This is still a ways away from official, but it's looking more likely that the Motorola Motoroi (aka the Sholes Tablet) will be headed for T-Mobile USA. Exhibit A: The above whoopsie from Motorola that at one point had the Sholes Tablet coming to T-Mobile USA. And Exhibit B: The below shot out of the FCC that apparently shows the Sholes Tablet using T'Mo's 3G bands. About the only thing missing now? An actual announcement from Motorola or T-Mobile. Stay tuned, folks. [via CellPhoneSignal]

Motorola Sholes Tablet


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Motorola Motoroi likely destined for T-Mobile


this phone looks amazing.

however, i will miss being able to sync with outlook natively and fast and easy push email if i switch from android to BB.

but id get an 8 mp camera and a touchscreen. I am locked onto tmo (i dont get reception with other carriers), so the only options i have are the BB 9700, 9100, or nexus one, or this phone. out of all the phones, id def get the sholes tablet since the N1 has too many strings attached.

i sure hope so just so that people can stop asking me to play with my phone. the motoroi is going to be a problem, the only thing is that they never mention anything about the processor.

CPU/GPU/ROM/RAM are all the same as Droid.
So, the processor is Cortex A8 although clock is unknown.
Some says 550MHz, while some other says 600MHz.

Droid has 600MHz processor clocked at 550MHz, so probably the same for Motoroi.

why why why do the always have to mess up something or the other??? first they put a xenon flash to make you happy and then they put a 600 mhz processor instead of a 1 ghz snapdragon. All my happiness has vanished into thin air now :(

If you look into it this phone may only have a 600 mhz processor but, unlike a lot of other phones, it has a GPU that will handle the bulk of the video/graphics therefore releaving the 600 mhz processor from most of the work hence a much faster experience. You can't always be stuck on the simplistic processor mhz speed to determine if the phone will be fast or not. The processor is made by T.I., I've read the specs and it's an amazing processor that will provide an overall faster feel than the 1 ghz snapdragon. Motorola didn't drop the ball on the phone with regards to the processor it's just the masses are stuck on the numbers and don't know to look more into how the processor is built and how important having a GPU is for overall performance.