Atrix Certificate Updater

Although it took a little longer then what I'm sure most of us would have preferred, Motorola has now issued a fix for anyone who has been experiencing banking applications not working on their Motorola Atrix. The issue arose shortly after the 4.1.83 update was released and while it didn't affect all banking applications, it did affect quite a few. 

In order to get things up and running again, you can now grab the Atrix Certificate Updater from the Android Market. Keep in mind though, the updater only works of you're on software version 4.1.83 but that shouldn't be a problem considering anyone having the issue would have had to of installed that update. Jump on past the break for the download link.

Source: Motorola Owners Forums; via Droid Matters Thanks, Zack!


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Motorola offers a fix for broken banking apps on the Atrix


You can find it if you search for "Atrix Certificate" in the Market. Be sure to run the app after downloading it. It requires you reboot your phone also.

Really? I am also using the Chase app and it fixed it for me.
You ran it after downloading and rebooted the phone - right?

The larger issue is the problem with all the VOIP apps including Evernote voice note recording. I am looking forward to this fix before all others.