wifi-like speeds for something but for day to day use I just leave it toggled off to save battery.

Sprint will have the Evo 3D, Photon, and hopefully a new Nexus phone later in the year. I'd imagine that with the number of phones constantly being released by various manufacturers, you'll see a dual core before year's end on Verizon.

VZW will have issues with putting out more LTE phones until LTE chipset supply is significantly ramped up - word is that could be a while. Apple isn't wanting to do LTE yet because the supply isn't there. Also, LTE chipsets are currently about $20-$25 in volume. WiMAX is at about $10-$12 in volume with many suppliers.

I know the status of the bootloader is unknown (I'll assume locked), but they've taken one of my favorite features of the EVO 4G: the kickstand. Decisions, decisions.

Totally agree. I know it is an insignificant piece of metal, but I use the heck out if it. I don't want to carry around a stand so I can use my phone as a nightstand alarm.

Wow, I would bail on HTC if this phone isn't locked all to hell. I could not care less for 3D. I'd rather have a kickstand. Plus it has Sprint ID which you can make almost stock. That means no motoblur right? Motorola also doesn't skimp on the onboard memory which is nice.

Yeah, I'll switch to the one that will have CM7 ported. HTC and Moto say they'll back off encrypting bootloaders - will go for the one who comes through. Will hold off switching from EVO until confirmation of rooting for either one. World phone is more attractive to me than 3D so may head Moto way... but will play with 3D first to see if it's more than you'd expect.

EVO3D Vs Photon

Processor: Dual core snapdragon at 1.2GHz Vs 1GHz Tegra2
Memory: 1GB/1Gb

Internal Storage: 4GB Vs 16GB

External storage: microSD/microSD

3D: Yes/No

Front Facing Camera: 1.3 Megapixel/VGA

Rear Camera: dual 5 Megapixel (for 3D)/single 8 Megapixel

3G Radio: CDMA (USA)/ CDMA USA + 3G(world)

4G: Wimax /Wimax

Battery: 1750 mAH/1700 mAH

HDMI: MHL/HDMI (mHL uses micro usb port to send out HDMI signal. MHL to HDMI Adapter/cable costs about $20 I hear)

Screen Resolution: qHD / qHD (not sure if Photon is using Pentile like Atrix in which case EVO 3D is better)

Extra Functionality: DLNA,3D,FM Vs webTOP which will likely require EXPENSIVE docks

Thanks for the comparison. EVO 3D has SMR radio aka CDMA.X (for Sprint's upcoming 800Mhz rollout). I wonder if Photon does.

From the initial hands-on (top story), "It is running the same Blur you've all come to love, though Motorola reps have said that it does NOT, I repeat does NOT have a locked bootloader."

C'mon Verizon, make an announcement already, get your head in the game! I can't tell you how many posts I have read of Verizon customers wanting to leave for CURRENT HARDWARE!!!

I agree but you know verizon doesn't care. If something dual core LTE with gb isnt out by september I am leaving since that is when my contract is up. Hopefully the gs2 and bionic get more info on a release or w.e soon since I am due for an upgrade in July.

Don't count on a lot of VZW LTE phones this year. LTE chipset supply is an issue and costs twice as much as WiMAX chipsets. Next year, LTE supply should ramp up.

Like the thunderbolt (i think) the kickstand is not usable while charging. Don't really care though i would prob never use it

Because like others they have great coverage. I wish the other carriers would work on their coverage and then I would easily switch but until one of the other carriers offers close to or as good as coverage as verizon I am stuck with them.

Excuse me? Way behind? Pretty strong words you got there for a company that led the "Droid" revolution. This phone's specs sound similar to the current discussion of Verizon's upcoming Motorola Targa (formerly Bionic).

I just find it amusing that consumers put it upon themselves to diss another network when the latest phone comes out. Rejoice instead. This phone will remain cool what for a month or two until the next best thing is released...

Why do I have Verizon? Well simply, because I want my phone to work just about EVERYWHERE. I came over from Sprint Jan 2010......and while yes they have some great devices I simply cannot forget how when making a call I would have to try 3-4 times before it would go through. OR the constant 1X roaming I had while at work 8-12 hrs a day or the calls that would go right to voicemail without my phone ever ringing.... etc etc etc.

Yes they are getting some nice devices but when it comes down to it, what good is a great device if it only works part of the time?

That's why people just need to pick a carrier and not fight about it. Sprint has been the opposite of your experience for me. I never drop calls and always have strong signal here in Minneapolis and the 75+ miles south I drive of the city.

Sprint used to be GREAT in my area then for some reason in the fall of 2009 their service started to steadily degrade here. It has steadily gotten worse and when customers (my co-wrokers still on sprint) call to find out what the deal is they are told that there are several towers out of service with "No estimated repair date" Thats crazy if you ask me!!!

Exactly! I don't need to have the highest specs available in my phone because in 3 months something better will be coming out anyway. I just need the phone to do what I need it to & for it to work EVERYWHERE.

Verizon gives me that. I will stay with them no matter what their phone lineup is.

Huh, I travel all over the country and have no problem roaming in remote areas with Sprint. They have better roaming agreements than any carrier - works in very obscure areas of northern Rockies where VZW doesn't. But true, if you don't have solid Sprint service where you live/work, Sprint isn't for you. Can roam on VZW if you really need to though. VZW has also been recently forced to give better roaming terms too, which is bad for them but good for Sprint users.

Sprint will start rolling out CDMA to 800Mhz (iDen spectrum) later this year. That will solve a lot of native coverage issues, less reliance on roaming.

Agreed. I'm a traveling consultant and am all over the us (59-75% travel). Sprint has been phenominal. Wife has ATT and its aweful. I had verizon and it was marginally better than sprint.

Built with Gingerbread? I'll believe that when I see it. I'm loving Gingerbread on my Droid X2 that released with Android 2.3.3.....NOT!!!!!

Damn, Nexus S 4G+Htc evo 3d 4G+Photon 4G+ samsung galaxy SII+sprint's reasonable price plans and an upgrade coming up in a two months.......Holy crap, its good to be a sprint customer :)

Oh HELL YEA!!! This is the phone I've been waiting for!!!! THIS PHONE is going to be my first phone upgrade in DECEMBER. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME!!! :-D

*sighs* More virtual keyboard BS. Going soft keyboard with the EVO was the worst mistake I've ever made. Never again. Love the screen size of the EVO but I will never buy another phone without a QWERTY keyboard.

CPU still at 1 GHz
No 1080p video recording
Ordinary LCD screen

Not too impressive to be honest, especially compared to the likes of Galaxy S2 or the Sensation. But could be a great deal if its priced right.