Although you could have picked it up from a few online retailers previously, the Motorola  MOTOACTV has now officially been released in Canada. The Android-based fitness tracker that has seen a few large updates since it's general release will be sold at select Running Room locations across Canada as well as online at with a MRSP of $249.99 (8GB) including a watch strap. Looking to learn more? You can check our full review here.


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Motorola MOTOACTV now officially available in Canada for $250


For those of you reading the "only compatible for Motorola phones" part of things on the site, the syncing app is available for non-moto phones. Google "motoactv galaxy nexus" and you'll find it hosted a few places.

Love my motoactv.

Thanks for the info. I read AC's full review, and I don't care about size or style. Other than accuracy, what I want to know about this thing is:

Can it tolerate cold temperatures?

Can you navigate the interface when it's damp?

Garmin has a touch interface on some of their watches and they are a piece of junk for anybody who gets wet or wears gloves. I know people love touch screens these days, but big tactile buttons, including some on the face, work best in a workout watch and is what I want. Which is why I still rock my trusty old Garmin 305.