Motorola Pax

If this tall drink of water you see above looks familiar, well, it should. It was spotted a little more than a month ago -- with Sprint branding no less, and now more details are apparently emerging. It's said to be dubbed the Motorola Pax, which will be the XPRT's bigger, badder cousin. It will sport a dual-core processor, which will make the small device fly, plus some advanced push-to-talk action.

Interesting timing, since the Motorola XPRT, a portrait QWERTY that is basically Sprint's version of the Droid Pro, just hit the market in June.

Source: This is My Next 


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Sprint getting a dual-core version of the XPRT, dubbed the Motorola Pax?


I really like the look of this phone. It does seem like sprint is getting the better phones these days.

You get the feeling the guys over at "This Is My Next" has an insider in the Sprint testing lab? They got a pic of similar composition and background for the supposed Sprint SGSII.

Mean while I'm getting screwed with my Droid charge on Verizon ...I want to change phones but there is no clear winner yet ...Druid bio-not! Is taking forever in a day and our variant of the galaxy might not have 4g ...which once u have 4g its painful do deal with regular 3g Verizon needs to step it up asap ...if not i heard sprint offers $125 credit to switch to them ...

I really like the look of this one. I came from a BB Bold 9700 to an EVO and I can positively say that the one thing I miss most is the keyboard. It looks like Moto has picked up on the Bold style QWERTY. I'm super stoked to hear it has a dual-core processor...I'd really like to see a specs sheet on this one! If it doesn't have 4G...that's gonna be a deal breaker from me considering I'm coming from an EVO and I *cough cough* pony up that extra $10/mo for it. I'm sure as hell not gonna pay for that and NOT get 4G.

Except that the $10 was never for 4G. It was always for premium unlimited data. The only people that ever said it was for 4G were salesman in stores

Could the reason Sprint is starting to get a great line up of phones.....
The manufactures are taking note of sprints truly unlimited network. Their phones can shine and not be held back by caps and throttled speeds?
Then again what do I know.

Why would hardware manufacturers care about a software limitation? Plenty of phones on Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile sell well with their tiered/throttled data.

The keyboard almost looks like a direct rip from a BlackBerry Bold 96xx/97xx series from the shapes of the keys not that it's a bad thing, I still type faster on my old Tmo Bold 9700 than my new Sensation.

Yep! My personal phone is an Atrix (which I love) and my work phone is a 9700. Typing on the 9700 is a dream, even compared to all the cool custom keyboards I've used for the Atrix. It's the one thing I miss about being all BlackBerry.

Well, that and the battery life.

Another great ADDITION to an already POTENT LINEUP OF HIGHLY SPECED DEVICES...If anyone hasn't gotten the message yet then they are definately in the DARKEST ROOM IN THE WORLD...Sprint has KICKED CARRIER BUTT ALL YEAR LONG and it still continues...Now lets examine this profolio...EVO3D,PHOTON 4G,as well as the upcoming SAMSUNG WITHIN 4G, HTC HERO 4G, and now this device that will make (5) DUALCORE DEVICES ON THE BEST UNLIMITED NETWORK IN THE US...And we haven't even discussed the arrival of the IPHONE 5 in October as well as the next NEXUS 3 in December....What more can anybody need or want...Simply if your not rolling on sprint then your NOT EVEN IN THE ANDROID GAME.....

Look a little closer at the pic in the original link....

This is a Q-Chat phone. The beginning of the end of iDEN.


I like this "smiling keyboard" design better, though I would've been perfectly happy with the XPRT if it had arrow keys for text cursor manipulation, something Moto really has no interest in fixing with the Pax. Yeah, BlackBerrys don't have arrow keys but they at least give you a trackball or trackpad for text cursor manipulation.

Oh my god, why can't AT&T get a dual-core (preferably Tegra2 since I've already bought Tegra2 apps that I want to carry over from my Atrix) portrait qwerty Bold-like device like this one? We just got the HTC Status but it's quite mid-ranged or even lower. :-(

this thing looks sweet! Hopefully the screen is at least 3.5" which would put it in the same boat as the iPhone but with a full PORTRAIT keyboard. Horizonal keyboards are ok, but really are too wide and spaced out for serious, no-look, speed typing. If it's got high-end specs, I'm all in & chomping @ the bit to replace my Palm Pre.

Big ups to Motorola for looking out for those of us who like actual buttons & typing what we actually mean to say (despite the comedic value of autocorrect)

I'd be more excited about a version of the Droid 3 for Sprint. I want a side slider and the EVO does make me miss my old Blackberry's keyboard. Just prefer a side slider world phone.